Top homemade body sprays with essential oils

You can easily find many body sprays in the market each with different fragrance. People having brand specification will also get the body spray according to the brand. But, you might not know the chemicals and harmful products associated while manufacturing the sprays. It is good to think a natural solution. Some natural ingredients available at home will be capable in making the body sprays without any harmful chemicals.

We can now make variety of aromatic sprays right at home.  It is no more needed to buy the expensive variety of perfume or body spray right from the market. Also the homemade sprays are healthier alternatives as compared to the sprays available in the shops. Let’s try out some recipes of body sprays at home which will keep you fragranced throughout the day. Since no chemicals or harmful objects are associated while making the natural homemade sprays you must be quite certain about its safety.

Effects of foul smell

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Everyone likes fresh smells as it will make your mood on for the whole day. Early in the morning, if you smell bad while standing beside one of your colleges, it will be really a bad impression for him or her.  You won’t have a positive impression for the person who stinks. But, this is having a remedy. You can easily make some scented body sprays with natural products which will also stay for a long time in your body.

How to make body sprays with essential oils?

The ingredient that you will require to make body spray at home is:

  • 1/1/2 teaspoon of Witch Hazel or Vodka
  • Distilled water
  • Variety of essential oil or one type (7 drops)
  • A spray bottle


First of all you have to put the distilled water as well as Vodka in a spray bottle. Now shake the two ingredients really well. Vodka is an essential ingredient in making body spray as it will help the essential oil to disperse evenly. Now at the last you have to add the essential oil according to the fragrance you like and then shake well. Your homemade body spray with essential oil is ready.

Orange blossom body spray

This is another type of body spray which you can make at home. Since different people like different types of fragrances, you can also make it simply with the change of natural fragrance. This Orange blossom body spray will give a sweet citrus smell. The ingredients that you require to make the spray are as follows:

  • Vegetable glycerin- ½ teaspoon
  • Filtered water – 1 oz
  • Essential oil (Orange fragrance) – 60-90 drops


Preparing this body spray will be very easy. The above mentioned ingredients can be filled in a spray bottle, shake it really well and your Orange blossom homemade spray is ready.

This way you can get variety of essential oil fragrance in the market. You can use any one according to your choice to make the spray at home. The natural ingredients such as Eucalyptus improve the process of breathing and helps in clearing the stuffy and heavy head. In order to make the body spray at home, you don’t have to pay a very high rate. Rather, you will be spending lesser than the price of the cosmetic sprays available in the market. There are different ways of making the homemade sprays  with the help of essential oils. It is quite common to have essential oil at home and other ingredients are also easily obtained to prepare a homemade body spray.

Top homemade body sprays with essential oils

Grapefruit and lavender recipe

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You will certainly get a mesmerizing smell of grapefruit with this homemade spray. The smell is really energizing and refreshing. The ingredients required to make this recipe are lavender essential oil- 5-6 drops and grapefruit liquid 15 drops. You have to take both the ingredients in a spraying bottle and get ready to get beautiful smell. This can be applied when you are going out for your work in the morning or a visit with your friends to a hangout.

Peppermint and rosemary

The particular body spray recipe has an advantage apart from smelling good. Yes, the combination of rosemary and peppermint helps in bringing extraordinary brain power in you. To make this spray all you require are 10 drops of peppermint oil, 5 drops of rosemary oil and few drops of patchouli. This brings out a wonderful fragrance and also gives you emotional positivity. Try this today and get positive result.

Sandalwood and rosewater

Most of the ladies are really found of sandalwood fragrance. They want to get it in their soaps, oil, face wash and also in body spray. You can now get an idea of how to make spray with the help of sandalwood extract and rose water. The combination will include 10 drops of sandalwood oil and as spoon of rosewater. Combine them and keep them in a spray bottle. You can use this spray at home after you have come out from bath. This will keep you refreshed throughout the day and keep you odor free.