How to cure acne with essential oils

Time and again, we have all faced acne related problems, and they are not just for teenagers! These tend to pop up any time and they have a variety of reasons, other than hormonal change. From stress level to makeup, we all add to the reasons for their production.

Sometimes, cleansing skin too often or scrubbing skin to hard can also let you have acne! When you turn to applying chemicals, you aggravate the situation. In this article we will read about some remedies that solves acne and pimples naturally.

Curing acne with essential oils

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Acne is a broader term, since pimples fall under one of the acne category! They are caused in a similar way, of having excess sebum which merges with dirt and pollution, and react in different shapes and colors.

Let us read through the essential oil which are more effective for acne and then move to the ones for just pimples.

Tea tree oil

If you have already experienced the power of this antiseptic essential oil, then you won’t doubt about how well it actually works. The goodness of tea tree with all the antibacterial and antifungal properties, it is actually an amazing remedy for the skin.

This is perfect to prevent acne flare ups along with healing it. Buy good quality tree tea oil and make sure that it is skin friendly, and not produced for other needs.

You have to use it in a diluted form, so you can add one more oil with it. Use cotton for soaking the liquid and then apply on the acne. Try other methods if you have very sensitive skin, since tea tree is a pretty thick.

Lavender oil

If you are looking an essential oil that will soothe your skin more than healing the acne, then you can try lavender. This is known to reduce blemishes too. Add the appliance of lavender to your skin everyday and wash your face after it dries up.

You can also add it to your cream and then apply on skin. Lavender goes great with jojoba, almond or grapeseed oils which is why you can add any of blend any two and apply.


How to treat pimples & acne

The citrusy odor of bergamot essential oil perks the skin up instantly! The fragrance is perfect and revitalizing. It also comes with antibacterial properties which make it perfect to spot breakouts.

When you mix bergamot with other oils, it creates an easy acne treatment. Add it with coconut, jojoba or olive oil. These fight acne and make your skin smell better.

Frankincense oil

If you get this is the right quality you are definitely going to love it. This oil comes with healing and revitalizing properties and can be used in all types of skin.

Since acne is not only common on oily skin, unlike pimples, you can surely try this out than the ones we have listed below. This oil makes your skin feel much more youthful and reduces wrinkling at an early age.

Chamomile oil

When you apply this oil, it tends to calm the irritation caused by acne. It is also known to lighten black spots, so you can surely rely on this for complete care. Simply add a few drops of it on the face and then see results with a short span of time.

Curing pimples with essential oils

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Pimples unlike all other types of acne are blisters which pop up on the skin. They happen to form due to excess oil getting clogged up with dirt.

They are usually painful unlike other types of acne like blackheads or whiteheads, and they often scars too. If you want a complete treatment for pimples, try these out:

Cypress oil

This oil is extracted after a proper steam distillation of cypress twigs. You get the oil at chemists or you can buy online. It gets your skin rightly toned and prevents large pores.

This will slowly reduce acne and stop them from coming. Perfect for regular usage to oily skinned beauties.


Most of us use rosemary to enhance the taste of potatoes and chicken, since you might have missed out on this benefit. This overlooked herb is perfect for the skin and is known to reduce oil content on skin.

There are anti-inflammatory properties in the oil which reduces redness and puffiness, so if you are looking for a remedy that’ll heal and remove pimple scars, this could be the apt choice.

It is also known to improve circulation and make the skin more toned up. Add this versatile and beneficial oil to your daily routine and make a difference!

Oregano oil

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Flavorful oregano is one seasoning every kitchen wants to have. But when you crave for a clear skin, you’d need the medicated oil instead. The essential oil form of oregano is amazing for pimples.

They come with natural antibacterial properties and antiseptic properties which make the spots for treats the zits. You have to dilute it to make it friendlier for the skin, so you should add oils like carrier, jojoba, olive or coconut oil. Apply it to the blisters and have them healed soon!

Lemongrass oil

When the lovely lemongrasses are properly distilled and steamed, they produce the essential oil your skin needs.

With the right amount of vitamin A, it helps you cure your skin and repair it too. The dead skin cells are washed away and it has vitamin E for lightening the pimple scar after they heal. Apply it regular and get rid of your pimple problems!

Geranium oil

This green colored essential oil comes with a lovely smell, along with the rich antibacterial and antioxidants! This is an oil which heals your condition and then defies aging.

This makes your skin better gradually and has to be applied regularly. Apply it and keep it overnight, and see the difference from the very first morning!