Ways of feeding baby with solid food

As soon as the baby crosses 6 months of his age, he develops an urge for solid food. Along with the baby, even you need to be prepared for the solid food. You have to know your child starting from your first baby sitting experience. You need to know at first about the time when your baby will be ready. Since babies are habituated to consume only the formula milk as well as breast milk for the period of 6 months, they might be accustomed with the same for a long time. Some babies’ takes time to get them prepared for getting solid food whereas others is ready.

Steps for feeding the baby with solid food

Check out when your baby is ready

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As soon as you can observe babysitting without any support or at least trying to make his spine a supporting element, you must understand that it is the time for him to get the solid food. You also need to check the weight of your baby. Whether the weight has doubled or not is also a major concern. Baby will also be quite sensible and turn his head away from you if you are seemed to do something unpleasant. As soon as your baby gets interested in consuming other food rather than formula milk, you must understand that he is ready for the solid food.

Using a feeding chair

It is quite easy for you to feed your baby with the breast milk or formula milk while placing the child on your lap. But, in order to feed him with the solid food, feeding chair will be a good option. Car seat can also be used when you are feeding the baby once you are outside. Sitting in your lap will not make the baby comfortable while consuming the solid food. It is just due to the fact that the position is odd.

Arrange cloth for catching the spills

You can now get mats for the babies that are used for collecting the spills of the baby which is left out while making him consume the solid food. You can now get other varieties of cloths that will be suitable for feeding your baby with the solid food. You can choose any one among the chair mat, shower curtain or that of a painter dropped cloth.

Arrange for a feeding bowl

You will definitely require a bowl if you are in an activity of feeding the baby. If you mix everything together and feed the same to the baby, you will require only a single bowl. But, if you wish to feed cereals as well as side dish separately to the baby, two bowls will be required. Since your child is likely to throw his hands and legs here and there, unbreakable bowls will be better than that tat of the breakable category.

Since, all the plastic bowls are not good for the baby’s health, choosing a good quality plastic bowl would be required. Since babies are really sensitive they won’t be in a state to withstand the effect of chemicals used to make this plastic bowls. You have to check the same with the safety authority.

Get a baby spoon

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It will be ideal to get a baby spoon when feeding him with the solid food. If you are using a desert spoon, this might be quite difficult for the baby to consume his meal. The main benefit of the baby spoon is the fact that it has a protective covering over it. The color changing phenomenon which is related to the temperature is also associated with the safety.

Using a cup

Baby requires some fluids to swallow the solid food. Thus, you need to have a cup handy that will have enough water. You need to check whether your baby requires a sipper cup or that of a plastic cup. After checking the same, you will be able to know about the necessary item which your baby would require.

It will be good not to make your baby too much used to the juices and as those are filled with sugar. You need to know that sugar is not very favorable for the growing tooth of your baby.