Diwali light decoration ideas

Since Diwali is already close and we are set to get our preparations in order, it is good to go through some of the nicest light decoration, in order to improve the look of your home.

Light decorations are must for Diwali as it is a festival of lights, and we utilize different types of light for making the occasion special and memorable.

We always have the usual diya lights which we burn, but in this article, we have added some nice electrical lighting ideas to make your decorations slightly better. Go through these products and make a quick choice, so that they are delivered to you, and you can utilize them for Diwali.

Low price Online 5 Meter Waterproof RGB Remote Control LED


This is a vers99a9tile lighting strip which you can use anywhere. This is easy to install and can be done in a few minutes. You can have them hung at your home or office, and make the infrastructure get a better look this Diwali. They can be used around the curtain walls, balconies, and places where it is more visible.

Goyal LED Tea Light Candles


There are cute and pretty Diwali candles which can be used during the season. It comes in a box of 24 and you can have them put in different places in the house. These electric diyas are a great replacement if you don’t want flames all around the place, and best to be used where there are toddlers or small children. It will be illuminated in yellow once you switch it on.

Ein Sof Flameless LED Tealights, Smokeless Plastic Decorative Candles


This is another set of diyas offered by the same brand. These will look like typical diyas and give you the Diwali feel. This set comes with 48 pieces, so it is apt for big families or for multiple places, like house, office, etc.

Disco Light Mini Party Lamp


This product is a different kind of Diwali decoration for you, and is definitely reusable for parties and other occasions. These will lighten up your room like disco lights, which would be a great ambience for the celebration times. This is a great addition if you want to have separate light design for different rooms.

Unica Sunflower LED Light


If you are planning to burn some Charki firework, shout out for this pretty decorative light which will lighten up your room like a Charki! This is one of the most innovative additions which you are sure to not have at everyone’s house for Diwali!

Luma Candles Real Wax Flameless Candles


Have you home decorated with beautiful candles we have here for you. These candles change color and come with remote control facility. These will have 12 colors which go on switching from one to another, and there is real wax present with the smell of vanilla to make it feel more real. This will not only lighten the room but also spread a nice odor.

Home Delight 5 meter Yellow LED strip


This LED strip is probably the most uncommon pick that you have come across here. This is one of the prettiest picks which will take less space and spread more light. It is an attractive pick which will leave all your guests guessing about its purchase, and make them appreciate your Diwali decorations more.

ShopX Magic Blow Lamp Diwali Diya


This is another unique addition to this list. It is a magical blow diya, which illuminates as you blow into the lamp. It is a stylish pick which will leave everyone curious. This mimics the look of a regular kerosene lamp, but gives much better light strength. This comes with a unique blowing which you have to buy and try to believe!

Tucasa LED Om Light


If you want to get more into the religious side, but also maintain your decorations on point, you can add something like this to your list. It is one of the best additions that you could do to the puja area, as it is simply perfect to be put up there. This OM light will surely be liked by also your visitors, who’d have their set of praises and blessings to offer you.

Tucasa DW-131 Electric Diya


This is an electric diya stand, which represents the look of a regular one. This again, can be used for avoiding the flames of an original diya stand. On the other hand, with the similar look of an original stand, you can expect it to give you similar touch of what it would have been otherwise.

Rajkruti Handicraft wooden glass mosaic


Anybody who is looking to stay ethnic and wanting everything on that note, can surely opt for a product like this! This is a handmade mosaic lamp which comes with different colors and dimensions. It is one of the perfect gifts which you can present for Diwali, or simply hang in place where it catches the attention of everybody. This can be also turned into a regular show-piece which you want to hang at home.

Earthen Metal Multicolour Mosaic Style


This is yet another ethnic pick which you could choose for your Diwali decoration. It promises to surpass the attention of anything else that you are decorating, so you should stress on one good thing if you don’t have lots to do. This a dome-shaped product, usually placed at the centre table, which also assures you of maximum attention. It has been powered by yellow and white artificial lights which adds the glow and attraction.