Beauty benefits of garlic

It may not be your first choice when it comes to eating it because of its smell, but it is one of the most valued elements that have amazing beauty and other benefits.

For centuries, it has been the choice of people to enhance beauty. Here are the amazingbeauty benefits of garlic.

A small clove of garlic continues to be regarded because having health advantages for the entire body for 1000 s of years.

Raw garlic oil is chalked packed with natural real estate agents that help it to function as an antibiotic, antiviral, anti fungal, antiseptic and a germicide. Additionally it is an antioxidant, so dieting rich in raw garlic oil fights next to harmful no cost radicals.

Garlic is also regarded as a diuretic valuable in combating water storage and valuable in flushing harmful toxins.

Applied topically garlic performs as a new skin reducing anti-inflammatory. There are usually many ways garlic enables you to directly combat beauty complications, but a consistent regimen of fresh garlic oil intake might help prevent against having to use garlic oil topically.

One easy approach to get each of the beneficial qualities of garlic oil fresh every single day is you can eat a clove of minced or perhaps chopped garlic daily in a new cup of applesauce, yogurt or perhaps cottage dairy products.

Add the idea to just about any meal after it is done cooking food to close off in each of the beneficial properties that could be cooked available by frying or baking.

Try making use of garlic so when you are enduring one of these common splendor complaints:

Cold sores

How garlic helps for health

Next time you are enduring a frosty sore, cut open a fresh clove of garlic and put it on directly to the sore.

The actual garlic liquid will poke, but it is going to aid in healing the actual sore and ensuring that it does not get afflicted.

Hair loss

Garlic continues to be used as being a natural hair loss treatment for ages. Use garlic oil oil around the area sacrificing hair along with cover immediately. Repeat this technique for several weeks. Wash journey garlic oil everyday.


Mix the actual juice of 2 cloves of garlic with the equal amount of white vinegar. Use a new cotton ball to make use of the mixture to afflicted area several times a evening.

This garlic oil vinegar pimples treatment makes use of the antibiotic, anti fungal, antiseptic along with germicidal qualities of garlic oil to deal with the pimples while its antioxidants aid repair along with protect the skin from no cost radical injury and help draw out infections.

The actual vinegar bills your skin’s pH degrees.


Deal with the crimson and itchy epidermis patches attribute of psoriasis using garlic oil. Purchase garlic oil  solution capsules packed with oil with a health food store or online and simply poke a new needle hole from the capsule along with apply the actual oil liberally to the affected region.

Athlete’s foot

Health & beauty benefits of garlic oil

Treat the actual itchy along with unsightly yeast infection referred to as athlete’s feet with fresh garlic.

Mince some raw cloves of garlic along with cover the actual affected region with garlic oil and include with gauze immediately. Wash your feet everyday, and employ garlic oil around the affected region and cover using your sock.

Do this again process prior to the redness along with itching continues to be gone for a number of days.

Removes scarring

Make a paste using 4 to 5 pieces of raw garlic that has been peeled. Whack each one using a mallet so that they break open. Boil about two hundred and fifty milliliters of water and add the garlic as soon as it comes to a boil.

Then, boil the garlic for about half an hour and make sure that the garlic is submerged in water and that it does not rise. When you have finished boiling the garlic, allow it to cool until it is lukewarm.

Now make use of a rolling pin in order to make a paste out of it. Apply this paste liberally to your face and it will remove all sorts of scars on your face.

Has anti-ageing properties

The beauty benefits of garlic include anti-ageing. The antioxidants that are present in garlic destroy some of the harmful free radicals that float in the body. Sulfur is also present in garlic, which fights wrinkles by producing collagen.

Garlic also comprises Polyphemus, which are very protective of the skin. When some garlic pods are crushed and the juice of the same is added to one of your face masks, it will prevent premature ageing and will give added goodness to the skin.

Minimizes pores

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In ageing skin, the common problem is the appearance of pores. Prepare a paste out of three to four pods of garlic and half a tomato.

Apply a thin layer of the paste on your face. Then, leave it on for about 20 minutes or so. When you wash your face with lukewarm water, it will seal the pores on your face and minimize them.

It will also tighten the skin and keep it clear of pores. Garlic and tomato both have antiseptic qualities in them that will help in tightening the skin and minimizing the number of pores.

Reduces stretch marks

In case you have stretch marks, usually hot garlic oil is suggested as a remedy for the problem. You could prepare the oil by heating ordinary oil with some garlic pods in them. Use this oil regularly.

Within a few weeks’ time, you will automatically notice the difference. Instead of garlic oil, you could also simply use the juice of garlic to get rid of stretch marks. When the sulfur present in garlic works with the Vitamin B that is present in the skin, it increases the elasticity of the skin.

Helps the growth of nails

Garlic can help you get rid of the yellowness of your nails. It will also protect your nails from becoming brittle and dry.

You should consider applying garlic oil to the cuticles of your nails. You could also simply rub your nails with a clove of garlic. You could also add garlic juice to your moisturizer or skin cream and apply this mixture to your nails.

Fights dandruff

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Dandruff is a common problem. Garlic is, however, capable of fighting dandruff effectively.

The anti fungal and anti-bacterial properties of garlic work well to treat dandruff and an itchy scalp.

The sulfur component of garlic can reduce the severity of dandruff and prevent infection. Dandruff would otherwise cause hair fall and has to be fought before it is too late and in such cases, garlic would help.

Prevents candida infections

Not only does garlic protect the skin from the invasion of bacteria, but also safeguards the skin from other problems such as candida infections, yeast, etc. This is partly due to the presence of Jolene in it.

Aids weight loss

Garlic helps you by boosting your metabolism. You must, therefore, take two cloves of garlic in a glass of lemon juice twice a day for three months if you would like to see positive results. This will help you to easily lose weight and become a slim and beautfulperson.

Removes blackheads

The appearance of blackheads is yet another beauty problem and it can destroy the looks of a person. Use garlic to remove blackheads that appear on the face. All you need to do is to rub garlic on the face of the person suffering from the problem of blackheads.

Reduces the number of moles

Top health benefits of eating garlic

The appearance of moles is yet another beauty problem.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of garlic would help remove moles from the skin quite easily. All you need to do is to rub garlic on the moles.

Softens the skin

The true hallmark of beauty is soft skin. You may definitely want to look soft skinned. Try using garlic to help you achieve soft skin. The Alicia content in garlic would help you get soft skin very easily. The sulfur content of garlic helps give you smooth and beautiful looking skin.

Aids the growth of hair

Garlic is said to increase the blood flow to the scalp. A scalp that is healthy gives youbeautiful hair. Add a clove of garlic to your shampoo or conditioner and apply this mixture at least twice a month in order to see results.

You would find that you have luscious hair. Moreover, your hair will become soft and shiny when you simply use a clove of garlic in your conditioner or shampoo. It also naturally conditions the hair on your head.

Makes the skin glow

When you consume garlic, it will increase the blood flow to the skin. This will make your skin glow and it will look beautiful and shiny. It also helps cleanse the skin with its antibacterial properties. It also naturally conditions the skin.

Lessens the number of grey hairs

Heat fresh ground pepper with 3 to 4 cloves of garlic and coconut oil. Apply this mixture after it cools to the hair. Let it remain for at least half an hour on the hair and then, wash it off. This will reduce the number of grey hairs on your head.