Homemade moisture rich lip gloss recipe- its benefits and facts

lip gloss

Lip gloss is an important skin care product to use in extreme weather conditions. Extreme heat and cold makes the skin dry, resulting in cracked and bleeding lips.Lip moisturizer keeps the lips hydrated and gives the lips a glossy luster and also adds a soft color to the lips. Lip gloss is used as a base to makeup.

Getting variety of lip glosses in the market will be quite easy. Each one has different aroma and flavor. Even it is possible to get it in different colors. But, who knows what types of chemicals are associated with each variety of lip gloss available in the market. It is better to make such gloss right at home and enjoy its benefit. Why will you risk your skin especially over your lips with the chemical rich products? Go for the homemade balms that will give you great satisfaction with the use of natural ingredients.
Lip gloss comes in a variety of forms and can be applied in different ways. As a commercial product it is available in cylindrical bottles, squeezable tubes. Most of these contain chemicals which can harm the delicate skin of the lips. Homemade moisture are more hygienic and do not contain any chemicals.

Natural naked lip gloss recipe


2 Tablespoons beeswax

1/2 ounce cocoa butter

1/2 ounce shear butter

1tablespoon avocado oil

1 Tablespoon wheat germ oil

1 ml vitamin E oil

1 ml jojoba oil

How to make

Melt bees wax in the microwave. Add cocoa butter and continue heating till completely melted. Add the other oils with the bees wax. Pour the mixture in lip gloss pots to cool down.

This is a gloss made of the oils which contains all the healthy vitamins

Advantages of homemade lip gloss

How to get pink rose soft lips

  • Homemade lip gloss is inexpensive and can be easily prepared in a short time with the ingredients available in the homes. These ingredients are free from harmful additives.
  • Making your own lip gloss will give the choice to use the ingredients according to one’s liking. One can avoid the ingredient that mat irritate or sting the lips.
  • The colour, scent and consistency can also be easily managed.
  • Homemade lip balm gives a better protection, gloss and softness to the lips as compared to marketed products.

Disadvantages of homemade lip gloss

  • Though making the lip gloss is not time consuming but its preparation can be repeated to get the actual requirement. Initially some time is required to make a product of one’s preference.
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to get the correct ingredients from the market.
  • Since no preservatives are used homemade lip gloss cannot be stored for long.

Tips to get pink lips naturally without lip gloss

  • Lips define the basic features of the face and expressions. Since lips play an important part in giving an overall charm to the face, they need proper attention.
  • Scrubbing the lips will give a natural pink color to the lips without using any cosmetics… They should be scrubbed with a soft brush every night before going to bed.
  • Apply a mixture of crushed pomegranate seeds and milk cream and watch the magic of these seeds. It is a natural remedy for lightening dark lips.
  • Avoid the habit of pinching lips and smoking as they tend to change the color of the lips.
  • It is an age old home remedy that applying a   drop of desk ghee or mustard oil in the navel before sleeping will gradually help in keeping the lips naturally pink.

Moisturizing lip gloss and lip gloss benefits

Homemade lip scrubs

  • Moisturizing lip gloss highlights the beauty of the lips.
  • Lip gloss can be used as a part of the makeup, to hydrate, or moisturize the lips.
  • The basic ingredients of lip gloss help in moisturizing the lips and giving a shine to the lips.
  • Lip gloss also makes the lips appealing with the vibrant colors and sparkles used in the lip gloss
  • Lip gloss takes care of the lips and makes them soft smooth and shining.
  • During winter lip gloss helps the lips from getting dry and chapped.

Method of the base recipe for homemade lip gloss creates a smooth, clear lipstick that moisturizes the lips and prevents it from remaining dry. It is made of natural ingredients that have no harmful effects.

The base recipe contains one teaspoon bees wax, one teaspoon shea butter or cocoa butter and one teaspoon coconut oil.

In order to add color to the gloss one spoon of beetroot powder and a drop of red food coloring can be added. Organic cocoa powder with a pinch of turmeric or cinnamon powder can be added to give any shade of brown or tan.

Melt the beeswax, shear butter/cocoa butter and coconut oil in a glass jar in a pot of simmering water. When melted add the required color or scent.

Benefits of homemade lip gloss recipe

Lip balms made at home has number of benefits. One of the benefits is its staying away from harmful chemicals. Your lips will stay beautiful and attractive for a longer period of time. It gives you protection from the dry environment which can make your lips really unattractive. Some of the natural lip balms are colorful as those are made with varied color natural fruits. Thus, you can get the benefit of a lipstick.

Honey lip gloss recipe

Honey is a natural ingredient which does not have any side effects. You can easily make lip gloss right at home with honey as the main ingredient. This recipe will include honey, Shea butter, and white chocolate and olive oil. You have to take all of it as 1 spoon as its quantity. Get it heated in a double boiler. Then pour it in a container for storage. Refrigerate it for a night and use it next day morning.

Strawberry lip balm

Some ladies are very fascinated about the strawberry flavor. They always go for the lip balm available in the market that has strawberry fragrance. Also they choose the lipstick that has strawberry flavor. But now you can easily make the strawberry flavored lip balm right at home. All you have to do is get few strawberry fruits mash them. Take a scoop of petroleum jelly and glycerin. Set them all in a double boiler. Let it cool and add them in storage. Cool with refrigerator and use it.