How to increase height of a 14 year boy- How to grow boys taller at 14 with food and exercise?

Height is a factor that defines us more in the outer world. If you are short, you can’t get success in life. So for this reason, most teenagers within 14 years of age work on their body to make it perfect by working out regularly at the gym or nutrition intake, etc.

But increasing your height seems different from other parts of your body like muscles or strength because there is no way to increase your size right now except for one mantra, “Grow Taller 4 Idiots “. 

This book has made buzz worldwide among people who want to increase their height naturally without taking any medicines or medical help. So here, you get a glimpse on how you can get the height-increasing book on the internet for free and why it is better than other products available in the market.

How to increase the height of a 14-year boy?

Being tall is not related to your age because there is no specific age when a person is fully developed with their body. The main problem in most teenagers or young boys is that they face difficulty doing everyday activities like running, walking, etc., because they are too short.

6 – 8 years old children start facing this problem, but some people also face it even in adulthood. At 11 years old, I encountered this problem and wondered what to increase my height. Then I found this book online:

 “How to increase the size of a 14-year-old boy “.

This book is beneficial because you will get lots of information about exercises, yoga postures, and other things that will help your spine grow longer. You have to follow the steps mentioned in this book very carefully if you want results soon.

Increase Height without Exercises

There are quite a lot of activities that you can do about growing taller at 14 for boys, such as:

  1. Making dietary changes
  2. Exercising regularly
  3. Choosing natural supplements for growing taller
  4. Practicing the correct posture while sitting and walking

Yes! It is possible, but it may take time because natural growth occurs very slowly so if you are prepared for slow changes, go ahead with growing taller naturally. 

If you are not interested in following the tips mentioned below, scroll the page down and read our review about Grow Taller 4 Idiots, which works quickly compared to these traditional methods. To grow taller without exercise, you must follow these steps:

  • It would help if you made your spine longer and more robust. For this reason, massage is an excellent idea for teenagers because it will help them open the areas where bones are touching each other and causing obstructions in the growth of different parts like the spine.
  • Drink more water every day [at least 1/2 liter] because water contains minerals that are needed for healthy bones and joints.
  • Eating protein-rich foods will increase height because protein helps bone formation, so never avoid protein-rich food items from your diet plan.
  • Avoid junk foods or oily foods if you want to have a perfect height naturally, even at late age, by making a few extra efforts.

How to grow boys taller at 14 with food and exercise?

14-year-old boys are just like teenagers trying to fit in with their clique or group of friends, making them very vulnerable. They start smoking, experimenting with alcohol, drugs and sex.

This is the time when they need your guidance more than ever before about growing taller too because you don’t want them to become one of the casualties of life. If this is your son, you want him to become a lucky one, not the sad news on the evening TV news.

The three most effective exercises to increase height are The Vertical Jump, Jogging, and Hanging.


The vertical jump is the absolute best exercise for increasing height because it trains you to explosively engage your legs (and thus your entire skeletal structure) in an upward motion. This motion applies massive tension to your bones, thus creating an increase in bone density over time.

Because the vertical jump is so effective at increasing height, it’s no surprise that so many professional basketball players are among the world’s tallest people!

Michael Jordan, for example, was 6’6″ and considered short for his profession. Today’s best players, including Dwight Howard and Lebron James, are all at least 6’9″.

How to Perform the Vertical Jump Exercise Properly

The first step to performing this exercise properly is to stand on a box or step with your arms relaxed at your sides. From here, you should bend your knees very slightly (almost as if you were preparing for a squat) and brace your abs tight.

Explode upwards as fast , jumping off the box and reaching your arms upwards towards the sky. Upon impact with the ground, immediately bend your knees again to cushion the blow before jumping once more.

It’s essential to jump as high as you can with each repetition (try to envision dunking the ball), and of course, it’s extremely crucial not to land on your feet. If you’re using a box, break your fall with either your forearms or by jumping backward.


Studies have shown that jogging is one of the best activities for increasing height, but also that it’s one of the worst for improving your vertical jump.

Although jogging will increase your endurance and aerobic capacity, making you more versatile athletically, it won’t specifically strengthen your skeletal structure to make you taller.

If you’re looking to become a better basketball player (and thus increase your chances of getting recruited by a college or the NBA), then jogging is your best option.

If you want to increase your vertical jump, on the other hand, then stick with the exercises in this article.


You’ve probably seen photographs of Shaquille O’Neal hanging on his high school basketball hoop with ease. He used this exercise to develop his grip strength and lats (the upper back muscles), which gave him an excellent foundation for dunking.

There is also evidence that hanging increases height by increasing the space between your vertebrae, but it’s still not as effective as the exercises we mentioned above.

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase your vertical jump, though, try hanging off of a high bar.