How to remove age spots or brown spots on skin with natural home remedies?

Brown spots or Age spots whatever you term it as, but its appearance on your skin is something you have been constantly trying to remove either through expensive medical procedures which have long list of side effects. This is the reason why we thought of explaining it to you and every other person like you of the use of 12 natural home remedies to reduce the dark spots from your skin without any complications.

They are as follows: –

Apple cider vinegar

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This natural remedy works as an exfoliator on the areas that have brown spots while protecting the skin from losing moisture as you can use this with olive oil to soften the skin. It is going to give you desired results provided you use it daily without fail.

Aloe Vera

A skin remedy that has been proved beneficial because of its anti-inflammatory properties and works as a moisturizer for your skin. It is advisable to use it raw by squeezing it out of Aloe Vera leaves.


Usually people use bleach to get over the brown spots, why not try yogurt, natural bleach which contains lactic acid to lighten the dark spots. One can use it with a tablespoon of oatmeal, lemon juice and cold water.

Castor oil

Though this oil can cost you a little, but its healing property is noticeable as it reduces the age spots to quite an extent. Just massage the spot prone regions with this oil and repeat it twice a day, everyday.


One who has brown spots also has blemishes on their skin, so another natural agent with bleaching properties is Potatoes. All you need to do is get some potato juice and mix it with few drops of honey for application on your skin.


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An herb that heals away other skin ailments too along with brown spots and you need to apply it raw after blending a small size horseradish into a paste. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off.


A natural ingredient that acts as an exfoliator and as antiseptic skin care ingredient. Though it can bring some tears and an awful smell, but we know it is still handle-able for the love of your skin which somewhere remains covered under such spots. Cut it into half and rub it all over your skin.


One of the natural ingredients for lightening the age spots by rejuvenating the dead cells of the skin and replenishing the skin layer by layer. Just rub the half-cut lemons on your face while you keep squeezing it with your fingers and leave it for 15 minutes till you rinse it off.

Sandalwood essential oil

As this oil contains anti-aging properties so it is very much effective in removing the brown spots slowly and gradually. You can add some sandalwood powder into the oil and then apply it on your skin as it forms like a paste.


Papaya on your skin not only lightens the brown spots but also adds a glowing effect that is somewhere missing. As it contains alpha hydroxyl acids, it acts as an exfoliator to remove age spots and blemishes.


To get over age spots, one of the most important things you need to do is to make sure your skin remains healthy from within and application of buttermilk for around 15 minutes with the help of a cotton ball. It restores the lost spark of your skin and make sure you rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Red currants

A skin that is prone to heat much develops brown spots, so use of red currants make sure your skin remains protected from harmful UV rays and gradually fights back against the spots. To make a paste you need to mash the red currants, add drops of lemon juice, honey and rosewater. Apply it and let it rest on your skin for an hour so till you rinse it off with warm water.

The biggest problem with the brown spots is how badly they spoil our look; they can make us look older and aged. All the above-mentioned remedies are completely natural and one of the best things is that they do not have any side effects at all.