How to cure acne with essential oils

Time and again, we have all faced acne related problems, and they are not just for teenagers! These tend to pop up any time and they have a variety of reasons, other than hormonal change. From stress level to makeup, we all add to the reasons for their production.

Sometimes, cleansing skin too often or scrubbing skin to hard can also let you have acne! When you turn to applying chemicals, you aggravate the situation. In this article we will read about some remedies that solves acne and pimples naturally.

Curing acne with essential oils

How to treat acne with epsom salt

Acne is a broader term, since pimples fall under one of the acne category! They are caused in a similar way, of having excess sebum which merges with dirt and pollution, and react in different shapes and colors.

Let us read through the essential oil which are more effective for acne and then move to the ones for just pimples.