How to prepare natural facial exfoliators / face scrubs at home

Exfoliates or scrubs are very essential to keep skin healthy and younger as the dead skin layer forming periodically might not be visible in naked eye. But, exfoliators are wonderful remedy to remove that deal skin layer entirely from the skin layer. Even if you can make a good facial scrub, acne and breakouts over your skin can easily come down. It is common to get variety of such scrubs and exfoliates in the market but, not all individual can afford such expensive scrubs in the market. Getting some homemade scrubs will create a wonderful skin tone and even safe good amount from your monthly expense. Just some natural ingredients available around you and your kitchen will work really well in making your skin look beautiful.

Facial mask or exfoliators are available in the market. But, it is not sure whether it will cause any side effects to the individual using it. You must know some home remedies that can help in providing you with healthy skin. Simple sugar available at your home can be a wonderful way making your skin youthful and graceful.

Homemade facial exfoliating scrubs for glowing face

It is always important to remove the dead skin layer from the face in order to bring out the actual beauty of skin. It will be always great if you can have some home remedies for the facial exfoliator. Let us find out some of the facial exfoliator that will keep your skin beautiful and attractive. The homemade remedies will be really wonderful in this situation. There are many natural ingredients that help in making your hair look attractive.

Ingredients used to make facial exfoliators naturally

  • Essential oil from the extraction of lemon, orange and lavender
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Water


To start the procedure of making a natural facial exfoliate, you need to take a small container. Now, pour 1 tsp of organic cane sugar, 1-2 drops of essential oils, 1-2 drops of water. Now mix all these ingredients very well with a spoon. Take the mixture in your fingertips and rub them over your face in a circular motion. You must avoid eyes while applying the mixture on your face. Since it is not a mask, you can immediately wash it away after rubbing gently on your face. Pat dry your face after washing with water. No need to apply a cosmetic moisturizer. Rather, a light layer of olive oil can be a wonderful natural moisturizer.


This scrubber made up of natural sugar is quite effective in getting rid of the dry and dead skin. You can ideally get fresh and clean face. The unique property of the essential oil is also present in this wonderful facial exfoliate.

Other simple recipes of homemade face scrubs


It is now possible to use blueberry as a scrubber in your face. Here you have to make a mixture of blueberries, lemon juice and brown sugar.


To make Coffee face scrub, you must first grind the coffee bean in a mixture and do not make it powder completely. It is important to keep some grains. Now mix it with organic honey and olive oil to make a wonderful scrub.


Here you have to take a container and put some powdered milk, grounded oatmeal, cornmeal, dried lavender flower and water. Mix it very well so that it makes a wonderful natural scrubber for your face.


You must mash some papaya and mix it with honey and sugar to create a great exfoliates. This helps in dissolving the dead cells and provides an effect of moisturizing. This mixture will provide you with an effect of exfoliate as well as moisturizer. You don’t have to use any moisturizer after washing this mixture away from your face.

Chocolate sugar

Chocolates are always yummy to kids and ladies. But, today you will learn an extraordinary facial scrub with the help of this delicious ingredient. You have to make a mixture of chocolate, cane sugar, vanilla extract and almond oil to make a wonderful facial scrub.


Summer tan scrubs for face

Tomato is normally available in kitchen and is also very essential to reduce tan in skin. A combination of interior part of tomato with sugar granule can make a brilliant exfoliate. It will also protect you from UV rays.

Green tea and honey scrub

In order to make this recipe at home you need to make green tea in a normal process without adding sugar and pour it in a bowl. Now wait some time till it cools down. Now you need to add sugar around a tablespoon quantity. But, you need to add more sugar till it reaches the gritty consistency. Now add a portion of honey into it till it becomes thick. Now mix it well and apply it over your skin. You need to rub your face slowly with your fingertips after applying the scrub where you will feel the sugar granules that will scrub away the dead skin layer from your skin and make your skin look young. Do this for 10 minutes and then wash with cold water and see the difference.

Almond facial scrub

Get some fresh almonds from the market and grind them slightly such that you can feel the hard granules of Almond. If you have very dry skin and want to have a very hard exfoliate that will push the critical dead skin layer, this almond scrub will be a wonder. Now in a bowl, take a spoon on crushed and roughly grinded Almond and a spoon of almond oil also need to be put in the container. If you don’t have almond oil, replace the same with olive oil as well. Now add 2 drops of essential oil. Apply this facial scrub over your face and slowly massage your face in a circular motion. Wash it after 10 minutes and feel the pleasure of healthy skin.

Yogurt scrub

How to get the instant glowing skin

Your skin will only become healthy and beautiful if proper blood circulation is maintained. Since the yogurt contains vitamin B6, it boosts up the process of blood circulation. In order to make a yogurt scrubs just combine 2 spoon of yogurt with a teaspoon of sugar. Apply it over your skin with your fingertips running throughout your face. Now wash your face with cold water and feel the sudden boost of proper blood circulation. The dead skin layer will be removed and your skin will become very smooth and duly moisturized.


Take regular toothpaste and apply it over your skin as it is really effective in removing the acne and dead skin layer over your skin. Mix a teaspoon of table salt with that of toothpaste and mix them well. Now apply the same over the face in a circular motion. After moving your fingers in a circular motion keep the paste over the face for 10 minutes. Since toothpaste is quite sticky in appearance, you need to use warm water to remove the paste from your face entirely. But one the sticky appearance is gone, you can easily switch over to cold water.

Rice scrub

You can choose any variety of rice in order to make the rice scrub. Take two tablespoon of such rice and grind them. Get it into very small pieces but do not make fine powder or else the purpose of making scrub will not be accomplished. Now add a spoon of honey and also squeeze half a lemon in it. Use a spoon to make a fine mixture out of it. Apply it over your face and move your fingertips in a circular motion. This is an effective remedy of removing dead skin completely from your upper skin layer without any side effects.

Tea tree oil and sugar

Homemade scrubs for oily skin

You need to take 2 spoons of sugar and combine it with 3 spoons of tea tree oil. Apply it all over your face and use your fingertips to slowly rub it against your face. Do it slowly so that it is quite gentle in appearance. Repeat it for 2 minutes and there after you can keep it for 10 minutes. Wash it away and see the glow and freshness all over your skin.

Salt and aloe vera

Aloe Vera is a gel like substance that is used to make variety of skin care and hair care products. But you can now get the natural form of Aloe Vera by cutting the Aloe Vera leaf from the middle. Take out the gel and add some salt over it. Mix them well and apply over your face. The exfoliate will make your dead skin layer remove along with the salty granule. Try this regularly and see how well your face texture becomes.

Apple with almond

To get this wonderful remedy, you have to take 2 almonds and make finer bits. Now take an apple and make pulp out of it. Mix both the apple as well as almonds and apply over your face. Use your fingertips to slowly rub against your face. You will see the dead skin layer is going to remove easily. This will leave a beautiful and soft skin all over your face. Removing the dead skin can be possible along with bringing a spectacular glow over your face. Try this repeatedly to get finer result in juts some time.