Best pregnancy apps you should consider

For the new mothers- to- be pregnancy can be a nerve wracking experience. It is usual to have thousands of new questions in your mind daily when you are expecting your first baby.

In this era of technology, there is no need for you to feel helpless or continue the pinch of all those questions in your mind continuously without knowing the answers. To get all the answers, now all you need to do is to ask an app to help you out.

There are many pregnancy apps out there for both iOS and Android platforms that can answer your each and every question about pregnancy, starting from what you should eat during this time to how much your baby has grown this week.

Many of these apps even go to the extent of suggesting the names for your baby or how you should take care of your baby during the first month.

There are also a bunch of apps for couples planning to conceive. These apps can help you track your monthly cycle and the date of ovulation; along with tracking each and every day of your pregnancy.

So, no matter the type of assistance you need for your pregnancy, you only have to install the right app according to your requirements in your smartphone and feed it with the information it needs to provide you with all the help.

This article includes a list of the best pregnancy apps available and you should consider these options first when you are looking for one,

WebMD Pregnancy (iOS)

WebMD Pregnancy

This free of cost pregnancy app is associated with one of the most reliable online resources of medical information, WebMD. This app includes more than 600 articles on different aspects of pregnancy along with a number of fun-features, tools, slideshows and quizzes. The tips available on this app can also be highly helpful for the expecting mothers. This app includes a week-by-week planner, where you can track the growth of your baby every week, depending on your expected delivery date. This app is comprehensive and provides you all the information you might need during your pregnancy.

Totally pregnant (Android, iOS)

Totally pregnant (Android, iOS)

This application is a knowledge based pregnancy app that gives all the information an expecting mother might be looking for. The app also includes a bunch of easy to use tools that can be helpful to track the pregnancy and other features. It comes with extensive collection of content from pregnancy experts as well as from mothers and other expecting mothers.

My Pregnancy Today (Android, iOS)

My Pregnancy Today

This is a highly recommended pregnancy app that can work as your best all time guide during pregnancy. This high rated app comes with a bunch of tools including pregnancy tracker, fetal development images, contraction timer, baby registry, wish list, kick tracker and many more. The app also provides access to BabyCenter resources enabling the expecting mothers to find answer to any of their questions. The app is free to download and all information provided by this app is approved by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board.

Pregnancy week by week (Android)

Pregnancy week by week

This pregnancy tracker gives you a simple interface to track every day of your pregnancy. It comes with a bunch of tools along with features that enables you to get all the information you need during this time. This app also helps out couples trying to conceive and can provide vital information about ovulation and fertilization. This no-fuss app has been highly rated due to its simple design and great features.

I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App (Android, iOS)

I’m Expecting - Pregnancy App

This application gives you every information about pregnancy, helps you to track your pregnancy day by day and also connects you with millions of other expecting moms, which can be a great mental booster in itself. The app gives weekly updates on the changes happening in your body and with your baby and keeps you updated with videos of the development of the baby. You can easily track your symptoms with this app and get answer to all your queries from the active communities of experts.

Garbhaavstha(pregnancy) guide (Android)

Garbhaavstha(pregnancy) guide

This pregnancy application helps the expecting mothers to plan their diet according to the advancement of pregnancy. This is actually vital because what an expecting mother eats has a direct effect on the health of the baby. It helps the expecting mothers to have the right diet and also informs them about the precautions and the daily exercises and work out they should do in this time. The app also comes in Hindi, which is a great plus.

Pregnancy ++ (Android, iOS)


This pregnancy app is approved by the NHS and claims to be the best pregnancy app in the globe.  The app already enjoys over 5 million users and provides everything that expecting parents might need.  It gives daily pregnancy info, along with color and scan images. You can also track your pregnancy through its multiple tools and maintain an information log in the database. It also lets you communicate with other users.

