What should be your diet routine during festive seasons?

People cannot resist joining the celebration during the festive season. Even when food is concerned we may not be in a state to stick to a diet routine. You will be loaded with calories during the festive season. If you say no to delicious food items when you are out with your relatives and friends, they will say that you are spoil sport. But, if you are figure cautious and do not wish to put extra weight, there are some tips for you that will help avoiding extra pound during the festival season.

Diet routine during festival season

Eat slowly

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Do not consume meals vigorously; rather you must consume meals slowly so that digestion is better. No flab will be accumulated in your belly if you eat slowly and digestion takes place really well. Also the bowel movement will be better with no residues.

Meals in smaller portions

It is good to consume meals in smaller portion rather than full stomach meals. If you are hungry as you have taken small portion of meal, you can consume the meal frequently. This will help you getting your weight in control. Even if you are consuming a lot of fried food, consuming it in a smaller portion will be really beneficial.

Using low fat ingredients in food

Festival is the time when a person makes a lot of delicious items at home. Also the sweets made up of fats are made at home. Today, there are ways through which you can make delicious sweet recipes with low fat ingredients. When you are preparing sweets at home, it will be important to use skimmed for low fat milk instead of pure milk with maximum of creams. You can use artificial sweetener, sugar free, honey and jaggery instead of using pure sugar or refined sugar. Do not use dalda or Vanaspati ghee as it is really very harmful for your health. You may also go for diet sweets as well as ice cream in the market which may make your feel less guilty.

Avoiding second helping

Once you have consume a plate of sweet or snack dish at home or outside, do not try to have another plate even it is very tasty. Fatty belly is also caused when individuals consumes meals for more than one serving. The satisfaction level of your body is attained when you have consumed the first plate of meal.

Appropriate choice of sweets

You must also make choices of the sweets that have fewer calories and have good amount of nutrients.  The choice of sweets within the category includes Doodhi, kheer, garjar ka halwa etc. You must consume the sweets that are fried such as Bundhi, Gulab Jamun, Jalabi etc.

Water before snacking

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If you want to stay fit by consuming less food, drink water before snacking.  Your craving for food will be reduced by the time and you can easily eat less. Hot water is also quite effective in diluting extra calorie which you have accumulated.  You can also have few sips of hot water after consuming the sweets.

Choice between sweets and dry fruits

If you are asked for a choice between the dry fruits and sweets, you must opt for dry fruits rather than sweets. It is true that dry fruits are also rich in calories but does not have the empty calories. Even the nutritional values in dry fruits are far more than those of simple sweets.


Even if you have consumed something little more, the best way to push it away is through exercise. You can either get up early in the morning and go ahead with fitness schedule or get a time in the evening to run an extra mile. There are many types of exercises that will help you getting back your figure which you have lost long ago.

If you can abide with the above mentioned tips, getting a well shaped body during the festive season will be possible. It is better to avoid the carbonated drinks as they are idea in adding unnecessary empty calories. These calories are really difficult to be burnt in later days. Instead you can drink fruit juices which are freshly grinded and have extracted juices.