How to cure cough? Home remedies for cough?

Cough is such an irritating, disrupting and a painful disease. It can ruin our sleep, we can’t speak loud even if our job demands.

In such a situation, most of us will run to the medicine store and will grab some medicines. Why should we do this when we have some solutions to this disease at our home? Try some of these…

Gargle with warm saltwater

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Gargling can remove irritants in the throat and thins the mucus. If you feel soreness in your throat, then gargle your throat with some warm saltwater. This will helps to drain excess fluid from inflamed areas in the throat.

Drink warm liquids

Avoid cold drinks and drink warm water which will helps you in soothing the inflammation in the throat. People love warm soup rather than just hot water. So have drinks at your wish but remember, it should be healthy and warm.

Use vaporubs

Vaporubs give fast relief to cough and it is found that even children, above 2 years, sleeps better after applying vaporubs.

The ingredients of this magic rub are menthol, camphor and eucalyptus and this is named as a magic rub because the exact reason for how this work remains as a mystery. But it is said that the ingredients may have a role in relieving congestion.

Sleep with the head elevated

There is a chance for the mucus to drip back from the nose into the throat, which results in severe cough.

This situation is worse at night when the body posture is conducive for such dripping. Sleeping with the head at an elevated position helps to reduce such drainage. It is found that in many people, this helped to reduce coughing at night and improves sleep. 

Turmeric magic

There are many ways in which we can use turmeric as a solution to the cough.Here are some: Drinking hot milk with turmeric is a traditional remedy for cough, which is shown to even have antibacterial effects.

A glass of hot milk is mixed with half teaspoon of turmeric powder and drink warmly to get better relief.

One cup of hot water mixed with half teaspoon turmeric powder and half teaspoon salt can be used as a turmeric gargle, which gives good results. Use this as a throat gargle twice in a day and you are sure to experience relief from cough.

Inhale the smoke of burning turmeric is an effective remedy for cough and cold.

Burn some dried turmeric root and inhale the smoke.

Honey magic

Honey is a traditional remedy for soothing an irritated throat. Now it is found that honey can be used to reduce cough also.

Drink a glass of hot milk with some honey added just before going to bed is an effective way for relieving night time cough.

Mix in honey and lemon juice to a glass of warm water. drink this thrice a day for relief from cough.

Ginger magic

Boil one cup of water by adding fine pieces of ginger into it. Keep the liquid boiling till the volume reduces to half the original quantity. Strain the liquid and add one teaspoon of honey and drink when warm to give a soothing effect against cough.

Crush about 10 leaves of tulsi in juice extracted from a small ginger piece is also a good remedy for cough.

Garlic remedies

Crush about 5 cloves of peeled garlic and sauté in a teaspoon of ghee and consume it warmly for relief from cough and cold.

Jaggery magic to get rid of sputum

Boil a few corns of pepper with water for about 20 minutes. Mix it with a little cumin and jaggery. Drink the solution. Keep a small bit of jaggery in the middle of a quarter part of an onion and chew on this for expelling sputum.

Now you will feel relieved from cough and congestion because sputum build up   can lead to a feeling of congestion in the chest and the entire respiratory tract.

Grapes magic for phlegm

Grapes are good for your lung. They are natural expectorant and takes off the phlegm from your lung. Prepare a juice from these fruits and add honey to it. Drink this juice before going to bed or when you are disturbed with coughing.

Vinegar from apple cider for comfort

The apple cider vinegar is good for any type of cough. Take 2 tablespoon of this vinegar and mix it with 10 ounces of water. Drink this solution for relief from cough.

You can warm the solution and add a teaspoon of honey to get faster results. Drink it for few times in a day and see the way it takes care of your cough.

Aloe vera juice and honey for clearing the breathing passage

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Mix aloe juice and honey and drink it for getting relief during cough and cold. You can drink the aloe juice without adding honey. Make sure the juice is warm for right effect.

Mullein tea for drawing out mucous

Use mullein herb that is dried for this tea. Place the piece of herb in boiling water. Soak it for 10 minutes.  Strain the tea and drink the tea. You will find it gives relief for sore throat after cough and draw the mucous from your lung. Adding honey makes it taste better and boosts the effect.

Peppercorn gives relief to adults

You can crush the peppercorn and add some salt granules with it. Throw in a few seeds of cumin. Crush the whole mixture and take this for relief from cough. This is for adults as it is dry and not fit for children.

Basil leaves and honey brings relief for children

Take a few basil or tulsi leaves and wash them Crush the leaves and take the juice out. Mix this juice with honey and warm it in a spoon. Give it to any children for a few times in a day and see the change in condition. They get relief from cough faster with this homemade remedy.