How to do brazilian bikini waxing at home? Step by step procedure

Bikini line waxing needs much more care as compared to waxing over your hands and legs. It needs a lot of attention and focus to deal with the Brazilian bikini waxing at home. Since you are doing it exclusively at home and not in parlor, the waxing ingredients must be availed. You can get the wax kit absolutely from the cosmetic store that is located nearby to your home. Since bikini line is such a place which is close to private parts, it becomes really hard for many ladies to get it exposed to a professional at a parlor. Getting it done at home will be easier indeed.

Like to have a clean and hair-free bikini area and finding it difficult to get a stranger work along you are bikini area. Try doing Brazilian waxing at home. Below mentioned are the ways to prepare the wax and then the actual method of waxing is illustrated.
To prepare a Brazilian wax

1. Get the ingredients

The main ingredient need to make this wax is sugar. To make a good sugar wax is a real art.

  • 2 cups of sugar approximately 400 gms.
  • 2 tablespoon lemon juice, fresh orange juice or vinegar approximately 30ml
  • 3/4 c approximately 180 ml water.
  • Wax strips , you can get them from the market or few cotton t-shirt fabric can be used.
  • A large stainless steel pan can be used.

2. Preparing the sugar wax

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In the saucepan combine all the ingredients over high heat. When this mixture boils, reduce the heat to medium stirring occasionally. Keep a watch on the pan. Under cooking is permissible but overcooking will spoil the sugar wax. When the mixture starts to boil again, lower the heat.

3. Checking the consistency of the sugar wax

Now it is the most important task, to check whether sugar wax is prepared. The colour of the wax should slowly turn from translucent to a honey brown. Once it reaches this point take it off from the fire immediately. Leave it for 6 to 20 minutes. With a butter knife see how thick it is but don’t touch the mixture. If the mixture is thick and sticky then your sugar wax is ready.

4. Cooling it

Let the mixture to cool down, but it should not be too cool too. The mixture should be hot but not to the extent of burning your skin. If this mixture cools too much it will lose its stick consistency. However, you can reheat the mixture.

5. Cleaning

Before waxing the area clean it well and apply baby or talcum powder, make sure the area is dry. During the process of waxing you may need to reheat the wax or apply some more powder.

6.  Apply wax

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You can apply wax using a butter knife. If the wax is hot wait a little bit. If it is too cold it will not give a good result, so reheating the wax will be required. Before starting with the waxing procedure, the hair should be 1/4” or 1/2” if it is too long that will make things more difficult. Put a mirror in between your legs to get better look of your underside.

7. Placing the strip

Now place the strips on the wax applied area, starting from close to your naval. Rub the wax a little bit to make sure clean removal. Smaller strips are better to reach places.

8. Removing the strip

Once the strip is kept you need to remove it quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. You need to repeat this process until all the hairs are removed.

9. Clean the waxed area

After waxing clean and pat dry the area. Application of oil or lotion will lessen irritation. Tweezers can be used to remove extra hairs.

Steps to do bikini waxing at home

Get a waxing kit

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When you are going to buy the wax kit, you should let the shopkeeper know that it would be for the bikini waxing area. Do not go for any cheap waxing cream that will cause irritation and sensitivity around the bikini line. You must speak to the shopkeeper and ensure that it is made for the bikini area. It is preferable to purchase the hard wax as it will be able to pick up the hair that is coarse enough. As we all know that the hair that grows around our bikini line are coarse enough. Thus, using the hard wax will be preferable.  There are other instruments within the kit such as baby oil, moisturizer for sensitive skin, bikini trimming razor etc.  In some bikini waxing kits you can also get Popsicle sticks which can substitute the baby oil.

Choose the area

The next step will be to decide the area where you want to shed off the hair in the total area of your bikini. Some people wishes to get it waxed forming a triangle whereas others go for the full Brazilian design. There are shapes of love heart as well as landing strips.

Apply shower force

Use a hand shower and place it throughout your bikini line with water coming out in force. Since the force of water is applied over the root of the hair, the particular place will become soft and thus can reduce pain while taking a waxing deal.  You must also have the hair of around 5-8 mm with the help of a tool named razor available in the waxing kit.

