Best tips to buy clothes online

With the increase in demand of the e-commerce services, shopping has come down to our fingertips. Name a product and you can have it delivered to your doorstep. From furniture to electronics, from clothes, to even grocery shopping, everything can now be purchased at home. The best part about online shopping is that they turn out to be cheaper most of the times.

Well, in this article we will concentrate mainly on the clothes you wish to purchase online, because sometimes that venture turns out to a hitch! Most of the products are verified for quality purposes but when it comes to clothes, the most essential thing is that they should fit. Reviews are at times helpful when you need assurance for quality, but if you are buying from a reputed e-commerce brand, you are not likely to get fake merchandise. The clothes you like online should fit you and make you look gorgeous, which is why you need to follow some simple tips. These tips will help you select the desired product and you wouldn’t have to go through the hassles of exchange.

Take measurements

Before you search for clothes you want to buy online you need to know how they would fit you. Of course, you cannot have an imaginary trial room and see yourself dressed up like you want to, but what you can simply do is take a measuring tape and measure yourself. Try and get yourself those soft measuring taps rather than the hard edged aluminums ones. These make the measuring procedure more convenient.

Now if you are thinking of which measurements you’d mandatorily need to note down, we’d advice you to include the measurements of your:

  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Hips
  • Waist
  • Leg inseam
  • Sleeve length
  • Shoe size (if needed)
  • Neck size (if needed)

These measurements have some general methods to be accurately found out, so if you can’t do it alone, ask someone to help you take them. Don’t make some careless measurements which would end you up in buying a wrong size.

Go through the size chart

If you have a particular e-commerce site where you want to buy from, select any of their clothes and check their size chart. Look through all the measurements they are asking you to inform them with, so that you are assured to get the perfect fit. These are likely to include all the necessary sizes we have mentioned above, though sometimes the measuring units can differ from one site to another. Go through their requirements and fill in accordingly.

Read fine prints

Read all the information about the dress that you choose. Most sites disclose the materials which they use to make the products. Be careful of the small prints with vague information. Always recheck the material if you have a particular type of choice. Make sure what you buy is authentic and keep a check on the branded tags. They are supposed to give you proper bills and proof of authenticity.

Return policy

The sad news is that some clothes can be exceptional when it comes to fitting. After all the research and perfect measurements, the clothes might not fit you perfectly. This could happen due to the material of the cloth, due to the brands you choose, etc. For example you might fit into a pair of jeans with 28 waist size of one particular brand, but you order another brand with the same size and you find out that 26 would have been a better option! For these exceptional cases, you must know the return policy of the e-commerce site. If you know that they have a sound policy of getting you your money back or getting you another size, and they settle the grievances fast, then you are likely to stick to that brand and not waste your money. Make sure you have the bills intact, so that there are no additional hassles. Reputed sites are known to have e-mail IDs and toll free numbers to get you in touch with the customer care services soon. These procedures might take some time, but they should resolve.

There are a lot of preparations that goes into buying clothes online, but those are nothing compared to the crowds of retail outlets or long queues for billing. Moreover, measurements do not have to be taken every now-and-then, and you get used to buying the perfect sizes after 2-3 purchases. It is also quite evitable that it saves us a lot of time and shopping has become much comfortable with these advancements.