35+ Latest cold shoulder blouse designs 2019

We all are living in a world where advancement increases everyday. And, you need to keep pace with it especially when it comes to looking beautiful in Indian wearing “Sari” then an essential part is blouse designs that can let you look stunning. We have rounded up the latest cold shoulder blouse designs 2019 to keep you dated, advanced, and of course beautiful.

37Crew neck blouse

Get a stunning look with this crew neck, cold shoulder blouse. That will be a perfect complement to your traditional look on a sari.

36Full sleeves blouse

The diva look always attracts the viewers. Look at the image that has wonderfully designed cold shoulder, full sleeves blouse to promote your eye-catching beauty.

35Embroider blouse

Feel diva and look diva with this attractive blouse design given in image. That fits every occasion and every fabric of the sari.

34Sheer net blouse

To march with this latest fashion this sheer net, cold shoulder blouse is the best option. Whatever the purpose may be, wearing this latest designer blouse will boost your beauty.

33Heavy maggam work blouse

If you are seeking the best to look best at the party, then look at the image that will not let you see anywhere else.

32Back open full sleeves blouse

Don’t react with old expression after listening to full sleeves. Because you can try this latest pattern full sleeved blouse with a cold shoulder to keep your charm high.

31Down string blouse

Are you finding the blend of tradition and modernity? Get a full stop at your searching with this down string, cold shoulder blouse. That will be the best compliment to your stunning beauty.

30Semi sleeved, cold shoulder blouse

Get a classy look for your get-together with this semi sleeved, cold shoulder blouse for grabbing the attention of all the viewers.

29Boat neck blouse

Wow! it will be the word of people when they see you on this latest cold shoulder, boat neck blouse. So, stop waiting to add it to your collection.

28Sleeveless blouse

How to get an eye-catching appearance will not remain a question after wearing this bright, sleeveless blouse. Now the floor is yours. Rock it!

27Heavy embroidery blouse

Now, no more troubles and no more compromise with your diva look. Get an amazing glow at your personality with this superbly designed cold shoulder blouse with heavy embroidery.

26Semi sleeved blouse

Let’s mix a stylish flavor at your profile by making it adorable with this cold shoulder blouse. That will let you stay quiet, and your beauty will speak.

25Cold shoulder, frilled sleeves blouse

Be modern after even being traditional can sound unique. And that can come true with the cold shoulder blouse with frilled sleeves that display the perfect blend of modern tradition.

24High caller halter blouse

What if people keep gazing at you? Of course, that needs something special to be the centre of attraction. This image has a high caller halter blouse design that will let you experience the joy to be the centre of attraction.

23Sheer net crew blouse

Be a sparkling beauty with this beautiful sheer net crew blouse design. It is the perfect design that you want to wear for an outstanding appearance.

22Princess cut blouse

Be a princess and feel like a princess with this princess cut blouse that has the potential to be carried at any place at any function.

21Cotton cold shoulder blouse

Here is another cold shoulder blouse design in evergreen cotton fabric. Now be whatever you want to as the style will suit at every want.


Get abundant beauty in simplicity with the blouse design given in the image. If you want to wear something sophisticated and simple but beautiful, then don’t miss to pick it.

19Chiffon blouse

Your choice makes you better at how you appear. And, this chiffon cold shoulder blouse is truly an excellent choice to have an unusual appearance.

18Pearl work, sheer net blouse

Pearl has unique charm since ancient era that you can also get in your look. This sheer net, pearl work blouse will be the right choice to look, diva.

17Scalloped blouse design

Get royal touches in your traditional wearing with scalloped, cold shoulder blouse. A rich choice and rich look are only possible with a great taste of wearing. That you can represent through this latest blouse design.

16Chaneri blouse

Pick a wonderful option for multiple purposes. Yes, Chaneri fabrics blouses are one of the great fabrics to get a well-fitted blouse. And, if it is with a cold shoulder, then nothing can beat it.

15Umbrella sleeved blouse

Style always demands more and more, and to fill that demand. You need to be extraordinary as this cold shoulder blouse with umbrella sleeves.

14Sophisticated blouse

A sophisticated look is always admired. If you are willing to be a sophisticated diva, then add this cold shoulder blouse to your collection.

13Latest wedding blouse

The wedding is the day when you are the most attractive centre. You want to make that day special with your adorable look. This latest wedding blouse design is a great option that you can choose to make your wedding look stunning.

12Bateau-or-boat neck blouse

Don’t compromise with your swag even if you are wearing a sari. Here is a fantastic blouse design that will keep you traditional and classy diva.

11Silk blouse

Silk blouse has been the choice among women since the ancient era. That looks damn attractive with a cold shoulder. If you want a perfect charm including ancient choice and modification, then it is the best.

10Multi-thread embroidery blouse

Concerning the time, we have modified our choices into multiple options. And when it comes to wearing a blouse, nothing can beat multiple embroidery, cold shoulder blouse.

9Stonework blouse

Stonework is one of the popular blouse designs. But, if this wonderful stonework is combined with cold shoulder blouse, then your look will be lime lighted for sure.

8Printed blouse with mirror work

You might get confused in your day to day life when it comes to making a good combination. This image has a wonderfully combined blouse design that will not only allure but also inspires you.

7Boat neck with contrast yoke at front

Have a look at the image of the latest blouse design. It says a lot even after being non-living. But, it can play the drums of your beauty when you wear it at the party.

6Oval with contrast panel

Here is another blouse design that meets all your need to be a diva. If you are preparing to attend a kitty-party or college farewell or anything else. Make it your choice so that people can make you their choice as dressing queen.

5Silk blouse with heavy maggam work

Don’t let your dreams down to be a perfect diva especially on your wedding day. Choose the best and look the best. The image has not only a blouse design, but your dreams look to be in real life.

4Back butterfly bustier

Make your appearance unique with this ultimate unique blouse design. Now, give a kick to your confidence level and explore the beauty land.

3Back butterfly bustier with frilled sleeves

Push your limits and be limitless to display your beauty. This stunning latest blouse design is the destination for those beautiful divas that want to explore the era.

2Half sleeved blouse

The trend changes but something never changes like half sleeved blouse especially if it has a cold shoulder. That makes it more attractive and evergreen.

1Square neck blouse with down string

How will you feel if someone continues to admire you? Well, I know the answer, undoubtedly, that will be a great feeling. This latest square neck blouse with a cold shoulder and down string is the way to be a stunning diva.