Food to eat and avoid while suffering with piles / Hemorrhoid

Piles or Hemorrhoids develop when veins in the rectum and in the anus become swollen. This is a common condition and is normally not harmful but definitely they are annoying. One of the most common causes of hemorrhoids is diarrhea and constipation.

Other causes include ageing, process, pregnancy, diet that is high in refined and processed food and intercourse. The patient experiences severe pain while passing stool., itchiness, and bleeding. The condition needs to be treated  as soon as possible.

[Foods during Hemorrhoid in Hindi]

Some people suffer from serious condition of piles in different stage of life. Piles are also a serious health condition that is suffered by many people around the world. But, this certainly has treatments. The serious problem takes place when there is inflammation in rectum with the veins getting swelled up.

People suffering from piles get great pain while passing stool from their excretory tract. You can also find two types of piles. One is known as the internal piles where as the other one is external. Individuals must consume some food and avoid certain food while they suffer from piles.

Foods to eat during Hemorrhoids

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People suffering from piles must a diet that is high in fibers. Fiber intake can be increased by including  the following foods–

  • Whole unrefined grains such as oat bran whole wheat, brown rice, dried bean,  barley and  lentils
  • Fruits and vegetables including apples,  spinach, oranges, peaches, mushrooms, sweet potato, and raspberries.  Fruits eaten  as  they  contain more fiber than fruit juices.
  • Beans such as chickpeas, peas, baked  beans  and  kidney beans.
  • Nuts, seeds, and hummus are also rich in fiber.

Foods to avoid in Piles

Just like there are foods that help patients avoid hemorrhoids, some foods encourage the development of piles which should eliminate or reduced in the diet . These include

  • Processed foods: These  include packaged meals, lunch meats, and most cereals. They contain a lot of salt, less  beneficial nutrients, and hardly any  fiber.
  • Spicy foods: Spicy foods like hot peppers worsen the pain and itching of  hemorrhoid and can irritate bowels .  These foods should be avoided by people suffering from  hemorrhoids.
  • Coffee, tea, and alcohol: Coffee and tea contain can cause the loss of  water resulting into constipation. Alcohol has the same diuretic effect.  These should be substituted with lots of water.

Piles food

It is known that what one eats has effect on the body in some way or the other. A diet plays a very important role in the treatment of piles as well. Foods that are rich in fiber help the food to move  through the digestive path at a fast speed.  The freshly prepared juice prepared by a diet of whole grains, cereals fruits and vegetables   is believed to be very helpful in treating piles. Patients are advised to take prune juice for piles as it has the tendency to give relief from constipation. Carrot and radish juice is equally beneficial.

9 Foods to eat for hemorrhoid prevention

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1: Blueberries  are good source for soluble and insoluble fiber. They are  a boon to anyone suffering from hemorrhoids


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2: Figs are old remedies for constipation. Dried figs, are also an excellent remedy for constipation

3: Spinach is known own to be the one of the vegetable for the digestive tract and for the cleansing and regenerating of the intestinal tract. It also promotes proper bowel movement.

4: Okra The okra fiber absorbs water and adds bulk to the stool, and  causes it to move faster  through the intestines .It helps to  prevent constipation and the formation of hemorrhoids. Okra lubricates and soothes the intestinal tract

5: Beets help in preventing  the formation of hemorrhoids and  may help to  reduce the risk of colon cancer.

6: Papaya helps to ease constipation with its protein-digesting enzyme called papain.

7: Oats Oatmeal  for breakfast helps to  keep  away hemorrhoids .. Oats are highly nutritious and one of the best source of soluble fiber.

8: Prunes are a good source of fiber which helps in preventing constipation.

9: Barley The fiber in barley increases bulk, helps in softening the stools and in decreasing the risk of piles.

Foods to avoid for hemorrhoids

Strong spices

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Spicy foods like hot peppers and curries can irritate the stomach and worsen digestive problems.

Liquid vices

Caffeinated drinks like coffee and alcoholic drinks can cause dry stools that may worsen hemorrhoids.

Fatty foods

A lot of greasy or fatty foods increases work for the  digestive system and raise the risk of stomach pain and heartburn as well as hemorrhoids. Avoid deep-fried foods. Reduce the intake of fat, especially saturated fat, by using less butter and switching to low-fat or nonfat dairy products.

Low-fiber carbs

Avoiding low-fiber foods  can help in treating  hemorrhoids.

[Piles foods in Hindi]

Food to eat while suffering from piles

Brown rice

Brown rice is also an important food that is preferable for the patients suffering from piles and Hemorrhoid. It is better to concentrate on such healthy rice instead of the polished rice. It is always better to avoid extra polish coat over the rice.


Drinking water is really important if you really wish to get rid of piles. Drink as much as water throughout the day so that you can increase blood circulation in your body and remove the problem of piles.

Foods to avoid while suffering from piles

Red meat

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Red meat is a very harmful food which needs to be avoided especially when you are suffering from piles. Even the processed meat should be avoided when you are suffering from piles. This is highly stated by many physicians for keeping the patients suffering from piles healthy.

Bakery items

You must be surprised to know even the bakery items must be avoided when you have the problem of piles. The items of bakery which must be avoided include pies, puffs, cakes, pastries, flour bread etc. People with the problem of piles must avoid having these items.

Spicy food

The spicy food items composed of red chili and other spices must be avoided if you are suffering from piles. The physician also recommends not consuming such spicy items. Rather it is always better to have healthy and boiled food. The vegetables, fruits and other cereals without much oil and spices will be preferable.