Latest kurti styles – Trending kurta tops

Kurtis are quickly becoming a popular choice amongst women of all ages. Kurtis are now available in different designer patterns and there is a wide variety to pick from. You can get a kurti that is simple enough for everyday college wear as well as a piece that can make you look really attractive in a high end party. Extensive variation in the material is also available in kurtis. Starting from silk, georgette, net to cotton and chiffon, kurtis are available in every material.

Kurtis make an important item in the closet of every woman and your collection of kurtis can never be complete without the latest Kurti styles. Here we have come up with a list of the latest and trending kurti patterns so that you can pick the latest ones in your next shopping.

Anarkali kurtis


Just like the Anarkali suits Anarkali kurtis are also highly in trend now. The Anarkali kurtis essentially come in a length that covers till below the knees. There are also anarkali kurtis that extend till the ankles. These kurtis come with sufficient frills and gives a perfect ethnic look. Anarkali kurtis can be gorgeous as well as plain depending on the material and the work. They are ideal for every body shape and look most beautiful on taller women.

Angrakha kurtis

Gray and white angrakha kurti with handblock print for women

This is another latest kurti style that is inspired by Indian tradition. In this pattern two similar or dissimilar flaps of the kurti is placed at the top of the other and they are either tied with each other with a ribbon or are sewed together at the front. Angrakha kurtis come in different lengths; starting from the thigh and knee length, you can also find these ones covering till the ankles. While the shorter ones of this variety come with less frills, the longer ones are usually accompanied with more flares.

Tail cut kurti

Casual straight kurta for women

This is one of the latest kurta styles that include a longer cut at one of the sides in the hemline of the kurta. The longer cut may be present at the front or one side as well, but in most of the cases the longer cut is present at the back. Tail cut kurtis can be straight fit, without frills or with lots of frills as well. They also vary in length. Starting from short length tail cut kurtis, you can find ankle length tail cut kurtis as well as the shorter forms.

Trail cut kurti

Stylish black color georgette kurta for women

The basic difference between a tail cut kurti and a trail cut kurti is that in the second case the long cut is present at two sides, giving the in between hemline of the kurti a “c” shape. Trail cut kurtis can also be of different length and they usually come with flares. In most of the cases the trail cut kurtis bear the longer cut towards the side, but it can also be towards the front and back. These kurtis are more common in georgette and chiffon materials than cotton or silk because of the natural flowy nature of these materials which suits the cutting perfectly.

A-Line kurta

Women's black color cotton A-line kurti


The specialty of A-line kurtas is that they include frills right from the waist and there is no exact demarcation of the waistline. These kurtis can be of short or knee length and they are available in a wide range of materials, starting from cotton and silk to chiffon and georgette. A-line kurtis can be paired with different types of lowers and they fit every body shape quite nicely.

Flared kurti


Blue color flared kurta for women

The design of the flared kurtis includes a well fitted upper body followed by long frills without any constrictions in between. These Kurtis are essentially knee or ankle length and the amount of frills in the kurti can vary extensively. These kurtis are available in different types of materials and are often picked for both occasion and party wear purposes depending on the material and the work on the kurti.

Long straight kurti


Women’s yellow and sky blue long straight kurti

Long straight kurtis come with a perfect ethnic touch which can look stylish and elegant. As the name suggests these kurtis are long and always extend below the knee but not till the ankle. The straight cut of these kurtis, devoid of any frills, make them stand apart. These kurtis are available in a wide range of material, design and work. Long straight kurtis can make a good pick for occasions as well as for day to day wear.

Short straight kurta



Short straight kurtas are one of the oldest kurta styles but still they are highly in trend. Short straight kurtas come in waist or just below waist length and they are designed without flares. These kurtas are available in different materials, but they are most common in cotton and silk because of the comfort these materials offer. Short straight kurtas are ideal for regular as well as rough use. However, they are often not the best choice for occasions.

Gown style kurti

Royal Export Women's net Dress
Women's party wear blue and pink color silk gown

Gown style kurtis look really gorgeous and they make an ideal party wear. These kurtis come in floor touching length and include extensive flares to get the look. Gown style kurtis are usually studded with intricate work and are accompanied with decorative stoles to complete the look. If you are looking for a stylish evening wear with a royal touch for a special occasion, a gown style kurti can be a good option.

Shirt style kurti



The shirt style kurtis come with shirt like collars and their length vary but never go below knee. The shirt style kurtis can be described as a nice fusion of shirts and kurtis and due to the presence of formal shirt like collar these kurtis give a smart look. While shirt style kurtis are an ideal fit for regular use and also for the office, they are not certainly the best pick for parties and occasions because of their formal touch. Shirt style kurtis are available in different materials, but cotton and denims are most common.

