How to get beautiful curves

A curvaceous body is a dream of every woman. Curves make women look feminine and beautiful. However, getting curves does not mean putting on weight, rather it means toning up the muscles of the body in the right way to get a curvaceous figure.

The objective of getting beautiful curves can be fulfilled by reducing body fat while building up muscles. So, if you are aiming to get those illustrious curves change your eating habits and lifestyle to a more healthy way. There are also certain dressing patterns that can help you look more curvaceous.

These can obviously help, but a figure with its own curves is certainly something that stands apart. In this article I will provide you a complete guide on how to get beautiful curves. Let us start with the diet and lifestyle you should maintain to get a curvaceous body.

Diet for a curvaceous body

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As you are trying to loose fat from your body, reducing the total intake of daily calorie while increasing the amount of exercise can be actually helpful. Reducing calorie intake does not necessarily mean starving, rather it means taking a diet that is comparatively low in calorie and yet filling. While trying to get a curvaceous figure you should include the following in your diet

  • Green and leafy vegetables: When you are planning to cut down on your total calorie intake there can be hardly anything better than green and leafy vegetables. Include every type of leafy and green vegetables in your diet in less cocked or boiled form. These vegetables supplies a bunch of nutrients to the body along with dietary fibers but minimum calories, hence they make the ideal food for dieting.
  • Fruits: Whenever you feel hungry take in a fruit. Cucumbers, Avocados, Apples, Carrots and Berries can be your ideal friend when you are trying to cut down on calorie intake.
  • Beans and legumes: According to a latest study, proper intake of protein can help you to lose weight. Beans and legumes are filled in protein while being low on fat. They also offer a good amount of dietary fibers that keeps you filled for long. So, include these into your regular diet.
  • Double toned milk and yogurt: Milk can be actually very healthy for the body. When the milk fat is separated, the remaining can be ideal for people trying to lose fat. Include double toned milk in your diet to fill the nutritional requirements of your body. Yogurt made from double toned milk can be one of the best things to get nourishment while cutting down on fat and calorie.
  • Fish: Fish is a rich source of protein with minimum to no fat and you can get a number of vitamins and minerals as well from different fishes. Including fish in your daily diet can be helpful to lose extra weight.
  • Lots of water: Water helps in detoxification of the body; hence drinking adequate water at regular intervals can be very helpful.

What not to eat

  • Desserts and sweet dishes: These foods do not offer anything other than a good dose of calorie. So, stay away from them.
  • Rice, white bread: Rice and white bread should be replaced with chapattis and whole grain breads in your diet.
  • Potato: Stay away from this rich source of carbs.
  • Alcohol: This is not only bad for your liver when taken regularly, but can also facilitate weight gain.

Lifestyle changes for a curvaceous body

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To get that perfect watch glass figure only changing your diet is not enough. You need to implement some lifestyle changes strictly into your daily routine. The vital changes are

  • Adequate sleep: 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary for smooth functioning of the human mind and body. According to the latest studies people who sleep less that 7-8 hours/day are more prone to put on weight.
  • Reduce stress: Stress works as a primary reason for release of cortisol, which facilitates the process of fat formation in the body. Hence keep stress to a minimum through counselling, meditation or exercising.

Exercises for a curvaceous body

In order to make your exercise regime more effective in fat burning so that you can get a curvaceous body quickly, arranging your daily exercise regime and activity in some particular fashion can be highly helpful. Implement the below mentioned changes to your exercise regime

  • Increase time for cardiovascular exercises: If you do cardiovascular exercises for 20 minutes each day, increase the time limit to 40 minutes. With time our body gets accustomed with a regular exercise regime and thus the process of fat burning and muscle building slows down. Increasing your cardio exercises suddenly can help you lose calories quickly.
  • Opt for variations: Include various types of physical activities and exercises in your daily routine, and arrange them irregularly. For example go for swimming and speed walking one day; and on the next opt for a dance class and cycle riding. Third day resort to complete cardio and strength training and on the fourth only do yoga for 1 hour. Do not repeat the cycle in the same fashion rather mix and match the activities and exercises, also add new one and take a break from some old ones for a few days.
  • High Intensity Interval Training: This is a pattern of doing physical training which is believed to be ideal for quick fat burning. While doing your exercises, start with a low intensity, continue the exercise at a moderate intensity for some time and then reach the maximum intensity before coming back to the low intensity level. Repeat the cycle for 3 to 5 times and increase the number of cycles with time.
  • The right mixture of upper and lower body exercises: In order to get a perfectly sculpted body it is essential that all the muscles of your body are worked out equally. So, make a mix of different exercises that target different muscles of the body in order to get the best effects.

Exercises that you should concentrate on for getting curves are described below. You can do these exercises with free hands, but adding light to moderate weights while doing these exercises can increase the effectiveness of these exercises helping you to get a sculpted body quickly.



Squats and different variations of squats ensure a complete workout of the hip and thigh muscles. Do these exercises with light to moderate weights in your hands to add to their effectiveness.

Standing oblique flexionStanding oblique flexion

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Stand with your feet shoulder-apart and knees slightly bent. Hold medium weight dumbbells in each of the hands by the side of your body. Slowly slide the dumbbell in your right hand towards floor for as far as you can stretch. Ensure that your hand holding the dumbbell is in touch with your thigh. Once you reach the maximum stretch, hold on for 2 seconds and draw back your hand slowly to the starting position. Repeat five time for a single side, and then switch. This exercise works out the oblique muscles and abs.

Cross twist

Cross twist

Sit on a flat surface with your knees lightly bent and body leaned backwards. Move your right hand to your left side with force while keeping the left hand at its post. Now trace back the hand, and repeat the same with your left hand. Continue the cycle for 10 times for each side. This exercise works out your oblique, abdominal muscles and lower back.

Planks and side planksPlanks and side planks

While doing planks muscles of abdomen, muscles of hips, internal and external oblique along with gluteus muscles, quadriceps and hamstrings are worked out. Hence it is a complete exercise for the body and can be highly effective to get a toned figure.


Lunges can be highly effective for body sculpting as it involves several muscles including, quadriceps, gluteus maximum, and hamstrings. Lunges with moderate to high weight can be highly effective for quick muscle toning.

Bridge with triceps extension

Bridge with triceps extension

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Bridge involves working of the muscles of the hips, abdomens, thighs, back and legs. By holding two medium size dumbbells in your hands while doing bridge and stretching your hands towards the ceiling at 90 degree with your body as you push your back up and then retracting back your hands as you flat your back on the floor, you can make this workout even more effective for sculpting your body.

Dumbbell Step upsDumbbell Step ups

Step ups exercises your quadriceps, hamstrings as well as gluteus Maximus. Doing the exercise with dumbbells in hand can certainly increase its efficiency leading to quick toning of the involved muscles.

The hard part is over. Now let us take a look on how you can get curves by following some simple dressing tips. Dressing is an art and when done in the right way it can actually accentuate the best parts of your figure while hiding the not so good sections.

  • Highlight your bust line: Wear a padded brassier or push-ups that can accentuate your bust line. This can instantly give you a curvaceous look.
  • Highlight your waistline: Highlighting your waist with a thick belt in contrasting color can make your waist look slim and your body more curvaceous.
  • Wear clothes with horizontal stripes: Horizontal stripes create a visual illusion and make the wearer look more curvaceous.
  • Wear cloth with frills at the right part: Wear clothes that highlights your waist and bust line while cover your hips with frills. This can help you to look more toned.
  • Do not wear all black: A complete black dress can easily hide your curves. So, opting for them if you are looking to flaunt a curvaceous body is certainly not a good choice.