How to make sure your baby is getting enough breast milk

Are you sure enough that your baby is having full tummy after getting breast milk? It is quite tough to know for a woman who became a mother for the first time. If the experience and knowledge is very low to you regarding your baby’s tummy fullness after having your breast milk then just go through this article. There are some signs your baby indicates what you need to understand well. Your baby generally needs your breast milk almost eight to fifteen times in an entire day before reaching sixth months. Your breast milk is the ultimate food for your baby for these initial stages of life. Your baby cannot get nutrients from any other sources apart from breast milk.

So, it is very much essential to know for a mother that the baby’s tummy is full while he or she is having breast milk only. If your baby’s tummy is not full enough then the intake of nutrients will be lower. The nutrients of the breast milk directly related to the growth and development of your baby. So, never let your baby half tummy full while feeding breast milk. You should identify properly that your baby is having enough breast milk as much as needs.

Breast milk is the most important food which your baby must have within his 6 months of age. It contains all types of nutrients for proper nourishment and the growth of the baby. It is better to give breasts milk rather than the powdered formula milk. But, not all mothers have enough milk production. This gives rise to starvation of the baby. Sometimes even mothers do not understand that her baby is not getting enough food. Let us find out the ways which will help mothers to know that her baby is getting adequate milk.

Ways to make sure that your baby gets adequate breast milk

Feel your breast’s condition

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After feeding breast milk to your baby you can feel the condition of your breasts. The breasts usually after feeding get soft and lighter. When it needs to feed at the beginning the breasts get heavy and full with milk. The amount of breasts milk comes at a time is enough for your baby’s one time needs. So, the changes of your breasts before and after feeding help you to know that your baby is having enough and full milk.

Indication of your baby’s skin

Look at the skin of your baby. If it indicates firmness enough then your baby is having enough milk as much needed. Your baby looks healthy as the entire nutrients are reaching to the baby’s body adequately. Enough breast milk makes your baby’s skin soft and bouncy too. So, follow these indications to make sure that your baby is having enough breast milk.

Look at the stool

This is one of the very easy ways to know that your baby is getting full nutrients of the breast milk. The stool of a breastfeeding baby should be mustard yellow, brown or green in color. The stool should be pasty as well as seedy and very much running due to fluid contents. The smell of the stool of your baby should be sweet in smell what indicates your baby’s tummy gets full food.

Notice your baby’s condition

If your baby is having enough milk for getting tummy full then he or she would look more relaxed. The satisfaction of having full food makes your baby happy always. Your baby would never be so clingy then.

Visit to the doctors for regular check up

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Go to your child’s specialist for routine checkup of your baby. If the doctor permits that your baby is absolutely fit and fines then no need to get tensed. The increasing weight of your baby is the indication to you that your baby is getting enough breast milk.

Urine indication

Your baby would wet at least six to eight nappies in an entire day by passing enough urine. After five days of age your baby’s urine would look pale and that should be odorless. So, always look your baby’s urine indication.

Follow the rhythm of sucking

When your baby is sucking breast milk you should follow the rhythm carefully. Babies usually change the rhythm during breastfeeding. Your baby can pause to suck too for a little while but it does not sense that your baby’s tummy is full. Some baby fall asleep while sucking the breast milk too. These all are the time while your baby needs some rest. After a short break your baby would again start sucking for having the milk. So, you need to wait a little to know that your baby got full milk he or she needs.

Your baby quit it eagerly

Let it leave to your baby to quit it rather than your initiation. When your baby’s tummy gets full then your baby willingly give it up with an enough pleasure. Once your baby quit it very earlier you should try to feed again. If your baby is not ready to take in mouth again then you can be sure that your baby is getting enough breast milk.

Look at your baby’s nature

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If your baby is getting enough breast milk then he or she would be happy and smiling most of the time. If your baby is not having tummy full then he or she would cry almost all the time or feel sleepy even. So, always notice your baby’s nature as he or she reacts in a simple phenomena.

Try to play while feeding

You can take the breast away gently when your baby is taking a break or making the pace slow. If your baby is not eager to suck it back then you can offer the breast milk twice or thrice. After your offer if your baby still not interests to suck it means that your baby’s tummy got enough breast milk.

Follow the gestures

If your baby is having tummy full with enough breast milk then he or she never asks for repetition very often. Always check the exact way your baby’s latching style. If your baby is latching with mouth wide open and eyes open big it means the latching style is absolutely perfect and your baby is getting enough milk to full his or her tummy. If the tummy is full with enough milk then your baby would never make the gestures of smacking lips, turning heads towards you or sucking noises for breast milk again and again.

Is your baby crying in the middle?

When you are feeding your baby with your breast milk, your baby herself will be an indication. Kids normally enjoy having breast milk once it comes in a continuous flow. But, when it stops in the middle or gets lower in density, your baby won’t like. The best way for him to express dislike is by crying. So mothers must watch whether her baby is crying all of a sudden in the middle of feeding.

Touch your breast after feeding

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Normally mother’s breast stays inflamed and tight as it is filled with milk. But after feeding the baby with the breast milk, it tend to become softer. It is just due to the reason that your baby has sucked maximum portion of milk from the breast during the process of his breast feed. If your breast becomes soft and shrieked after feeding, that means your baby is getting enough milk.

Better mood

One of the reasons why your baby cries and stays annoyed will be due to his hunger. As soon as you feed your baby with your breast milk, he becomes quite. Now, how would you know that he is getting enough milk? Once the process of feeding is done, you need to look up to your child face. Also watch his mood. If he is fully content and happy, it means that your baby could get good amount of milk and is really happy.

Thus you would notice all these little yet very lovely things about your baby to make sure that your baby is getting enough breast milk. These tips will help you to get relaxed regarding your baby’s proper nutrition process. So, enjoy your cuddling time by feeding breast milk to your little angel.