How to get curls to your hair with hair plopping? Heat free way to get curls

Curls can actually look great on your hairs but maintaining them the right way is surely not that great. People who have naturally curly hairs often find it very difficult to manage them properly. The curls often take a shape that does not look best on your face, and most of the times, making them behave well is a long time taking task. On the other hand, people who have somewhat wavy hairs, but actually love to have those intricate curls on their hairs which can add to the overall volume and look, also find it not really easy to use that heating rod every time they want to look their best with those curls on. So, here is a simple way to get curls on your hairs and it is called hair plopping.

One of the primary issues with using heat on hairs to get curls is that, no matter how cautious you are while using heat, it is sure to harm the hairs in this way or that in the long run. Hair plopping, on the other hand, does not use heat, and it actually does not have any side effects. Instead of drying out your locks, which is essentially done by the heat applicators, the new technique, hair plopping, will actually make your hairs more hydrated. So, the process is not only ideal for people with light waves on their hairs but also for people with natural intricate curls. Hair plopping gives the hairs a naturally bouncier and well hydrated look ensuring long lasting curls that do not look out of the place.

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So, girls, if you are one who just loves her hairs too much to use heat, here is your pick. Hair plopping, the technique of gen-X to get naturally bouncier curls is actually the latest trend now and believe us, it is not only the girls who have started to adopt this heat free way of getting curls, but even the guys are trying this out.

The list of benefits that is making Hair plopping a sure shot pick for all the busy girls and guys with curly hairs include,

  • A no-heat way, hence no hair damage caused due to application of heat
  • The process is simple and any one can have it with the least effort
  • It is a fully in-home DIY process that needs no professional assistance or even help from your mother
  • All that you need for plopping your hairs, are already available in your home
  • Hair plopping gives naturally hydrated and bouncier hairs that look absolutely gorgeous

So, now you actually know why this new hair curling technique is actually making headlines. And we are sure that you are also now interested to try this out. In fact, anyone who love curls on their hairs can try out this process. While hair plopping can help the girls with very curly hairs to maintain their mane easily, it can be the quickest way for people with naturally wavy or somewhat straight hairs to get curls, without damaging their hairs through application of heat.

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Here is a step by step break down of the hair plopping process and we are sure that you will find it actually easy.

First let us take a note of what you will need for hair plopping,

  1. A microfiber towel. Not sure if you have it in home or not? Do not worry, that old cotton T shirt will also do it just great.
  2. A hair styling cream, gel or mousse of whatever brand that works for you.

So, now let us start with the process,

Step #1: Wash your hairs with a mild shampoo and do not forget to condition before you start with the next steps of the process. Soak the extra water from your wet hairs properly with a towel.

Step #2: Apply some hair gel/mousse or cream that suits you, thoroughly on the length of the hairs. You should end up with damp hairs but not wet hairs.

Step #3: Comb the hairs lightly with a wide-toothed combso that there are no knots in the hairs.

Step #4: Spread the cotton T-shirt on a flat surface, like the bed, keeping the sleeves of the shirt at the distant end. Using a long sleeved T-shirt can be best.

Step #5: Now bend over on the T-shirt, placing your head on it. Make sure that your hairs are concentrated on the crown as it will add to the volume once the plopping is done.

Step #6: Take the nearing ends of the T-shirt and wrap them from both the sides over your head. Do not tie them. If the sides are short, then you can use a clip to hold the sides together at the middle.

Step #7: Now flip back the part of the T-shirt beyond your head to the nape of the neck. Twist the sleeves of the T-shirt so that it sits tightly at the back of your head.

Step #8: Twist the sleeves even further and wrap the extra length around the head, ending in a tight knot at the front. Finally the whole thing should look like a tight -sitting turban.

Step #9: Now you have to keep it on your hairs for at least 30 minutes before you can open it up. If you are looking for more curls keeping it longer is suggested. Many prefer to keep the T-shirt on for the whole night while they sleep. You need to find out the right duration that suits you best.

Step #10: Once you open the T-shirt, make sure to not to brush the curls rigorously which can open up the curls. In case, you have kept the plop on your hairs for 20-30 minutes and your hairs are not fully dry when you have removed the T-shirt, make it a point to not to touch the curls while they are still wet, to maintain the same definition.

So, this is how the total hair plopping process works. Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind while trying out hair plopping to get the best results. Some precautions have also been included.

Important tips to keep in mind

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  • If you are using a T-shirt for the process, make sure that it is a full cotton T-shirt that can absorb water very easily. Opting for an old cotton T-shirt is certainly the best option, as the new ones might not be absorbing water very well.
  • Using T-shirt that is bigger in size can actually make the total process of making the plop easier. However, ensure that the T-shirt is not very big, which can add to the weight of the plop, making it difficult to keep it on for long.
  • For people who have a tendency to catch cold easily or the ones who suffer from sinus problems, it is best to keep the plop on for not more than 20 -30 minutes and make sure that you pick a really absorbing T-shirt at the first place.
  • If you are trying to get intricate curls through plopping, then the best way is to keep the T-shirt on your hairs till your hairs get completely dry. Keeping it overnight is certainly the best way to go in this case, but you can also keep the plop on anytime until the hairs get completely dry to ensure more definition.