How to keep teenagers / teens smoke free

Teenage smoking is a very modern day issue which most parents are confronted with. This problem is not limited to a certain town, city, or country, but is a very common issue worldwide. Children, in this modern world, have so much happened all around them. They have to deal with so many things that they are always not aware of what is good and what is not so good for them. They are sometimes forced to take small independent decisions, regarding minor matters which the parents might not be aware of. In this fast-paced world, where everybody is so busy, it is always not possible for the parents, also to keep track of what your child is up to until you are not faced with any problem. Then only it strikes us that something somewhere has gone wrong, and it has to be rectified at the earliest.

Teenage smoking is one such issue that has to be nipped in the bud. As we all know that cigarette smoking is injurious to health, we have to prevent our children from picking up this ill habit. As parents, we have seen more in this world and we know how harmful it is. We ourselves are sometimes the victim of this bad habit. The parent himself or herself often tries hard to quit this habit, but he or she might or might not be successful in doing so. Therefore it is a challenge for them to motivate their children in such a way that they do not start smoking or help them in quitting if they already have started doing so. Let us discuss a few ways in how we can keep our teenagers smoke free:

Don’t smoke in front of the children’s

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As parents, we can set an example. If parents are smokers, children pick up this habit from home itself. Therefore we should be a little more cautious if we have growing children at home. Parents should avoid smoking in front of them, or if possible not smoke inside your home. We should also not keep cigarette packs lying here and there so that children can have easy access to them. If parents are heavy smokers themselves and are trying to quit, but fail to do so, can share these problems with their children regarding the difficulties they are facing. They can have friendly discussions with their children whereby they can tell them how easy it is to pick up the habit of smoking but how difficult it is to give up.

Parents are like friends to growing children. They can also share with them the fact that they were also teenagers when they started smoking. They can make them aware that it can lead to so many diseases like asthma, incessant coughing, and the dreaded of the lot, cancer. They should also be told that it gives bad breath, yellow teeth, and nails, and stinking body odor This might appeal to his or her mind and make him think twice before taking a puff.

We can go to the root of the matter and find out what has driven them to smoke. The most common fact is that most of their friends do so. So to keep up with them these teenagers have picked up this habit. It can also be a form of rebellious attitude associated with this growing age. There are some who want to lose weight; others think it is cool to smoke. They may also want to look and feel smart and glamorous, after watching advertisements on television or in movies. They should be explained that tobacco companies are sending out a wrong message to influence them and attract them to make a wrong decision. If they choose not to smoke or give up smoking they should be applauded.

Perform your duty properly

As parents it is our duty to show them the right way, therefore we sometimes have to be strict enough and tell them that you will not allow him to smoke. It may have an impact on the child if he or she is close to the parents.

Factors like stress that are there in school, or in relationships, or family problems can also lead them to take up smoking. Most feel that cigarettes can help them relieve stress. It may give a momentary relief, and slowly but truly you get addicted to it. They are of the wrong notion that they can quit smoking whenever they wish, but they have to be reminded that it is not that easy, as many adult smokers also fail to do so. Parents or teachers or well-wishers can have a  talk with them and understand their problems.

Fastest ways to quit smoking

If they are trying to give up smoking they may have withdrawal symptoms like mood swings, energy loss, depression, stomach aches or an increased appetite. Try to divert their attention by making them do something that they have a passion for. They can be initiated in to taking up and playing a sport or exercise or find a hobby or let them hang out with friends who do not smoke.

Our teenagers are the future of our world. Therefore they have to be handled properly and with care. Our teenagers will grow into little gentle men and women in a few years time when they pass out of schools and colleges. They will take up the reins from the current adult generation. They have to be guided in such a way that they become better teenagers than those of yesteryears. In today’s world they face a lot of hurdles, and to counter it they turn to smoking, taking alcohol or even lured to drugs.  But these growing children have to be diverted from these bad habits so that they can use their energy and knowledge to build a better tomorrow. Therefore for a brighter tomorrow we have to keep our teenagers healthy and the priority is to keep them smoke-free. Try it now!