Place of waxing

Since the waxing place is not to be exposed, you need to have a place where waxing can be done without any interruption and also with privacy. You must make a choice of a room where there is a bin as well as bed. You should even get a towel over the bed where the process of bikini waxing will be carried on without getting everything messy.  You must have enough comfort so that the entire waxing procedure can be carried on easily.

Heat the wax

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When you are bringing in the cold and hard wax from the market, it is equally important to get it heated so that it can be soft and liquefied. But, before going for the procedure, you need to read the instruction. You need to melt the waxes in an adequate way such that it should not burn you and at the same times serve the purpose of waxing.

Before you apply the wax, it is really important to test the temperature. There is a tip to do the same. You can dab a Popsicle stick to do this and apply in a small portion of your skin. If you feel is to be burning hot, keep it aside such that it cools down little bit. You must go ahead with the step till the time the temperature is quite comfortable.

Create a position

You must lie on the bed adequately with the feet placed flat on the floor. Creation of position can be done by bending across the knees and placing the legs apart. If the hair is formed between your legs, just place your legs towards the ceiling with the feet facing the top. Then you can place your hip against the wall and carry on with the process of waxing.

Wax application

In order to apply the wax, you need to use a Popsicle sticks to the area of the hair growth. You need to apply the wax in the direction where the hair grows. Start the application of the wax right from the root of the hair.

After application of the wax in the clockwise direction leave the same for 10-15 seconds. The cotton cloth placed over the wax in the liquefied form must be pulled from the opposite direction in which the wax is applied. You can easily view the hairs coming out from your skin and making the place clear.

Applying moisturizer of baby oil

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Just after taking off the wax strip from the place where hair has grown, it is the time to make the place well protected with either some baby oil or moisturizer. Some people have sensitive skin and thus application of baby oil must be done for them. Again, applying moisturizer will be for all those who wish to get the area moisturized but not have any problem of sensitive skin tone. There is a tendency of creating redness and rashes once the waxing is done over the skin. Thus application of baby oil and moisturizer will be a wonderful solution.


Sometimes extra hair tends to remain over the Bikini line even if waxing is done one time. In such case, you need to carry on with re-waxing procedure. Just after few days carry on the same procedure and get the additional hair removed entirely. If you want to prevent the in grow of hairs, it will be important to apply the gentle exfoliate. But, it is important to use a gentle exfoliate such that it does not harm your skin at all. Using the branded company’s product will be preferable as those are much more reliable than the local products.

People generally get confused between simple waxing with that of Brazilian bikini waxing. But both are quite different from one another. But there are some tips and ideas to be considered before carrying on with the Brazilian Bikini waxing process. If you want to get this waxing done in parlor, they might cost really high. But, this article will give you some step by step process that will give you the scope of doing waxing right at home. The expert note and tips is also included within the procedure.

Brazilian bikini waxing step by step

Right length of hair

Before starting the process of waxing, you have to check the length of wax. The process of Brazilian bikini waxing will become really difficult if the length of hair is too short. The ideal time for getting the waxing done is when it is 1/4th inch long.

Ensure no one at home

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Since the area you are going to wax in Brazilian bikini waxing is not the place to be exposed, it’s better to choose the time when no one will be at home. Again while doing waxing you have to make the area clothes free. It is better to ensure no one is at home when you are doing waxing.

Pre clean

Before going for waxing, it is important to see whether the place is clean. Go for pre clean process just when you are going to start Brazilian bikini waxing. Some people uses soap and water and wash the area with shower. Applying alcohol will also clean.

Testing the wax

Once you have melted the wax, it is important to test whether it is going to work for Brazilian bikini waxing. You should not apply the wax that is too hot s this can burn your skin. Rather it will be better if you can apply warmer wax.

Rip the wax out

Wait for the period of 30 minutes and place a cotton cloth. Press it for some time and then pull out the hard cloth in the opposition direction to wax application.