How to balance breast size during breast feeding?

Every lady wishes to maintain appropriate breast size as it helps the lady look good with regards to her outer appearance. But, after giving birth to a baby she goes through the lactation period. Since the milk for baby is accumulated in your breast the size gradually increases. The more she feeds her bay with the breast milk; more will be the extent of breast milk accumulation.

First of all you might not have idea about the way through which you can feed your baby with your breast milk. But, gradually you can pick up the rhythm and easily focus on feeding your child with the breast milk. But, while doing this you might lose the proper shape of your breast. You need to learn the technique of balancing your breast while feeding your child.

Giving birth to a baby brings a lot of responsibilities. The next step will be providing proper care to your baby. All you have to do is make sure your baby gets proper food, sleep and comfort. No one can do this better than a mother. Breast feeding is an important phenomenon which every mother gets a chance for their baby.

But many new mothers face a lot of difficulties while they feed their babies with their breast milk. Due to milk accumulation, their breast becomes too heavy. Thus, balancing breast at the time of breast feeding is really important. But there are ways through which breast size can be balanced.

Ways to balance your breast while breast feeding

Start with the least full side

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You must start feeding your baby with the breast which has less milk as compared to the other side. Nature has created the process of feeding mother’s milk to the baby in such a way that it will never come to an end.

The more your baby will consume milk, the more will be the milk production in the mother’s breast. Do not be afraid if the baby totally drains milk from one side of the breast as the production of milk will be much more next time.

Switch sides while breast feeding

Feeding milk to the child from a single side of the breast will not be favorable for mother as this may raise pain in nipples and breast along with the soreness. You need to change the side of breast while feeding your baby with your own milk.

You should not pump out milk from the breast when one side of your breast milk is finish. Change the side and make your kid enjoy the pleasure of breast milk consumption. When the breast milk is finished at one side, this is the signal of your body that it needs slow production of milk at the particular side.

Feed for 15 to 20 minutes

You must make a routine for your kid in the process of breast feeding. If you can feed your baby with your breast milk for the period of 15 to 20 minutes, this will not harm your physic. Even you wont get pain and soreness in feeding your child with the breast milk for a long time. Even the first 15 minutes of milk production will provide more nutrition to the baby rather than the m ilk that are produced later.

Increasing the size of breast

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Even though the size of breast increases as compared to the previous state, for some ladies the size of the breast still remains small.

You can now increase the size of the smaller breast as the baby will drain as much milk as he would require.Naturally the nature will produce more milk for the breast. If you find your left breast is smaller than that of your right breast, feed milk to your baby through the breast which is smaller.

Gradually you will observe that the particular breast with regain the size of the other breast. You should not worry about the production of milk at all as the nature has taken the responsibility of producing as much milk as needed by the breast feeding baby.

Every doctor recommends feeding the baby with the breast milk. It is such a food for the new born baby that includes every type of nutrition. You will never get such nutrition in the formula milk available in commercial baby food package. But, since all mothers cannot feed their baby with the breast milk that include all types of nutrition, there are alternatives in the market.

The reason behind not feeding the babies with the breast milk include inverted nipple, lack of adequate milk production etc. Those mothers need to balance their breast size so that it becomes appropriate to produce adequate milk. If the milk consumption is done through a single breast, the other side will produce full milk with overflowing variation. Balancing the breast size will be the best way to manage everything.

Balance breast size while breast feeding

Smaller breast first

When you are new in breast feeding, you must be confused on how to balance the breast while feeding your baby. The first tip will be concentrating on the smaller breast. You must feed your baby with smaller breast where the milk accumulation is less.

Baby has a tendency of sucking nipples hard while consuming milk for the first time. The smaller breast will be convenient for her which will also trigger milk flow.

Know about different breast sizes

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When you give birth to a baby, it is quite natural that both of your breast size may not be same. One will be bigger and other one will be smaller.

But, if you are concerned about it, believe that there is no wrong in it. While baby consume milk, each baby has fascination of breast feeding in a specific side. Naturally another side of breast becomes different in size.

Make your baby consume both sides

If you want to get equal size of your breast while you are nursing your baby, the best way will be bringing habit in your baby such that she consumes milk from both your breasts with the comfort of both the side. If you can make her place in both the sides alternatively, nothing can be better. You baby can also get change in position and your breast size will be equal. Also you won’t get hurt when your baby bites hard.