Dhoti style kurti

Orange color dhoti style kurta for women

This is one of the latest trends in Kurti design which is currently rocking the trend. In this pattern the kurti not only covers the upper body but also the legs in a dhoti pattern. These kurtis naturally have a flared lower section and ends below the knees. Dhoti style kurtis look very stylish and fashionable; however, they are not the ideal pick for regular use rather they are best suited for occasions, parties as well as special day outs.

Long slit kurtis


Women's blue color long slit

Long kurtis with a long slit are a trendy pattern. The slit is present either on one side or at the middle or on two sides. Often the long slit kurtis come with an inner layer, particularly if the slit is present at the middle front, but there are also front slit long kurtis that comes without a second layer. These kurtis look stylish and they can be ideal for casual day outs and day time occasions. These kurtis are available in different type of materials, starting from cotton and chiffon to silk and denim.

Frock style kurtis


Frock style kurtis come with a fitted upper section and frock like well pleated lower section. There is usually a proper demarcation near the waste line and the length of these kurtis does not cover more than the knee length. The frock style kurtis give a nice indo-western look and they can be paired with different types of flowers. Frock style kurtis are available in different color and material. They can be ideal for special day outs as well as for occasions depending on the material and work on the piece.

Kaftan style kurtis

Kaftan style kurtis are one of the latest trends in the market. These kurtis come with flowy sides that give a different look. The kaftan style kurtis are very stylish and they suit perfectly the heavy as well as the skinny women. Kaftan style kurtis come in different lengths, starting from the thigh length short ones to the ankle length long ones. These kurtis are great as day to day casual and outing wears.

Asymmetrical style kurta


White printed polyester crepe asymmetric kurti for women

There is a wide range of kurtas that come with asymmetrical hemlines. These kurtas can be of different variety, style and pattern. The hemline of these kurtas cannot be categorized into any particular cut and hence they are often clubbed under the term asymmetrical style kurta. These kurtas can vary in their lengths as well as the material and the overall design of the kurta. Some of these kurtas can be ideal for regular wear whereas some can be perfect for occasions and special day outs.

Princess cut kurtis

Princess Cut Linen Formal Wear Long Kurta


Princess cut is a special type of cutting that enhances the curvaceous look of a feminine body. Kurtis with princess cut looks stylish and elegant. Kurtis with this cutting style include an extra seam starting from near the shoulders or the arm and extending till the waste or for the whole length of the kurta. This stitching style can be followed on short as well as long kurtis as well as in straight and asymmetrical hemline kurtis.

Indo-western style kurtis

Designer maroon dress for women

Women's Asymmetrical Hemline Kurta

These kurtis represent a perfect mix of Indian and western wears. They look stylish and are ideal for occasions and parties. Indo-western style kurtis are available in different patterns and cuttings. They can also come in different lengths and material. These kurtis bring the full flare of western wear with an Indian touch which is sure to be cherished by every stylish woman.

Double layered kurtis

Women's yellow color double layered casual kurta

As the name suggests these kurtis include two layers particularly for the lower section of the kurti giving a flared, dress like look to it. These kurtis can be ankle length long or cover till the knees. The layers of these kurtis might have symmetrical or asymmetrical hemline and the difference between the lengths of the two layers also depend on the particular design and cut of the kurta. Double layered kurtis are a hit nowadays and you can wear them for casual day outs as well as for occasions.

2-in-1 style kurtis

Women's Asymmetrical Hemline Kurta


The specialty of these kurtis is that here two kurtis come as one. You can either wear one of the kurtis at a time or the shorter one at the top of the longer one. These kurtis look very stylish and their length as well as design can vary depending on the particular piece you are choosing. These kurtis can be ideal for occasional wear as well as for casual or special day outs. You can even use these kurtis for office or college and bring a fresh look to your daily dress code.

Tulip cut kurtis

Women's dark blue casual solid kurti

The tulip cut kurtis come with asymmetrical hemline but the uniqueness in their hemline pattern lies in the fact that it looks perfectly like a tulip. Tulip cut kurtis are longer and while the longer section of the cut might be touching the floor, the shorter section ends below the knees. There is also a slit at the front. These kurtis are flared and are usually made from chiffon. Tulip style Kurtis can be ideal for parties as well as for casual wear, depending on the amount of flare and the material.

Jacket style kurtis


Women's orange color cotton kurti with embroidered jacket

The jacket style kurtis come with a gorgeous jacket that covers the kurti partially or fully. The jacket is either stitched with the kurti or separate and the length of the jacket also varies. These kurtis are highly in trend particularly because of the smart and trendy look they offer. Depending on the particular material of the kurti and the design, these kurtis can be ideal for casual as well as occasional wear. They give a very elegant look.

Designer kurtis

Blue georgette embellished designer kurti

Latest designer party wear orange rayon kurtis for women

If you are looking out for a unique kurti for any particular special occasion, opting for the designer kurtis can be ideal. The designer kurtis come in interesting patterns and designs that can be hardly categorized under a particular style. These kurtis are designed by famous fashion designers and they are often more expensive than the other varieties.