How to remove blackheads with green tea? / Green tea remedy for blackheads

Blackheads is a cause of concern as it appears on the facial skin, on the nose, chin forehead, that is the T- zone, and sometimes on the shoulder, chest, back or the neck region too. Everybody wants to have a soft, smooth, and blemish less skin that glows. But these blackheads are a beauty hazard which persists however much you try to get rid of them with the help of some beauty product.

These are caused due to the accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells along with the deposition of excess oil secreted by the sebaceous gland on the skin pores that get clogged, as a result. These appear as whiteheads but later turn black due to oxidation when it comes in contact with air. Blackheads are not caused due to any underlying health disorder but as a result of poor hygiene or too much use of oily beauty products or the habit of eating junk food.
There are a few home remedies, which if followed regularly, can help in removing these ugly marks and getting back a flawless skin. Green tea can work wonders in removing blackheads as it is antioxidant in nature, keeping dirt and dust and microorganisms away and thus keeping the skin clean.

Method of using green tea

Home remedies for whiteheads

  • Start the day with a cup of green tea and see the magic as green tea nourishes the skin from inside and rejuvenates, and makes it glow. One can see a remarkable change after a few days as the blackheads disappear.
  • Green tea bags can be dipped in boiling water and let to brew so that it can release all its goodness. Cool the tea that is prepared and then rinses the face every morning and sees the results.
  • One teaspoon green tea leaf paste with the help of a little water if applied on the affected areas and left on for a few minutes until it dries up completely before washing it off with some lukewarm water can show immediate results.

Clay mask recipe for blackheads

  • Prepare some green tea using three tea bags and ideally half a cup of chlorine free water and mix it with white clay powder, bought from a herbalist, to obtain a thick paste that can be easily spread over the face, especially on the affected areas. Let the mask remain on the face for some time, before washing the face with cool water. This has to be done twice a week to get good results. Its astringent properties help to cure blackheads.
  • Add five green tea bags to some boiling water and let it brew for a while. Switch off the heat. Then carefully put your face over the pot of steaming hot tea, covering the head with a towel so that the steam does not escape. Maintain a safe distance so that you do not burn yourself. As the skin soaks the steam there will be a noticeable change in the face and you will be left with a radiant skin.