How to make feet and palms soft naturally at home?

Human being as an intension of taking good care of their skin especially face and neglecting other parts of the body. Even they don’t take proper care of their hand palms and feet which is really important.  Our mothers and similar household ladies do not find enough scope of taking care of their feet and palms.

Getting cracks in heels and redness due to dryness in palm will be quite obvious. But, while working they can get some terrific household ingredients that can make their hand palms and heels of legs really strong and effective.

Due to the heavy pressure on the feet or missing of care to the feet and palms they will turn dull and rough. Many of the girls are identified with rough and hard feet which mimics the feet of a guy, if you have faced such comments earlier then afford few minutes for your feet and palms to follow a simple regime to get back the soft and even tone on your feet and palms.

Best tips to make the feet and palms soft

Soak your feet in warm water

How to get beautiful soft smooth feet

Soaking your feet and palm in the warm water is a good start up to treat the rough skin. Take a bucket and fill it with warm water upto half of it, now keep the legs in the water and leave it for atleast 10 minutes. Pat dry the feet and palms with a soft cloth after taking out from the bucket.

Scrub with a slice

After soaking and drying the feet and palms, scrub them with a lemon slice with the addition of pinch of sugar. Scrub it gently in the circular motion to avoid the pressure and damage on your feet and palms. Regular usage of pumice stone is always suggested for the foot and hands to get the endeavoring benefits.

After scrub!!

When you are done with lemon-sugar scrubbing don’t leave your them in their way, you are intended to rinse it off the palms and feet again with the warm water followed by drying with a soft towel to make its appearance shiny and soft.

Oil them

How to treat dry & rough feet

Dip a cotton ball in the oil and gently apply it on your rough feet and palms. This easy method helps in making the foot moisturized and smooth. For the better results try applying the oil and wear a pair of socks before going to take the sleep. Continue doing this method for about few weeks to notice the best grades.

Protect them

To protect your feet and palms from the greater pollution in the environment wrap them some thing, the some thing will be socks for your feet and gloves for your palms. Apply oil before taking them inside the cloth for the best results.

Home remedy

If you want to try some thing more than the above mentioned then go with this home remedy to get the benefits of soft and smooth toes and palms.

Take a tablespoon of oil and mix it with two tablespoons of sugar, mix it with a finger and gently rub it on your hands and feet. Wash it away after rubbing for a minute or two to get the soft textured skin. Apply coconut or olive oil every day to make them best. Working with sunflower oil also yields high-end results.

How to treat feet & palms

For the long lasting results, try them in a regular manner. The more you concentrate the more the results will be. Feet and palms are also considered as the best styling parts of the body then why can’t we divide some time for them to enhance their beauty!

Top tips to make feet and palms soft naturally

Milk and lemon juice

You must have milk handy in your refrigerator. You need to boil some milk and keep it for cooling. Once it is cooled, you need to add few drops of glycerin and lemon juice in it. Keep this solution just like that for half an hour. Now massage your palms and feet with the mixture slowly and gently. If you can do this daily, removal of hardened skin will be quite easy.

Oats mask

You can now get one of the wonderful masks with oats. The ingredients required to make this mask are olive oil, oats flour and glycerin. Take a small container and mix all these ingredients really well in order to get consistency of your choice. Now apply this mask over your feet and hand palm. Keep it for 30 minutes and use Luke warm water to remove it entirely. It is also regarded as a gentle scrub that helps in making your hand and feet soft.

Kokum butter

Tips for hands and feet in summer

While cooking lunch in the morning, you can melt two teaspoon on kokum butter by keeping the butter contained container over hot plate or warm water. Once the butter has got melted, you have to add 5-10 teaspoon of cucumber juice and few teaspoon of almond oil. Now use a spoon to mix it really well and apply this cream over your hand palm and feet.  After application, you must leave it for 15 minutes time and rinse it. You can either use warm water or milk soap along with warm water to wash away the butter. This is one of the wonderful recipe that makes your palm soft and rejuvenated.

Simple butter

You must be having bread and butter in your breakfast sometime. You can take a small teaspoon of such butter and apply it over your hand palms as well as feet while working in kitchen. This will make your skin soft and supple for a longer duration of time.

Coconut oil

It has been proven that, pure coconut oil that has been extracted from nature is really good for your hair. It helps reducing hair fall out creating wonderful moisturizing effect. Along with hair, coconut oil is also very useful for skin especially the places where your skin has become very hard and. You can take few drops of coconut oil and apply over your palms and feet to stay healthy.  You can apply the oil before going to sleep and get very soft skin once you get up in the morning.

Olive oil

Best tips for feet & toenails

Today, olive oil is used in cooking process rather than that of vegetable oil. Since people have become really cautious about their health, staying healthy will be a great motto for them. Take a spoon of olive oil in a small container. Dip your fingers in it and apply it over your hands and feet. Slowly massage the area in such a way that the skin absorbs light oil inside it making your skin healthy and fresh. You can keep it for 10 minutes and wash it away with Luke warm water. If you think it is becoming too greasy, you can also apply milk soap.


Honey is one of the excellent natural moisturizers that create soft and supple skin tone for a long time. You can now make a mask with honey with half potatoes in smashed form, 3 teaspoon of honey and few teaspoon of milk. You can blend the ingredient in mixture in such a way that all the ingredients combine well. Apply it over your palm and heals, leave for 15 minutes and wash it away.