Guide for perfume shopping

Are you a perfume freak? Then, you must go through this guide that has been presented here. There are many ways of choosing the best perfume. There are many people all around the world especially women who are huge fans of perfumes. They prefer certain brands over others. However, many a times, they do not know how to choose the best brand. Here is a rundown of the best ways to choose perfumes.

Ladies invariably go for shopping perfume. But, before shopping the scented fluid, it is important to keep in mind various important facts. These days’ online shops are available from where you can get the branded perfumes. It is better to go with the fragrance of branded companies rather than the local made fragrances. You can also get the option to check the price and reviews of the perfumes from various Ecommerce websites. This article will speak about some guidelines to get perfect perfume shopping experience.

Traditional fragrance

  • These came out in the market in the 20th century.
  • You have the single floral fragrance and this comes from a single flower. In French, this is known as soliflore.
  • Next, you have the floral bouquet. Using this fragrance will give you a combination of several floral scents. The fragrance is really unique and special.
  • The fine amber scent is sure to make you enjoy the exquisiteness of the smell. Here you will find a combination of the scent of an animal along with the fragrance of vanilla and the scents of other flowers and trees. The scent can be enhanced with the usage of the camphoraceous oils along with incense resins.
  • The, there is the woody variety and in this case the scent is dominated by the essence of the woods. You get the fragrance of the leather and the sandalwood too. You will even find the presence of the patchouli, which is light and exquisite.
  • There is the special leather perfume matching the class and the variety. The fragrance is made prominent with tobacco and honey and you even get the fragrance of the wood tars as the base note.
  • You have two other prominent varieties like the Chypre and Fougere. The fragrances are all the more natural and exotic and this is the reason you are made to feel the exquisiteness of the fragrance.

Today’s fragrances

After the year 1945, more changes were bought in. Fragrances were derived out of many other odd things which you can’t even think of. However, it is not possible to extract the fragrances from some things in their raw form. However, such unique fragrances are so good that you would run wildly after them the moment they come out in the markets. More and more perfume experts started becoming famous. Their noses are very strong. This is because they are able to extract the fragrances from things as smelly as leather and convert them into wonderful perfumes.

  1. A single flower was combined with numerous flowers in a bunch to derive a smell out if it.
  2. Fruits were combined to derive smell out of them. This cologne is mainly used by women. These perfumes have flowery and fruity fragrances. In one word, the fragrance of this cologne can be defined as “sweet.” It is, in fact, ideal for women. These will also help them to keep fresh all day long.
  3. Perfumes were also invented which have fragrances of frozen treats. These were mainly made out of vanilla scents and many other such things. These essences mainly have the essences of food.

Many people are of the wrong view that perfumes are not used by men. Since ancient times, men as well as women are extremely fond of colognes. As compared to women, men are more daring when it comes to selecting perfume fragrances. Perfume is not at all a woman’s thing. It’s a thing for men as women.

The fragrances will differ, depending on their gender. Men prefer stronger fragrances whereas women will prefer the ones that are light and sweet. This is the normal trend. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to selecting fragrances. This has been happening since times immemorial. However, women are using perfumes that are normally preferred by men too nowadays. So companies are bringing out newer perfumes everyday. Here is a list of perfume that men and women prefer these days.


Women’s perfumes are made differently than those made for men.

  • You have the floral notes of jasmine, rose and lily.
  • You have the mossy and woody notes of the lemon, bergamot, orange, and the others. The scent is also derived from tangerine and grapefruit.
  • You have the aldehyde scent and the fragrance is enhanced with the scent of a bouquet of flowers.
  • Then, there is the carnation or the poet’s flower. This is one harmonious fragrance you can make use of.
  • Women love this scent since it is extremely fresh. In this perfume, you galbanum is typically used.
  • The fruity scents are made especially for women. Among the flavors, you have lychee, raspberry and apple. Even the scent of apricot is sure to lull you with its fragrance.
  • The jasmine scent is a favorite with the women. This is the top most floral note. The perfume comes with refined structuring of the molecules and you would love the way it makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • You even have the Muguet. Here you can identify the smell of a bouquet of flowers. This is the fragrance of the timeless white flower and when you wear this perfume, you can feel the freshness of the spring season.

You have more aromatic smells like Orange, Tuberose, Rose, Violets, Woody Musk, Oriental, Floral, Spicy, Vanilla, and the Woods.


  • For men, you can start with the aromatic scent. The scent comprises of Rosemary, Sage, Lavender, Thyme and you even have the special fragrances of spice and citrus.
  • Among the subgroups, you have the aquatic scent. The perfume comes with an oceanic note.
  • There is even the Fougère variety. This is the traditional aromatic blend and includes the smell of woody, lavender oak moss, geranium, coumarin, and the others.
  • Men love the fresh fragrance and this is the reason why they prefer the citrusy or the floral scent of the white flowers. As part of the fresh category you can even have an aromatic bouquet and this comes with a hidden woody note.
  • Men like to have a rustic feel to them. This is the reason they prefer spraying scents on themselves that are loud and dominating.

There are more categories to touch upon and these are citrus, aromatic, oriental, fougere, spicy, woody, aquatic, aromatic, chypre, floral musk and spicy.

Fragrance wheel

The fragrance wheel was created in the year 1983 by a man named Michael Edwards, who used to work as a consultant in the perfume industry. He decided to classify fragrances based on the five standard perfume families – Fougère, Woody, Floral, Fresh, and Oriental. The five families he used in his classification were –


  • Floral
  • Floral oriental
  • Soft floral


  • Oriental
  • Soft oriental
  • Woody oriental


  • Mossy woods
  • Wood
  • Dry woods


  • Green
  • Citrus
  • Water


  • Floral aldehyde

The Fougère family also consists of scents from the other perfume families. Chypres, for instance, are more difficult to classify since they fall under two or more different perfume families. According to Osmoz, a perfumer, there are actually eight perfume families and not just five – Citrus, Chypre, Oriental (feminine), Floral, Oriental (masculine), Citrus, Aromatic, and Woody.

Guide for perfume shopping


While shopping perfumes from the market, you need to check out the intensity. Generally a fluid having 20-40% intensity can be deemed as perfect perfume. But there are also fragrances with the lower intensity ranging from 10-30%. But if the intensity of the fluid is 5% – 20% this will be named as Toilette. The cologne has much lower intensity. For normal cologne, the intensity is 2-3 percent. You need to check the intensity in the bottle of the fragrance before going for perfume shopping.

Dry perfume before smelling

The perfume is all about the smell. The preference of smell can differ from one person to another. For example if a person like the smell of rose, the one may not like the same. Rather she can go for the sandal fragrance. Now, there is a procedure to test the smell. You have to spray the liquid on your skin or blotting paper. Do not smell until it is completely dry. Once it is dry you can smell. You will then get actual smell.

Keep your senses rest

When you are choosing the perfume in a shop, you need to smell each fragrance one by one and then decide which one is better. Now, while doing the process, you might get confused. Rather you may feel that 2 perfumes are alike. This is because your senses have become over whelmed. Thus, you need to provide some break to it. Once you have smell a perfume, smell your clothing without perfume and then go back to the second test. This will help you get the genuine result.