Different treatments, procedures, products, benefits for non surgical facelift

Facelifts mechanism with the help of surgery might be very easy if you have money. But, there can be variety of side effects on individuals if the particular procedure of surgery does not suits them. You can now get variety of ways that will help getting beautiful face back once again. Today, non surgical methods of facelifts are getting very popular in the market that will eventually help in restoring the three dimensional contour of face without going through the tough procedures of surgeries.  You can easily get a lifting effect towards the cheeks, marionette lines as well as nasolabial lines.  This will not have any type of artificial effect; rather it looks very natural and clean. You can now get wrinkle free skin even if you are quite old to get saggy and shrink skin.

Non-surgical Facelift – The term itself explains it is not a Surgery. You need not go under knife to look younger or to simply experience Beautiful fresh skin. This treatment is basically a Laser treatment which helps cure Skin sagging and aging with loss of collagen, spots caused due to age or sun damage, scars and acne. Earlier there were only surgical treatments available leading to painful procedures and yet dissatisfaction due to disfigurement of facial features.

Benefits of non-surgical facelift

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■     This is totally a Natural process and gives long lasting results.

■     Helps Prevents Skin Cancer.

■     You do not need to take Anesthesia since it is not a surgery.

■     You get Healthy and Younger looking skin naturally.

■     Requires Negligible Downtime or no Downtime at all.

■     It is Painless.

■     Avoids that artificial unnatural look.

■     It is a invasive surgery.

■     Skin will not be Traumatized.

Different non-surgical facelift treatments

The most common and Non-surgical facelift includes Injections given to the Facial tissues. It is a very less invasive than surgical facelifts. It does not require you to stay for long periods in the Clinics.


Collagen injections:  it is a Protein naturally present in the skin. This is injected to the skin to raise the tissue and decrease the Wrinkles and fine lines.

Botox injection:  It is an injection given to relax the facial tissue, resulting in reducing the wrinkles and give smooth skin.

Hyaluronic acid injection: It is a natural sugar present in our body. It is expensive but works similar like collagen.

Skin resurfacing procedures

Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion: It is a process of resurfacing the skin. It helps in creating a fresh layer of unblemished skin. It gives satisfactory results.  It causes redness and inflammatory skin or slight pain and swelling which may last for few days; however this can be treated by anti-inflammatory drugs for immediate relief .

Different non-surgical facelift products

Facelift skin care spray

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These new products in the market have gained quite popularity for their effect on the skin. They are created to Work towards aging symptoms like wrinkles and fine lines.

Snake serum is one of the brilliant skin care sprays that reduce the contraction of the facial muscles. It works to even the skin and smoothen. The skin gets glowing and looks healthier than before. These skin care products are advised to use twice in a day and absolutely no side effects.

Facelift serums and masks

Serums contain amino acids, vitamin C, retinol and beta glucans which helps reduce the wrinkles, sun damage and age spots.  It activates blood pressure and helps in improving the skin quality without any side effects. This mask makes the skin firm due to collagen in them, penetrating into the inner layer of the skin, rebuilding and giving proper nourishment required.

Face lift creams

This cream contains a lot of Proteins useful for skin. These creams are highly concentrated and can be used once or twice in a day for few months and considerably smaller amounts of cream must be applied. Amino acid called acetyl hexapeptide is the main ingredient used in these creams. This helps in reducing the fine lines around the mouth and eyes. Nerve stimulation is reduced in the facial area to smoothen the flaws.

Likewise there are plenty of products available in the market to help reduce ageing signs. For a Radiant, Glowing, Wrinkle free, Spotless skin one need not go for the Painful surgeries. And moreover it is always advisable to go for Non-surgical Procedures to avoid any complications.

Treatment methods of non surgical facelifts

Y lift

This is a process of enhancing the normal contour of cheeks of individual with the aim of lifting the mid face. This technique generally uses the dermal fillers such as Juvederm Voluma and Restylane sub Q. With very less down time, it provides immediate result. People belonging to 40 -65 age group gets wider benefit from this procedure.

Anti wrinkle injection

Wrinkles over your face and other parts of the body can be considered to be biggest enemy of yours in the process of staying youthful all the time. For years, injections are used as muscle relaxant for treating variety of pains and problems. Today, in order to get wrinkle free skin, people are also aiming at getting treated through injections.

Skin boosters

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These days, science has become so advanced that people can easily avail skin boosters and stay young for a longer period of time. This will create firmness in your skin in your face, neck and other areas. Massive exposure to sun rays can even give rise to aging before age. Even after completing the initial stage, people will get massive improvement.

Skin tightening

This is regarded as one of the most essential technique that uses radio frequency. This is regarded as one of the revolutionary developments in the field of non surgical cosmetic medicine. If you have mild and moderate sagging of skin, you can probably avail this particular type of skin tightening procedure.

Thermage face lifts

The particular procedure of skin tightening helps in renewing skin collagen that helps in tightening saggy skin. You can get youthful vigor in the areas of skin which you have long desired.  This also helps reducing wrinkles from your face as well.  You can also get help in lifting your eyebrows with the procedure of thermage face lifts.

Microcurrent face lifts

You can now get a dynamic face lifts through microcurrent face lift option. Here, gentle electric current is used to stimulate the natural collagen of the body with the production of collagen.  It also helps improving blood circulation and makes your skin form and smooth always.  Re- hydration of skin is also another way of getting physical face lifts.