Eye makeup ideas for wedding ceremony

If you want to make your eyes appear smoky to the public in the occasion, there are some step by step procedures which you need to carry on. The steps are as under

Apply highlighter

Apply highlighter

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First of all you need to apply the highlighter over the leaf of your eyes as this is considered as the lightest among the three eye shadow shades. After applying the highlighter, you need to dab it over the corners that lies inside of the eyelids. This must be done in both upper eye as well as lower eyelids. You also need to sweep it under the eyebrows that stretch from beginning till the end.

Medium shade

Medium shade

The second step will be to apply some shades of medium just after the highlighter. This color must be a shade darker than that of the highlighter. After applying the second shape of eye shadow, just sweep it over the entire portion of the eyelid. It is really important to get it blended to the inside corners such that it is not very harsh in appearance. In order to create a natural crease brushes it over your eyelid.

Addition of dark color

Addition of dark color

The third step will be to add the darkest shade. Start applying it from the corner of your eye and bring it till the middle portion creating a C shape. You also need to create a back up from the half way towards the crease of your eyelid. You must remember that the darkest point will remain a point towards the upper edge of the eyelash. If you want to make the eye darker, it is important to start from a certain point and carry o with the upward or inward flow.

  • It is important not to apply the shadow too far in as the inside of your eye leaf must not contain too much of darker variety of eye shadow. If you can apply these tips, your eye will become brighter and have a trendy look.
  • You also need to sweep your dark eye shadow towards a point if you really wish to create a dramatic look to the eye which resembles classy appearance. You also need to make sure that the darkest point lies in one side and not in the middle. If you can sweep little darker shade over your lower eyelid, eyes would look dramatic

Application of eyeliner


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Once the task of eye shadow is completed, you need to concentrate on the eyeliner. Some people also have a wish to avail a cat eye look. In such a situation, you need to apply the eyeliner from the inside corner and draw it till the end corner of your eyes. There are some ladies, who wishes to avail a smudgy look. For this, you can draw a thin line from the top. You can either use your eye shadow brush or fingertip in order to blur or smudge the line.

makeup for dramatic eye


If you want to add more drama to your eye, create a tight look to your eyes which already have smoky appearance. Whenever you are using an eyeliner, draw the line from the inner rim of your eye and create drama. This is the portion that lies between the lower lashes and upper lashes. If you have tiny eyes, it might be quite difficult as the eyeliner would be placed very close to your eye ball.

You can also create a dramatic look by applying white eyeliner pencil. If you are not very comfortable with liquid eyeliner, eyeliner pencil will be appropriate. You have to make a tight line to the inner rim of the eye line that is placed just close to the tear duct. The use of white eye line pencil will create a pop to your eye.

Mascara must be added to your eyelids more than what you use during your casual days. If you are using mascara, make sure you use it carefully as application of too much mascara without drying can lead to smudge. You must apply only two coats of it so that no clumps are formed. It will be appropriate to give only one coat to the lashes that lies at the bottom.

Brow eye makeup


Almost half of the population has brown eyes today. Some people with brown eyes have a misconception that they will not be able to look striking and beautiful with it. The makeup tutorials are really amazing to create wonderful look even if you have brown eyes.

You can choose colors of your choice from variety of eye shadows available in the market. Some people also have wishes to use colors that are very neutral. Some uses light shades and even dark shades go really well with the ladies who have scintillating brown eyes. If the occasion is casual, you can use neutral color or else the dark colors are also amazing.

Metallic tones of eye shadows such as brown, silver, gold etc works really well with the ladies who have brown eyes. Purple is another such extravagant color which goes really well with all those individuals who have brown eyes.