Tips to prevent flu and cure cold

Wash your hands

Best tips for cold relief

Wash your hands, not just before eating but every time after your action with the hands. Even after offering a hand shake with the other person. You don’t know where she/he kept his hands. Germs travel lull from one person to another person when their hands got in contact. So, give wash as good as you can. Running lots of water on your hands help to flush out the germs.

Wash your hands more and more after your hands had been contact with the person who is sick, says many doctors. To completely remove out the viruses and germs from your hands, you need to give a hard wash for at least 20 seconds. Scrubbing in such a way that it should cover back of the hands, between the fingers, and under the nails. Whether the water is cold or hot – the main intension is to scrubbing hard and to remove the germs.

Don’t touch

Keeping those germs stuck hands on your nose and eyes gives rise to some other problems, as they are sensitive they will get infected easy when compared to other body parts. Indeed they are the most common areas for germs to get in.

Keen with the healthy food

Though you may feel like tough to maintain a healthy diet, it helps in predominant ways. Eat fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables for the better working of immune system. Well, rather than fighting with flu its easy to maintain a healthy diet.


Another best way to improve your immune system function is by doing exercise. Do a regular exercise for atleast 45 minutes in a day for about five days in a week to maintain the fitness and health.

Stay away

Home remedies to treat cold sores

If your peer is showing symptoms of flu and cold, it would be best to stay away from them. Similarly stay away from family, friends and strangers who are being with the sickness.

You need to quit also for

Yet another reason to quit the smoking is to dull the infections. Smoking increases the risk of infections through the change in respiratory tract and decreasing the immune system. Due to smoking a hair like fiber present in our nose ‘cilia’ will be destroyed; which increases the risk of infections.

Keep your surroundings clean

It is one of the finest tip to be followed by every one, cleaning the rooms, desks, fans, windows and washing your bed sheets and pillow covers are very necessary. If some in your family is feeling sick with cold, flu and general fever, wash his blankets on every alternative day.

You must also take care while sharing the meals and snacks with your family and colleagues who are been with cold or flu. The cold viruses spread easily from one person to another through the food. So, be careful in your round table snacks.

Wash or off

Your hand cloths once used should be washed other wise it leads for the grow up of germs and infections. If you go with tissues, once used must be thrown away.