How to cure skin boils?

Particular type of skin abscess which is taken as a skin infection at the primary stage can be termed as boil. This can even lead to very hard and large pimples at the advanced stage along with pus filled in the center. Your skin will get a tender feeling with redness at an initial stage.

You will feel like itching the particular lump which will get affected with bacteria and protein to get the form of boil. Even if you touch it slightly, boils will be really painful. Boils are available in different forms such as cystic acne, dilapidation cysts, acne etc.

Even there are different places where boil can appear starting from face, inner side of the mouth till back and buttocks. Today, you can find out different ways to cure skin boils. Trying natural remedies will be much safer than medicinal remedies.

It is likely to take care of boils at home with natural remedies and effort. But many people prefer to go directly to physicians for antibiotics. The natural treatment of boils needs time and patience, sometimes more than a few weeks to total heal.

However, it is better and advisable to go for home remedies than going to a doctor for antibiotics. Boils or fur uncles are skin diseases that make available methods for toxin discharge. They look like a round, red, pus-filled bumps.

Fur uncles origin by staph infection it is a common bacteria and are exceptionally transmittable. It is good to maintain personal hygiene to reduce the infections and avoid spreading. Never poke or pick the boils, if there is any pus in the boils it cause to spread.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, the vitamins and minerals present in it will help you to cure boils. Some vitamins like vitamin C, are anti-inflammatory and helps your immune system.

Vitamin E is powerful antioxidant, vitamin A boosts the immune system, Zinc has healing acids and good for immune system.  Mentioned below are tips for home based boil treatment without the use of antibiotics.

Home remedies for skin boils

  1. Do not  poke or touch : It is advisable not to touch the boils, before and after the treatments wash your hands thoroughly. It is well again to treat with painful discomfort than jeopardy increased infection.
  2. Clean the surface : Always try to keep the area and surrounding clean by washing it with warm water and mild soap.
  3. Use of Epsom salt : Warm condense with Epsom salt should be applied for thirty minutes. Repeat this three times per day. This treatment is better relief for itching and pain.
  4. Clean cloth : Always use fresh and clean cloths, towels for cleaning and do not share towels.
  5. Tea tree oil : Tea tree oil is a good natural antiseptic. Apply tea tree oil daily to get better results.
  6. Apple Cider Vinegar : It may sound wired but , pour some apple cider vinegar directly on the boils, it will definitely burn but this will cleanse infection deeper. You can dilute this apple cider vinegar to reduce the burning and pain feeling.
  7. Onions and garlic : Some pieces of Onions and Garlic can be placed on the area and leave it on for some time. Wash this off after 30 min or more time if you have. Onions are natural antibacterial and garlic are natural antiseptic.
  8. Potatoes : Thin slice some potatoes and place these slices on the area. This will burn and helps to draw pus for the boils to the skin surface.
  9. Change diet : Include lots of green leafy and organic vegetables in your diet.

If the infection still persists and worst then it is better to get to a doctor. The symptoms shown for worst infection conditions are redness in the area, which mean it is spreading. Fever, swelling and pain in the area all these conditions need a good doctors guidance.

Ways to cure skin boils

How to treat the skin boils naturally

You would definitely not like to stay in ugly look for a long time. People keep on trying variety of ways in order to remove boils starting from applying boils removal cream till surgery in advance stage.

But, natural remedies are much safer in this regard. Following are some of the safe ways to remove boils.


For years turmeric has been working as a natural blood purifier as it has antiseptic property and helps in reducing inflammation. You need to take a glass of warm water and put a spoon of turmeric powder in it.

Mix it well and drink it three times a day to get natural remedy from boils.  Alternatively you can make a paste raw turmeric root along with fresh ginger root and apply in the area where boil is formed.


For ancient time people have been using milk for treating boils. Since milk has all the nutrients in compact form, drinking milk on a regular basis will improve your immunity level and will cure boils from root.

Alternatively you can also make a solution by boiling milk and add three teaspoon of salt in it. Stir it and also add the breadcrumbs in it to make the solution thick. Now apply it over the area of your skin where boils are formed. If you want to get prompt result, apply it several times in a day.


Daily skin care tips

The white portion of egg is really useful in treating boil. You need to boil a single egg and separate egg white from the yolk.

Now cut the egg white in such a way that it can cover the boils adequately. You need to wet a portion of egg white and cover it over the boil affected place. Now cover it with cloth and keep it for some time. Boil can easily go away with this natural remedy.

Corn meal

A well known natural absorbent which is also very effective in curing boils that are formed over your skin is none other than corn meal.

You need to boil half cup of cornmeal in same quantity of water and make a paste out of it. Now apply this paste over the boil and then cover it with the clean cloth. You need to carry on with this process several times until pus drains out completely.

Parsley leaves

Parsley leaves are either available in your kitchen garden or at home. If it is not available, you can get it in the vegetable market.

After bringing it, boil some quantity of it and wrap them in a clean cloth. Place the parsley leave over your boil and then cover it with the damp cloth. This will help the boil to burst easily without getting any infection.

Indian lilac

Indian Lilac or Neem has age old antibacterial properties which are also backed with antimicrobial properties.

It is really very effective in washing off boils from your skin completely without any side effects. You need to take a handful of Indian Lilac and make a paste out of it. Now apply it directly over the area where your skin has infection of boils.

Alternatively you can also boil some neem leaves and carry on boiling in such a way that the water becomes completely 1/3rd the proportion. Wash the boils several times with the water to get instant relief.