Tips to treat men genital warts at home naturally


Genital warts are small growth on the skin that can be caused due to some infection on your genital area. It is always better to treat this disease as soon as possible because there are chances of these warts getting bigger in size. There are many ways to remove this wart from your body. Having unprotected sexual intercourse can cause this genital wart. In men these genital warts may occur on the penis, urethra (a tube through which the urine is passed, scrotum (a sac that holds the testicles), upper thighs and on the anus and the inner part of it.

[Hindi tips to treat men genital warts]

Reasons for getting genital warts

Human papilloma virus causes genital warts and some kinds of human papilloma(HPV) can be n issue to develop cervical cancer, anal cancer or precancerous changes in the cervix that are called high-risk kinds of HPV. Oral sex can lead in developing genital warts in throat and mouth. These types of infections are common and you may not be able to see the wart for six weeks or six months or even years after being infected. If you are in sexual contact with one or more partners there are the chances of getting genital warts. High usage of tobacco and alcohol can also give chances to get this infection.

Treatments and prevention

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Consult a doctor and get it checked in case if you notice a mole that is being increases in its size. Laser treatments are suggested that can completely destroy this genital wart. Other treatment which is more expensive is electro desiccation method. Always have safe sex and you should take your partners for a check-up as well.

Home remedies for genital warts

Let us not read some home remedies, to cure genitals warts at home naturally:

Tea tree oil

Buy good quality tea tree oil for this remedy. Simply take the oil and dab on some cotton balls. Now apply the oil on the warts and let the oil get absorbed. Repeat this remedy for 10 days and make sure you do it once daily. You will see the warts transform into a whitish color and then fall off. Remember, the application of this oil could cause harsh sensations in the zone. This is natural, but it is a sign of it being effective enough.

Vitamin C

Take a tablet of Vitamin C and crush it to powdery form. Add a few drops of water and make the consistency like a paste. Now apply it on the warts and cover it with a bandage for 24 hours. This process helps you kill the Papilloma virus which is the prime reason for genital warts.

Apple cider vinegar

You can apply apple cider vinegar directly as it is beneficial for getting rid of the dry and dead cells. To make the results a little more effective, you could soak them with cotton balls and then apply. Cover the cotton with adhesive tape and remove after a few hours. Keep on using this remedy, till the warts fall off.


Garlic has antiviral properties and it is quite feasible for getting rid of genital wars. You could use raw garlic or the ones in capsulated form, whichever suits you better. Crush the raw garlic and then apply on the affected region. Wrap it with a bandage and let it stay for 24 hours. For capsulated forms, you have to consume the capsules for several days and wait for effective results.


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Cut an onion in slices and apply it on the warts. Now cover it with a gauze or bandage. The blood flow of our body props up due to the onion and helps you get rid of the warts. You could also extract onion juice for this. Make the slices, add salt and keep it overnight. Next day, extract the juice from the slices and then add it to the warts. Onions is antimicrobial while salt is antiseptic. The combination of the two would soon heal your warts and let you have healthier genital.

Vitamin E or castor oil

Both vitamin E and castor oil can be used in conditions where the warts have been caused due to HPV infection. They help you heal and get rid of the infections as well. For the most effective result, try and apply the oil and then apply some crushed garlic on the zone. Cover the area and then see it heal within a few days.


Rubbing alcohol proves to be an effective aid to cure the warts from male genital. This is a lengthier process as it can take a week to a month for healing the warms. The time span is depended on the sizes of the warts, but they it is an effective remedy if followed properly.

Transparent nail paint

The transparent nail paints are made in a slightly different way than how the rest of them are. All you have to do for this remedy is apply it on the warts every morning and every night before going off to sleep. The unwanted particles will fall off within a couple of weeks.

Baking soda

Take a spoon of castor oil and add enough baking soda to make a thick paste. Apply the combination of the affected area and then cover with a bandage.

Aloe vera

Extract aloe vere gel and apply on the warts directly. They have amazing antibacterial properties which can heal the warts if applied regularly. This dissolves the warts fast and maintains healthier genital.

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Duct tape

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There is an informal research with duct tape can help you get rid of genital warts. The method is quite simple and can be easily followed. Use a duct tape to cover the wart and let it sit for 1 week. Take it off and then use a emery board to slightly peel it off. It should come out easily and heal the condition.

Witch hazel

Witch hazel includes strong astringent which can be easily used for peeling off genital warts. With regular application you can dry it out soon and then it will fall off on its own. Buy pure witch hazel from the chemist’s store and then take a cotton ball for dipping and applying. Let it sit for 10 minute after which you should use a clean and dry cloth to wipe off. Repeat twice a day for about two weeks for faster results.


Onion is known for its anti-microbial properties which can help your treat the warts. There are two ways either of which you can choose, and both these treatments have to be followed for about 50 days to get desired results.

  • Cut a slice of onion and put it over a wart. Hold it tightly with gauze or other medical tape. Replace the dressing after 2 hours.
  • Salt is another element for providing astringent properties which can be combined with onion for making it an effective treatment. Take a couple of onion and make fine slices. Use one tablespoon of salt and then sprinkle it on onion slices. Cover it and leave overnight. Next morning put the mix into a blending machine to create fine paste. Apply the paste on warts and then tighten with gauze or tape.

Homeopathic treatment

Apart from these home remedies, you could also take homeopathic treatments into consideration. It is a holistic method of treatment and has been known to be very effective over the years. There are numerous medicines which can be consumed for curing genital warts. Some of them are Kali Mur, Causticum, Antim crud, Magnesia Sulph, Nitric Acid, Nat. Carb. Compound W, etc. For proper medication, you are advised to get a doctor consulted.

[Hindi tips to treat men genital warts]