How to increase the height of a 13 years old boy? How to grow boys taller at 13 switch food and exercise?

“I am a 13 years old boy’. Yes, he is only 156 cm. I want to increase my height. What should I do?” This is the common question that many boys ask us. First, you need to know how much human height can you grow at 13 years old? What are some factors that cause short or tall? And How to Increase the Height of a 13 Years Old Boy? Let’s Find out!

Reasons behind short height

Several factors can lead to being short or tall in adulthood. Some of them are diet habits, environmental exposure, and stress. However, you must aim to keep your body healthiest no matter what factors have changed it to increase your height! 

What do Danish researchers say?

According to Danish researchers who have studied puberty outcomes across generations, today’s teens are reaching sexual maturity six months to two years later than they did three decades ago. This study shows us that The Age at Which Puberty Occurs Has Risen Over Time. 

Impact of environment on height

To be more specific, it’s because humans are exposed to many harmful environmental aspects in today’s modern society. Some people refer to this argument as “The Modern Malaise.” For example,

 The Excessive use of cell phones and computers often releases blue light, which scientists have proved to affect melatonin secretion in human beings. 

As a result, when certain hormones in your body are released in stages in childhood or adolescence, these changes caused by melatonin disorders will slow down the growth rate of bones and lead to being shorter.

Another reason for growing taller slowly after puberty is stress. During puberty years when you are constantly stressed out about

Several factors may cause shortness; however, they can be improved by ways listed below:

  1. Getting Enough Sleep and Resting Well Will Improve Your Growth Ability!
  2. Exercise Regularly to Have Good Posture!
  3. Taking Excessive Breaks During Study Time Can Cause Less Production of Hormone Related to Height. Thus You should Pay Attention to How Much Time You Spend on Each Subject.
  4. Eating Healthy Foods Every Day Will Help Your Bones Grow

What should be the diets for 13 year old boys to become taller?

This is a very good question. I will disclose my opinion and why it is my opinion. Also, I will give examples of foods that can help (but please note this list isn’t complete, and there may be other things besides those listed).

1) I would recommend a diet high in protein. A good amount of protein for an average 13 year old should be between 1/2 to 3/4 grams per pound or even more, depending on the person’s build. 

Protein builds muscle and the more lean muscle you have, the faster your metabolism. which means you will burn calories faster and thus grow taller faster. 

For a 13-year-old boy, whose average weight should be between 100-140 lbs or 45-63 kgs, that would mean between 50-70 grams of protein per day, depending on his body weight.

You can get this by eating things like meat (chicken, beef, turkey), fish (salmon), eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt, nuts (almonds or walnuts). But make sure your body is used to eating these foods. Eating too much protein at once can make you nauseous and it will be harder for your body to absorb everything it needs to grow.

2) I would recommend a diet high in complex carbohydrates. This is because your muscles need carbohydrates to build up. 

A simple carbohydrate diet from a single source (like a candy bar, for example) won’t give you the same results as a complex carbohydrate diet from various sources (beans and rice, grapes and bread, carrots and peas).

Exercises for 13 years old boy to become taller

This is a question that new parents all around the world ask themselves at some point. And if they’re lucky, they’ll find the answer to it on the internet. Well, there are three exercises you can do with your son to help him grow taller. They are called leg stretches and will need commitment from both of you.

Here is a quick overview

  • Stretch your son’s hip flexors and quads. It will help open up the growth plates in his femur and release any hormones that might be holding him back from getting taller. 
  • Stretch your son’s toes up, back, and down. It is more important than the first stretch because to grow taller, your son’s bones need to be able to elongate, and his muscles need room to stretch. 
  • Stretch your son’s back and hamstrings with a strap. It is the most important exercise of all because it releases growth hormones and lengthens your son’s spine, making him look longer and leaner, making him appear taller.

What WHO says about a boy’s height?

According to the medical journals published by the world health organization (WHO), generally, males will grow about 10 – 15 centimeters until puberty. After puberty has ended, boys’ growth spurt will have reached its completion. Most adolescent boys are expected to grow less than 2 inches after their growth spurt is finished. Therefore, for a 13 years old boy like you, you should grow up to be 157 cm tall at most if nothing goes wrong with your growth.