How to quit chewing tobacco / gutkha addiction

People who are addicted to tobacco in any form, know that it is very addictive. From the smokes of a cigarette to chewing them from the ‘masala mix’, it is pretty tough to get over the habit once taken up! Doctors say that gutkha addiction is more addictive than cigarettes.

If you chew tobacco for 8 to 10 times a day, it is equivalent to smoking 30 to 40 cigarettes! If you have this addiction or you know someone who does, it is good to follow some easy tips to get over this self-harming condition! We have listed a slow and easy process which will help you reduce chewing tobacco.

Jot down why you should quit

Top reasons to quit smoking

List a list of reasons where you have all the points written to leave the addiction. Think about the ways it harms you and think about the people who depend on you. The more tobacco you consume, the more you harm your health. There is a tendency of dying very early, when you consume tobacco. Your life span should be the first aspect you think about, followed by the disabilities it brings in while you’re alive.

Be specific about the reasons that you jot down. They shouldn’t be a request or a forceful order. It should come from your own conscience else there are more chances to relapse. It should be because you want to evolve being stronger and not because you just have to take responsibilities only. Think about the example you are setting to people who follow you. One day they might represent you, and that should come out in the best possible way.

Write about the good aspects of leaving tobacco. From longevity to healthier lifestyle, write about all the good things that are in store with one small step that you are planning to take. The positive changes in your life are much more precious than enjoying the taste of tobacco. Some of these are listed below:

Fastest ways to quit smoking

  • You will be free from tobacco stains on the teeth.
  • Your breath will smell better than before.
  • The sores inside the mouth will heal
  • You won’t have to excuse yourself from a social gathering, just to chew tobacco.
  • You’ll save money and save it for better alternatives. It can also be saved for the longer years you’ll survive!

Take it as an oath

Starting and stopping something is easy, but what isn’t easy is maintaining it. Take an oath of giving up and stick to it. Let it represent the courage that you take to stick to a commitment and follow it like you follow the rest of the commitments. Reasons that will trigger your commitment towards quitting are:

  • Tobacco consumption leads to mouth, stomach, throat and esophageal cancer. You can have a heart stroke as it increase heart risks.
  • You start having yellower teeth, weaker teeth and receding gums. Your teeth tends to fall off before time and that comes with a lot of oral pain.
  • Taking out time to purchase and consume tobacco lets you take out a lot of time from your daily routine. You have to excuse yourself to enjoy chewing at it as you always cannot surround yourself with colleagues and seniors.
  • Tobacco consumption can bring in a lot of relationship issues in your life. You might have to go through troublesome moments where you have rifts with your spouse, who wants you to quit. We have to think about our family and that is a very vital part which can make you quit faster. After your spouse, you also have to think about the children that you have and the parents who gave birth to you. There will come a time when you will be loaded with responsibilities and all of them will look up to your guidance.

Start the process

How to quit smoking with meditation

Once you have agreed to the fact that you want to quit, you have to start the process and stick to it. Since, continuing is the most difficult part, you have to tackle with it sensitively.

  • When you start off, mark the date that you decided to quit. Keep a calendar handy and cross the date after you are 24 hours clean. When you go out putting a cross everyday, you will realize that you have come a long way.
  • Consider picking a date that is special to you, so that it reminds you why you started. It can be somebody’s birthday, your anniversary, etc. This is keep you motivated all the more, and you will mark the following months on that date itself.
  • Tell your friends and families that you are making a big withdrawal, and that will make mental and emotional changes in your body and mind. They should stand supportive so that you can cross this tough time with ease.
  • Seek for external support from people who have gone through this detox process and can help you with dealing with the withdrawal. Talk to doctors and ask them how to curb the urge and how to deal with the physical changes. You could also talk to a therapist as you can exclaim the emotional turmoil you might be going through.
  • Join a support group which is related to anti-tobacco consumption. Most groups have regular meetings where they discuss about the testimonies and experiences. This is the best place where you get to know different withdrawal and recovery stories, all summed up together. The testimonies will inspire you to get rid of tobacco too.
  • Reduce interactions with people and prevent circumstances where you can relapse. Keep away from people who are into tobacco continuously as they might offer and you can get tempted. You might chew it once in a while, but that disrupts yours detox period. This will be like a relapse for you, and you have to start counting days for the beginning again!
  • Celebrate your quit day every month, till it still affects you. Give yourself that gift because you know that you deserve it. Give yourself a treat, shop a little, do things you love the most, take the day off, etc. Celebrate the day well and make people acknowledge your success so far.
  • Add your pantry with products which can replace the tobacco for you. Replace it with anti-tobacco chewing gums initially, as they really help. Make sure you ask a doctor before you choose any. After you don’t need these, use regular chewing gums as a replacement.