Tips, ideas and techniques to detoxify your body and stay fit and healthy

Are you suffering from sudden changes in your body? Like feeling tired easily, skin allergies, body aches or problem digesting food resulting bloated stomach. May be even losing  weight or loss of appetite. Well all these symptoms indicate that it’s time to Detoxify your body.

Excess amount of toxin in your body is really dangerous as it can give rise to variety of health problems. Due to pollution and adulteration food you have been consuming, toxins over your skin layer is steadily increasing. Thus, in order to get rid of such toxins, you must go ahead with the process of detoxification. According to Chinese medicine systems, detoxification means nourishing one’s body from outside and inside with variety of procedures. Just after removing toxins from the body, it will be filled with all types of healthy nutrients. This will help you protect from variety of diseases and help maintaining healthy physic.

What is detoxification and how does it help your body?

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Detoxification is all about  cleaning, nourishing and resting your body inside out. This process helps in improving  your overall health by eliminating harmful toxins, which in turn helps you to avoid different illnesses. It helps us to fight against allergies due to bacteria , various other virus and diseases.Toxins are basically present in the environment, food, water and  air.

Working of detoxification

The main concept behind detoxification is cleaning blood.  This will be effective by removing impurities from blood and liver. You must be aware that, liver is such an area in the body where toxins are processed to get eliminated. Other parts of the body from where toxins can be eliminated are lungs, kidneys, lymph as well as skin. For example, when people sweat he can remove toxins from skin. Kidney is useful in removing toxins through your urine.

Detox program works as a natural cleansing process by

  • Liver stimulation to wash away toxins from the body
  • Improvement in blood circulation
  • Resting the organ through the process of fasting
  • Going ahead with refueling of the body with all types of health nutrients
  • Giving rise to the process of elimination through skin, intestine as well as kidney

Detoxification process

This is a process where it cleanses the blood of all impurities and washes away the unnecessary Toxins present in your body. Toxins are usually washed away in the body through kidneys, lungs, lymphs, intestines and skin.

  • This process is done  for a month. Toxins are loaded in  Coffee, Sugars, unsaturated fat, Smoking, Alcohol .so consuming these must be stopped for quick healing in the body.
  • Avoid chemicals that you use on a daily basis like shampoos, deodorants, cleansers and toothpaste. switch to natural cleansers instead.
  • Simple exercises like Yoga and Meditation will help you overcome stress in life. Not to forget Stress is a trigger for all ailments to begin with. so always keep cool.

There are many Detoxifying methods for each individual depending upon the Body types and conditions.

You can just drink water one full day once  in a week.

  • Once can just go on  Juice fasting meaning drink fruit juices or Vegetable juices helps in releasing Toxins in the body
  • There are certain supplement Packages available in the Market. Easy to use – just follow the instructions.

Benefits of detoxifying process

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1. Improves proper Blood circulation.

2. The organs are given rest by fasting.

3. Helping the body by giving Healthy Nutrients to the cells.

4. Eliminates Toxins by Strengthening the Liver.

5. Skin, Intestines and Kidney also involve in this process of elimination.

Some useful tips

Intake of Herbs like milk thistle, burdock and dandelion root and drinking green tea helps protect and Cleanse the liver

  • Drink at least 8 Glasses of water in a day. Its is good to drink the right amount of water depending on your weight. since each individual weighs different. so how to calculate and drink the correct amount of water. Its simple half your weight and convert it into ounces.
  • Eating foods which are rich in Fiber like  Beetroot, Radish, Cabbage, Broccoli, Spirulina, Chlorella, and Seaweed are wonderful foods that help detoxifying . also add fresh fruits and Brown rice to your diet plan. Cell Nutrition demands quality protein, fatty acids present in whole grain, Nuts, Virgin Olive oil,Omega 3 Fish oil, salmon, tuna , snappers. These foods ensure that the toxins are not developed in your body and are flushed out.
  • Intake of vitamin C helps body produce Glutathione that drives away the Toxins.
  • Hydrotherapy is one of the best practices. Its imple just take Hot shower for Five minutes and then run cold water on your back for 30 seconds. Do it thrice a week and sleep for Half  hour, relax.
  • Detox foot spas/foot baths are very helpful. Dry-brush your body, this helps in eliminating toxins through pores on your skin. Special brushes for this purpose are available in the market . check out in Organic Product stores.
  • Most importantly be Positive at all times.
  • Sauna bath also is helpful .
  • Breathing exercises are good. This way Oxygen is supplied throughout your body.

When you are going to start the process of detoxification, you need to lighten up the load of toxin at first. It will be really important to eliminate the consumption of cigarette, alcohol, refined sugar as well as coffee. These are the main sources of toxins in the body and can also be obstacle in the healing process. It will be advisable not to use the household cleansers that are totally based on chemical.  Even the personal health care products include deodorants, cleansers, shampoo, tooth pastes etc. Those can be really harmful. Instead, you can replace the same with natural alternatives.

Stress can also be another reason behind toxin production in skin.  Since these hormones also provides adrenalin rush, toxin production can even dually take place when individual is meeting a deadline or carrying on with the activity to win a race. Toxins are created in a large amount to slow down the detoxification enzymes in the liver.  In order to relive yourself from stress, you must go ahead with the activity of meditation, Yoga etc.

Ideas on right detox program

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You need to concentrate on diet first when you are going through a detox program. Detox recipes are also effective when you are following it on a regular basis. A 7 days scheduled detox program will be effective for individual having problem of detoxification.  People can go ahead with the recommendation provided by the dieticians or nutrition lists which may also include 3-7 days juice fast.  You can go ahead with this technique for few days and realize its effectiveness after some days.

Detox diet

  • Sugar detox
  • Smoothie cleanse
  • Hypoallergenic detox
  • Veggie detox
  • Simple fruit detox
  • Juice cleanse

Techniques helping body detoxify

With particular detoxification program you can stay healthy with very well lifestyle practices. Try out following techniques to help detoxification within the body.

  • You should provide a cleansing effect to liver and protect it by taking burdock, drinking green tea, milk thistle etc. You should also consume fresh fruits that are grown organically. Other detoxifying fruits include, beets, artichokes, broccoli, cholera, seaweed etc.
  • Consumption of vitamin C is also very essential as it helps in producing glutathione, It also helps in driving away toxins  from your body totally
  • It is important to drink at least 2 quarts of water in a day
  • You can take sauna bath to get enough sweat which will in turn give rise to elimination of wastes through perspiration
  • Exercise will also be very effective in the process of detoxification. There are ample health benefits with proper exercise associated with detoxification.