How to last longer in bed

It is never fun for both the partners to end everything too early. In this article, we will go through some points to see how to last longer in better and have better sex! Experts have stated that a guy in the bedroom doesn’t usually want to end it in one instance, which is keeping the girl hooked to you is something you’d have to keep on trying. However, things can become just the opposite, where the girl needs to take control. There are some tactics to keep in mind when you love each other to make the best moves and to improve the bond.

Coming up with short trips when someone else’s emotions are at their peak, can be the most damaging and insecure feeling that you give your partner. If you are commonly plagued by sexual shortcomings, there are some ways to make it last longer.

The first and foremost thing that makes you last longer in bed is to set the mood right and to retain it. If you randomly come up with thoughts which distract you from the moment, that can be the biggest turn off you’d let your partner experience. It’s beneficial to let the whole world take a back seat while you’re sharing a moment with the person you love.

Tips to last longer in bed

Excerpt from kama sutra

There is a part in the study of Kama Sutra which explains that you can delay ejaculation for lasting longer in bed. The men are supposed to go slowly with not more than about 3 in and out strokes in every 3 seconds. This should be carried on for 4-5 minutes, and then get fast to have one stroke in one second. If they feel like they are going to ejaculate, they should try to hold themselves into their partner, until they regain the control and the process starts all over again!

Don’t get anxious

Sometimes thinking that you’re not performing well enough reduces the chances of being good actually. Experts say that a person should be very confident about how he is making the other person feel. When you tend to get anxious, you become more particular about how you’re doing it and that adds onto the unnecessary thoughts which divert your mind from the moment. You get busy thinking if you’re doing it right, rather than feeling good and making someone else feel good about how right it is anyway! Focus on the body and watch their expression, the way they feel is reflected pretty easily from how their react at that moment. Worsening it with anxiety is just not a great idea. You never know, you’re over thinking simply kills the moments.

Change the way you love

When you think that you are about to get saturated, try to change the things up! This might mean to change the position that you are in or simply getting back to those things that we do when we start loving each other. Tease your partner and add some kisses. These always help you retain the move. This is also when you slow down the process rather than getting to fast and getting over with it too soon! Kiss on the places where you know your partner loves, for example, women love neck and back kisses, while men get excited by ear bites. Caring and loving the rest of the body makes it very emotional yet sensual.

Slow and fast

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There is another method similar to the Kama Sutra method, which recommends you to go fast and slow and again repeat the cycle. In this case, you start slow and you increase the speed. You again get back to making it slow and then get it faster again. The entire in and out process goes through a great variation with the change of speed. This is apt for men who don’t last as long as their women want, and it establishes a good rhythm for the women’s stimulation too.

Don’t get too deep

If you think that going deep will let you ejaculate a little too fast, then go slow and go low. Take shallower thrusts but then alternate between the shallow and deep ones. This makes the entire process a lot more exciting and interesting.

Changing the position

Even if you do ejaculate after trying all the method to delay it, the best way is to retain the mood and with some added strength, you can try and change the position. When you start changing the sexual position, if gives you more varieties to try. When you try more ways, you will be eager to find out which one suits you the best. This will make you last a little longer with the willingness of course.

Think about your partner’s requirements

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This is also one of most vital parts of making love. You need to understand what the other person wants and then adjust it with what you want. There could be times when one of you doesn’t want to last long, and to understand and accept the reasons is much better for the relationship that you share. On the other hand, if one of you wants to last long and the other cannot live up to it, it has be to a mutual understanding on how you make the things work.