Eyebrow bleaching at home

Bleaching is a chemical method of coloring hair especially those which are quite dark and thick in appearance. Some people have blonde hair but their eyebrows are unnaturally dark black in color. It is totally a mismatch. But, the cosmetic industry has brought about a solution of this problem. Eyebrow bleaching is a technique in which your eyebrows are treated with an appropriate chemical after which the color will change completely. This can be done by visiting the beauty parlor where the beautician will provide bleach to your eyebrow in order to make you look presentable. Today, these hair bleaches are available in the cosmetic stores. You can buy it and apply the bleach at home without spending more money in the beauty parlor.

Young looks with bleach

Best tips to shape your eyebrow

Today, ladies crossing 35 to 40 years of age are trying out variety of measures through which they can look young and youthful. Bleaching of eyebrows is also one of the techniques with the help of which you will look 2 to 3 years younger in appearance than your real age. Today, not only female, even males are also going for bleaching so that they can look young and youthful among the crowd. There is also some homemade natural bleach where you do not have to use the harmful chemicals sold in the market. Lemon is natural bleach which can be used for youthful looking skin tone.

Procedure of bleaching eyebrows

If you have decided to bleach your eyebrows at home, there are some simple steps which need to be followed in order to look beautiful. First of all you need to collect the tools which are important to get the facial bleach done.

Ingredients required

  • Spoolie
  • Facial bleach of a good brand
  • Vaseline
  • Light shampoo or hair toner

Steps for eyebrow bleaching

Step 1

First of all, you need to wash and clean your eyebrows by using water and shampoo so that no dandruff and dust particles remain.

Step 2

After washing your eyebrows, it will be important to get it dry. You can preliminary wipe it with cotton and then stay under fan or sun so that it dries easily.

Step 3

Now apply Vaseline over your eyebrows. This is an important step to follow as bleach includes chemicals, some people might get irritation or allergy as soon as it touches your skin directly. Vaseline will act as a barrier between the bleach and skin and will not allow it to touch your skin surrounding your eyebrows at the time of bleaching.

Step 4

Now mix your bleach in a glass container as per the instructions mentioned in the product guidance. Now take the spoolie and come the cream over your eyebrows. If you have the aim to bleach each of the hairs in eyebrows without leaving a single one, you need to brush the spoolie back and forth so that no angle is missed out in the process of hair getting coated.

Step 5

Now you need to take the cream bleach in good amount and coat the entire brows thickly such that not single eyebrows are seen.

Step 6

Now, you need to see the watch about the time of keeping the cream beach. If a light shade is desired, keeping the cream for a period of 5 minutes will be appropriate. But, if you want to go for a darker shade, minimum 10 minutes will be required.

Step 7

Once the time is over, you have to remove the bleach with the help of a spoolie or a damp cloth.

Step 7

Apply a mild shampoo and let it dry. Watch your brand new eyebrow color with bleach.

Pros and cons of eyebrow bleaching

Pros of eyebrow bleaching

  • It helps you look attractive
  • Bleaching creams are quite cheap in the market
  • Bleaching procedure is also very easy
  • Bleaching helps you proving a facial glow
  • You can bring back your youthful look with bleaching

Cons of bleaching

  • Bleach include harmful chemicals
  • Some people might end up with irritation and allergy after bleaching
  • You might not get a smooth surface after bleaching
  • It is not beneficial for all skin tone or hair tone
  • Since bleaching can cover the hairs that is above the hair follicles, as soon as hair grows, natural hair colors will be visible which might make you look very unnatural in appearance
  • This is not a permanent solution for your hair. Rather, it can only benefit you for temporary time period.

At the time of bleaching, you may get a tingling sensation in your skin as a result of cream application. This is normal in all cases. But, it in any case it ends up with excessive pain and irritation, you must remove it instantly as this would be inappropriate for your skin. Or the chemical is too strong for your skin. You may also get blisters or redness if not removed in such situation. But, this is very rare case. More than 701 percent of ladies do not complaint about irritation while bleaching. It would be advisable for you to choose bleach which belongs to a popular brand name. You might have to spend some extra penny but, protection of your skin is also an important factor in this regard.