Ideas to drop down the sugar intake, sugar usage in your food diet

There is a perpetual controversy about the sugar intake in the body.  Most people believe that sugar  in its pure sugar should be reduced; they fail to understand that most foods contain sugar molecules. Body needs a large amount of carbohydrates which also contains sugar.  All carbohydrates are built up of three types of sugars—starches, simple sugar and fiber. These are further divided into glucose, fructose and galactose.  These different sugar molecules play different roles in the body in different ways.

Sugar in fruits and natural sources have nutritional and health benefits but high sugar diet leads to obesity, heart problems diabetes and decay of tooth. Hence it is necessary to check the total amount of sugar taken in the diet and how often it is taken.

Tips to cut down the sugar intake or sugar usage in your food diet

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Have you ever wondered the amount of sugar we consume in the form of food that are supposed to be healthy, but in reality aren’t? The so called top food brands sell products that are way high in sugar content than what we normally consume at home. Do you know how this impacting your life? Do you really want to cut down on the volume of sugar intake in your regular diet? Well if you are really serious about your decision then here are few tips that could help you with the same. These tips if followed religiously will help you stay fit and healthy.

It’s a known fact that habits can’t be changed in a day. If one has a sweet tooth and can’t resist any sweet delicacies then asking them to stop eating that dish would be unfair and impractical. Instead there are certain healthy habits that one can create and work gradually on it to get to a level they want to be. However it should be kept in mind that only hard work pays off, cheating doesn’t. Let’s discuss few tips to cut down the sugar intake or sugar usage in your food:

  • Make it a habit to check the ingredients used, before purchasing any food product. The so called top brands has higher sugar levels in their products than any homemade product. For example there are loads of whole wheat or whole grain products that has unwanted sugar content. Also products that has fruit concentrates, fructose and glucose have higher volume of sugar then it normally seems. So its advisable to check the label properly before purchasing any product.
  • Replace high sugar beverages with homemade ones: According to a recent study, the daily sugar intake by a person would be not more than 10 teaspoons. However given to our habit of having sodas and soft-drinks everyday, it becomes almost impossible to maintain this volume. Now what’s the alternative to this habit? Well it’s simple, opt for homemade drinks and try to add less sugar to it than you usually would. If this seems to be really hard (as you may be addicted to soda) then try to mix the regular soft drink/soda with diet drinks. This will help in neutralising the sugar content to a extent. Another tip would be to add fresh fruit juice to your can of soda, this will again help in lowering the sugar consumption per day.
  • Cut down on sweet delicacies: Plan your diet, make a chart on what you will eat and when. If your regular diet has 50% of sugar intake then cut it down to 25% initially and then as and how you progress in following your plan you may further bring down the level of sugar intake to about 10-15%. Start from refraining from having snacks that involves high sugar content. This will help solve half of the problem. Once you follow this path of cutting down the sugar intake, the day isn’t far when you will become an expert in it and master it.

Apart from following these tips, keep yourself from indulging in cookies, desserts, ice-creams and related eateries that are high on sugar level. People with the habit of chewing gums also need to slowly cut down on it as it has unnecessary hidden sugar that isn’t good for health.

One most important tip to be remembered is that, do not think of replacing your normal food products with sugar-free products. Though it sounds enticing yet it isn’t good for your health in the long run. Sugar free products tend to weaken your bone by depriving it of calcium and other essential nutrients.

Let you diet consist of natural products and not artificial ones.

Tips for reducing the sugar intake in the diet

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  • It is noticed that sugar craving is more on an empty stomach. Hence it is essential to eat at regular intervals. Sugar foods can be avoided by having healthy snacks between carefully planned meals.
  • Healthy breakfast of sugar free cereals , wheat bread  and fruits is  the best way to start the day .  Breakfast is one meal which should never be skipped.
  • Proteins  like beans, pulses, eggs, meat , cottage cheese and milk and healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, walnuts, sunflower seeds  must be included in the daily diet . These proteins and healthy fats take longer to digest.
  • Reduce  the amount of sugar taken in tea and coffee   gradually to develop the taste of foods with less sugar.
  • Avoid using processed foods in cooking  as things like sauces, purees and packed masalas contain high level of sugar, which is often used in the process of
  • Always check the labels on the foods for the amount of sugar it contains and the sugar alias present in the food. Sugar may be labeled  in disguise as dextrose, sucrose, fructose, lactose, maltose , honey  and corn syrup. The more types of sugar in single food in an indication that the food is less healthy.
  • Do not keep chocolates, sweets and other sweet items in the house . It will help in overcoming the temptation of eating sweets.
  • Exercise helps to stimulate the brain and relaxes the mind . Stress and worry often creates a craving for sweets. Emotional  stress or depression can be easily overcome  with a spoon of sugar .Yoga , walking or other light exercises are good substitute to overcome emotional
  • Reduction of sugar in food must be done
  • While reducing sugar it is essential to stay away from artificial sweeteners  like diet soda, sugar free cakes  and sugar free    These fake sugars  do not give calories  or any nutrition.
  • Craving for sweets can be satisfied adding flavor with vanilla beans, spices,  and cocoa  in the food without adding calories.
  • Bottled drinks like iced tea, cold coffee, fruit smoothies and other bottled drinks are sugar packed and so must be avoided to reduce the intake of sugar.
  • A nice dessert can be enjoyed once in a while if the amount of sugar intake can be slashed by avoiding sauces, ketchups, dressings and sugar coated cereals and biscuits.
  • It is best to eat home cooked food where most of the sugar intake can be managed.
  • One must enjoy having savory foods more than sweets to consume less sugar.
  • Developing the habit of taking less sugary dishes in parties, ceremonies and restaurants will be a great help in reducing the sugar intake.
  • Changes brought in food must be handled one by one , for example reduce sugar in cereals first and then make fresh sauces or salad dressings  at home to reduce the use of sugar. Small single changes will last for a longer time than   drastic several changes started at one go.

Constant reminder to the mind that reducing sugar is to have a good health will help in the process of lessening sugar intake. Remember excess sugar can lead to the development of several diseases like heart problems and diabetes. Sugar induces hyperactive behavior and some empty calories of sugar deposit as fat around the stomach.