Top winter season fruits to eat for health care

Winter is probably one of the best seasons we have experienced in our life. At least we don’t have to face the tough rashes and high amount of heat which is unbearable. But, in order to stay healthy in winter, some fruits with health benefits must be considered. This article will speak about such fruits which you can consume during the chilling weather. Proper amount of vitamin, minerals and nutrients will make the fruit best for your health. In India, the three major months such as December, January and February brings actually winter with comfortably cold climate. Let us find out the fruits we can consider during these months.

With the arrival of winter season, the choice of fruits is either apples or other varieties of citrus fruits. These fruits provide nutritional values to people consuming it. Apart from common fruits available in the market round the year, you can also consume other types of uncommon fruits during the winter season. Even, the fruits which are not available in your country can be easily imported from other nations. The tropical citrus fruits which are available in Hawaii and Florida are filled with the heart healthy antioxidants. You can consume those wonderful fruits to remain healthy and beautiful during winter season.

Variety of fruits available during winter season


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These are the tiny variety of fruits which is also having similarity with olives with regards to its shape. You can replace this with pomegranates if you are bored of consuming. This fruit is filled with antioxidants that fights with diseases and make your skin beautiful. If the fruit is provided in a plate with a serving of 5, this will fulfill 1/5th portion of your daily fiber needs in your meal. The fruit also have Vitamin C, vitamin A along with dosage of potassium.


This fruits are quite similar to that of apple and pears. You can also call it their relatives as well. This will make your body fight with bacteria and virus that spreads flu. Quinces are also quite high in anti viral phenolic compound which has been found by many researches in influenza viruses. It is better to go for Chinese Quinces varieties as those have more effectiveness to fight with flu.


If you have consumed the Asian fruit lychee, Logans will be quite familiar to you. These are the fruits that have its origin in china. Other places where this fruit is grown are Puerto Rico and Hawaii. People from various parts of the world import this fruit during the winter season. Along with being a wonderful fruit during the winter season, it is traditionally used to treat patient suffering from fever and stomach upset. It is also a wonderful fruit that is filled with disease fighting antioxidants.


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This fruit looks exactly like a star with yellow color. Being one of the exotic fruits, it is higher in potassium and vitamin C. By consuming this fruit, you can also reduce inflammation that arises due to injuries. It is such a fruit that is filled with fiber contents and increases bowel movement. You can get this fruit in the South Florida or Hawaii.


Another type of winter fruit is known as Rambutans. This fruit is also rich in natural antioxidants in the form of flavanoids. It is a hairy fruit that is available from September till March. This fruits in reducing Chronic cardio vascular problem in many people. Even it works better than consumption of green tea. You can also refrigerate it and store for a long time to consume slowly. It is wonderful to peel them and pop inside your mouth without much trouble.

Top winter season fruits for health care


You must have known the red color juicy seeds that taste really sweet. Yes, these are the pomegranates. Individual must have this fruit as it has variety of healthy benefits. Winter is the season when you come across variety of health issues due to attack of free radicals. Drinking pomegranate juice will boost your immunity and you will stay free from free radicals.


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During winter days you actually require lots of vitamin C in your body. This is just because the disease gets boosted in your body due to lack of this vitamins. The common cold, cough and fever can easily take place due to climatic changes. You must have lemon juice or lemon with your means to stay away from such troubles.

Veggie squash

Winter is the climate where you can get endless variety of vegetables. These vegetables are loaded with powerful vitamins and minerals. The combination of some veggies can create wonderful veggie squash during winter. You can make the squash with the help of acom, butternut, pumpkin etc.


Oranges are also one of the citrus varieties which you can consume during winter. In some parts of India, oranges can be obtained only in winter. The rest of the season this fruit is not available. Thus, you must avail the full benefit of such oranges so that you stay really healthy during the winter season. You can consume it just like a fruit or make a juice out of it.


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Banana is a highly nourishing fruit. The vitamin and mineral content of this fruit makes it ideal for consumption throughout the year. Bananas are easily available during winters and if you are looking out for healthy fruits that you should eat during winter, your list should not miss banana. Including 1-2 bananas in your daily breakfast can make your breakfast really healthy.


Carrot is not exactly a fruit as it is actually a modified root, but you can consume it raw just like a fruit. Carrots are available in plenty during winter and they are filled with nutrients. The high carotene content of carrots makes them ideal for the eyes. Carrots are rich in antioxidants that also promote better overall and skin health.  So, when it comes to the fruits to eat during winter, you can easily include the name of carrot in the list.


Pears are the other fruit that you should include more and more in your daily diet during winter. Apart from a good amount of fiber, a single pear contains noticeable amount of Vitamin C and important minerals like copper. Pears are also rich in vital antioxidants and flavonoids that promote overall better health. It is completely free of fat and rich in nutrients. Pears are fruits of winter and you can easily buy them from your local market during this time of the year.


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Persimmons are known for being a store house of a bunch of vital vitamins and minerals. Persimmons contain Vitamin A, C, E, B6 and minerals like copper, manganese, potassium and phosphorous. This fruit gives moderate calorie on consumption but no fat. This fruit is enriched with phytonutrients and antioxidants that prevent the growth of cancer cells. It also promotes eyesight and helps in weight loss. The most notable action of this fruit lies in the fact that it also has anti-aging properties.


You can get apples in the market not only during winter but across the year round. Your must-have healthy fruit list during winter can never be complete without adding apples to it. Apples are high in nutrient and they can be one of the best fruits to fill your hunger and also to keep you healthy during winter. Starting from vital vitamins and minerals, apple also contains antioxidants that protect the body cells from oxidative damage.