Tips for bottle feeding babies – Problems raise while bottle feeding

If you are a working lady, it will be a difficult task for you to breast feed your baby after 3 months of his/her age. But, once your baby is accustomed with the breast milk, he would hardly be pleased to consume the bottle milk. It becomes really hard to feed your child with bottle milk. His/her little lips might not withstand the difference in taste and variation. But, there are some strategies that must be adopted to make your baby feed the bottle milk.

Strategies for bottle feeding

Imagine the best position

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Even if it is the question of milk feeding with bottle, mothers or any other person needs to concentrate on the position in which the milk bottle will be hold till the time he consumes the milk. Generally baby licks the bottle milk slowly as they need some time to swallow and digest the entire food. There are exceptional where the baby can be a speed eater. Unless otherwise, you need to hold the feeding bottle for at least 20 minutes time.

Since this will also become really uncomfortable for your kid, you must get a support of your little ones head with the help of your arm crook. You also need to prop the baby up in an angle of 45 degrees. This is done to make sure that your baby does not swallow the air. A perfect alignment of the neck and head of the baby would be important.

If you hold your baby in your arm at a specific position repeatedly, it can strain your hand. But, if you can take a pillow beside and provide a support to your hand in order to get it rest, feeding your baby with the bottle milk will be quite easy. Along with providing good break to your arms, your baby will get pleasure to have milk since it is feed on in different perspective.

Right quantity of liquid

If your baby has consumed milk according to his satisfaction level, she will not consume it any more. As soon as you can observe her head turning away from the bottle, you must understand that she is full and have no desire to consume again. Some parents press their baby to consume meal consistently without knowing that the baby is having his stomach full. Your baby might have a problem of indigestion if you keep on feeding him with the food more than his capacity.

Just watch his weight gaining schedule and decide about the right quantity of liquid diet. If you can view that your child is gaining weight in a consistent way you don’t need to worry about her diet at all. You can now get a formula of bottle feeding. If your baby is six months old and have not consumed solid food yet, you need to make her consume around 2 to 2 and a half ounce of formula milk in 24 hours of the day.

Bursting bubbles

Sometime air can get inside the tummy of your baby. This incident can make her feel full stomach and does not expand her appetite. You can now take a bleach break she has completed almost half of the bottle milk. You can understand about her appetite just when she turns her head away from the milk bottle. It will be important to find out that your baby is exposed to much air. You must use a disposable bottle and keep the bottle in a particular angle so that even if there is air, eradicating it will be possible.

Allergic alertness

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Some babies might also be allergic to the cow milk. In that case, you need to ask him consume the formula milk. Some babies might have swelling and allergic reaction when fed with cow’s milk. Also the basic ingredients in most of the formula milk have allergic reaction. It will be quite important for you to check out the ingredient present in the formula milk before getting it for your baby.

Splitting up or cracking down

Maximum infants have the tendency to upchuck during and just after the feeding process as the digestive system of the infant are not yet developed. Rather, they are still in the process of development. You need to provide her with smaller feedings.