Glow Nurture Pregnancy Tracker (Android, iOS)

Glow Nurture Pregnancy Tracker

Track your pregnancy, postpartum as well as maternity with this highly advanced pregnancy app. The app can be customized according to your pregnancy and comes without in-app advertisements. It provides premium pregnancy features without any charge. You can get access to thousands of new pregnancy articles daily through this app, set reminders for your appointments and medication. There are also a lot of other features bundled in this app.

Pregnancy Exercise (Android, iOS)

Pregnancy Exercise

Exercising during pregnancy can be very helpful to ensure the best health of the expecting mother as well as the baby. However, every exercise is not fit for the mothers-to-be. This pregnancy exercise guide helps expecting mothers to pick the right exercises according to their stage of pregnancy and can be a great support to stay healthy during this period.

PregaNote + (iOS)

PregaNote +

This comprehensive pregnancy app is designed to cater to your all round pregnancy needs. It allows you to create reminders for medicines and doctor visit and also supports creating your own pregnancy album. It comes with a number of tools for tracking pregnancy, including baby kick counter and gives latest statistical updates.  The app comes with a bundle of features, including a list of things to shop before your baby arrives.

Pregnancy Advice (iOS)

Pregnancy Advice

This application provides information on the different aspects of motherhood ensuring a happy pregnancy. You can find information on pregnancy diet, pregnancy care, baby needs as well as details about early pregnancy symptoms and much more in this application. It comes integrated with a new tweet chat system that enables you to join in conversation with other users.

Pregnancy Story (Android)

Pregnancy Story

This all round pregnancy guide helps you to track the developments in the health of the mother and of the baby on a daily basis and provides everyday notes and notifications to keep you informed all the time. The app also provides a wide range of articles on pregnancy and birth related information. It helps you to keep a track of the birth registration information and every other thing that you might need during pregnancy.

Pregnancy watcher widget (Android)

Pregnancy watcher widget

The Pregnancy Watcher Widget is a simple pregnancy tracking app that gives you some most useful features to keep a track of your pregnancy. It is one of the best Android apps available in the market and is least complicated to use. Now with this app you can track your pregnancy closely with ease.

Pregnancy Planning List (iOS)

Pregnancy Planning List

This application has been designed to help you prepare in the best way to welcome your baby. Before delivery, most of the times, the expecting mothers misses out on a few things or other that adds up to huge issues later on. No more worrying with Pregnancy Planning List as it will provide you with 100s of pre- loaded tasks and checklists that you will need to arrange for the arrival of the baby.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker (Android)


This is a highly recommended pregnancy app which is trusted by over 3 million women across the world. It comes with week by week pregnancy guide as well as baby calendar and due date countdown features. It helps the expecting mothers understand their unique health and enables to participate in an anonymous community of pregnant women. The app can also be customized according to your baby size and other features. The app is available to download for free.

Pregnancy calculator (Android, iOS)

Pregnancy calculator

This pregnancy calculator has a very handy front end and combines some cool features which make it ideal as a pregnancy handbook for the expecting mothers. It can offer a lot of information about your pregnancy, starting from your due date, remaining weeks and every day that you pass before the birth of your child. You can easily see the changes by toggling between the buttons for previous and next week and understand your pregnancy in a better way.

First Time Pregnancy (Android)

First Time Pregnancy

This is a highly recommended app for the first time mothers. It gives a relevant timeline about the growth of your baby as well as the changes that occur in your body. This app provides a detail insight into the various aspects of pregnancy making it much simpler for the first time mothers to cope with the stress of this time. This app is offered as an educational tool and ensures the best authenticity of all the information provided.

Pregnancy Calculator (Android)

Pregnancy calculator

Pregnancy calculator is a fuss free simple tool designed to help the expecting mothers to calculate the delivery due date. It also helps in tracking pregnancy day by day ensuring that you do not miss out on any changes in your body that needs to be reported. It comes with a bunch of features that can make tracking your pregnancy not only easy but also enjoyable.