Top home remedies for pink eye

Conjunctive or you can say the pink eye is the redness with swelling of tissues layer that is covering the white part of the eye. These are the tissues layer that can affect the underlying diseases within the body by accompanied irritant agents, toxic agents, bacteria, virus, and allergy-provoking. Pink eye is not uncommon even it can also affect the children along with the elder OR any age people. There are several reasons for pink eye. But luckily you have several home remedies too that can help you to treat pink eye.

Best home remedies for the pink eye

Basil (Tulsi) leaves for the pink eye

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Basil leaves are one of the highly recommended remedies that have the potential to deal with several health issues. It has the anti-inflammatory properties that can help you to get rid of pink eye.

You need to take basil leaves. Wash them well. Take a pot with water. Boil these leaves in it. Let it get cool. Wash your eyes with this water. You can also take a warm compress with the help of one cotton pad.

Aloe vera gel for the pink eye

Aloe vera is a natural remedy that is easily available as well as easy to prepare at home. Aloe vera has amodin, aloin, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and soothing properties that can help you to get relief from pink eye.

You need to take aloe vera leaves. Extract fresh juice. Now apply this gel around your eye and eyelids. It is a remedy that can give you frequently relax from the inflammation and irritant agents.

Turmeric for the pink eye

Turmeric is not only a natural home remedy but also an ancient remedy that is highly recommended. It has the healing properties along with the antibacterial properties that make it more effective to treat pink eye.

You need to take 1 cup of boiled water. Add two tbsp of turmeric powder to it. Take one cotton pad. Soak this cotton pad in the boiled water. Use it as a warm compress.

Neem oil for the pink eye

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Here it is one more natural home remedy that is full of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Every part of the neem is useful; it is used as herbal remedy too that can treat several problems including pink eye.

Neem oil is a remedy that is easily available in the market as well as in a drug store. You have to rub neem oil gently around your eyes to get rid of pink eye. Keep following this remedy before going to bed for the better result.

Use herbal components for the pink eye

Nothing can be better than herbal ingredients that you know well, and when it comes to treating pink eye then, you have a great option to go with the herbal components to prepare a remedy for pink eye.

You need to take a mixture of fennel seeds, calendula powder, and raw honey. Take one tsp of each fennel seeds powder and calendula powder. Mix both the ingredients with two tsp of raw honey. After mixing well, apply it around your eyes and eyelids. This remedy has the soothing properties that can help you to fight against irritant agents, inflammation, and redness of eyes.

Colloidal silver for the pink eye

Here is one more beneficial remedy for pink eye. Colloidal silver has the properties that can help you to fight against the irritant agents and inflammation that is caused by pink eye. The small silver colloids are very useful to treat pink eye by eliminating infected cells.

Potato for the pink eye

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You must be surprised after listening to the name of the potato as a remedy to treat pink eye. Yes, it is one of the most favorite vegetables among the people that are served in several forms. But it is also helpful to fight off inflammation and irritation of your eyes that is caused by pink eye infections.

Well, it is a very simple recipe that makes you give almost no efforts. Take a raw potato. Cut it into thin slices. Keep these slices on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Potato contains the soothing properties that can help you to get relief from eye infections. Do the same for several times a day for the better result.