How to prevent constipation naturally during pregnancy?

There are many women who suffer from regular constipation and if they are pregnant, things can get more complex. Usually, many women without any constipation problems often come across with the health hazard when they conceive. This mainly happens because of the hormones. It is the progesterone hormone that increases during pregnancy to keep the smooth the muscle fibers and keep the mother and the baby relaxed. At the same time, the hormone smoothes the intestine hampering the strength of the peristaltic motion and food passes more slowly into the digestive system. As the baby grows, the digestion also slows down causing to terrible irregular bowel movements and led to the miserable gas formation.

Besides the colon system, the growing uterus is also responsible for hampering the bowel system for the mother-to-be. Along with that, the vitamins and irons that they take per suggested by the physicians can also hamper the regularity of bowels. But skipping these drugs is also not good for the sake of the child and mother. Therefore, instead of suffering the miserable condition of constipation, some preventives can be followed to reduce the apathy and experience the regular clearing of the bowels.

Here, some ideas are shared to prevent constipation naturally during pregnancy

Adding high-fiber foods in the daily diet

Top healthy foods during pregnancy

It is strongly advisable to consume fibrous foods for women who are conceiving. Fiber not only prevents constipation, it helps to add antioxidants and vitamins to pregnant women. Usually, physicians prescribe pregnant women to consume around 25-30 grams of fiber regularly to stay healthy. Those who often suffer from morning sickness throughout the pregnancy can opt for the psyllium tablet supplements but of course, with the doctor’s permission.

Taking a bowl of oats along with strawberries can also help them to retain the health as well as eradicate constipation issues. Alongside, taking garden fresh vegetables, beans, lentils, cereals, peas, prunes, whole-grain bread are some of the best fibrous food that pregnant women can take to prevent constipation.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea helps to soothe the intestinal track and also the whole body. Even those who are not pregnant can have this natural drink to deter stress and anxiety. Over the centuries, pregnant women are suggested to sip the chamomile tea to soothe the nerves and pacify the whole body.

But with doctor’s recommendations, women should decide that how much they can consume daily. Higher doses can be harmful to the fetus.

Watermelon magic

Tips to prevent constipation

Though it is a midwives remedy to prevent constipation during pregnancy, but women really get relieve by sipping the tea made by boiling the seeds of watermelon. But these days, specialists recommend eating the fruit regularly and sufficiently so that they can control constipation along with that can hydrate the body with the juicy watermelons.

Stay in activities

It is not advisable for pregnant women to sit and rest all the time, until and unless they are experiencing serious complications. Whether working or non-working, women should keep busy in activities.

There are many centers offering parental yoga or exercising that they can attend with their partners to remain in activities.

Apart from exercising at the gyms and swimming, walking is another sought-after aerobic exercising that can help the pregnant women all the way.

Drink a lot of water

Often many women suffer from dehydration during their pregnancy. Most of the time, the lack of water intake is the reason behind the crises caused. If they stop drinking ample water, this may lead to serious troubles such as constipation.

Yoga poses for constipation

It is not only that they can only take water. Women can opt for broth, fruit juices, smoothies, milkshakes, and even milk. All that matters is to intake sufficient fluids in the body so that the digestive system remains smooth.

Taking minimum 12-ounce of water can help the pregnant women to keep the bowels smooth and remain healthy all throughout the nine months of pregnancy.

Laxatives can be harmful

Preventing constipation with laxatives and stool softeners is not a natural and healthy way to get over with the issue. Until and unless a pregnant woman is suggested by the practitioner to follow this process, she should not try it. Nowadays, some companies are producing laxatives and stool softeners by using natural ingredients which can be helpful all the way.

Following a natural way of preventing constipation during pregnancy is a safer way to deal with the situation. The above-suggested ideas are proven several times and thus shared for women looking for effective solutions to get over the health problem.