Reasons why babies cry and how to soothe them

Babies cry to communicate their desire of hunger and sleep and complaint of fear and pain.  Initially it is difficult to interpret the child’s desire but with experience the parents understand the different tones of cryingof their baby. The first few months of a baby can be the periods of fussiness because they have a neurological system which is not immature. Some babies are sensitive to noises, lights, smells and some unique sensations.  A baby is ok if it cries for three hours a day till six weeks. Slowly the time decreases to one hour by the time the baby is three months.
End numbers of reasons are responsible for a baby cry. It can be due to the discomfort he is feeling. Hunger is again an important reason for any baby crying. Even when baby wishes to speak to his mom, tries doing so by crying. New born baby has maximum trouble of indigestion. Whenever they suffer from such trouble, starts crying. Babies are highly susceptible to the environmental condition. Just after their birth, they cannot feel the environment outside his mother’s womb to be comfortable. Even the climatic condition can act as extremities for them. But there are always ways to make them quite and soothe.

Some common reasons why babies cry

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  • Hunger is the first sign of a baby crying. This crying is often accompanied with fussing, smacking of lips, putting their hands in the mouth or try to suck mother’s fingers.
  • A dirty diaper is often not tolerated by a baby. This needs to be checked if it is not hunger.
  • A tired sleepy baby will cry anytime anywhere while rubbing the eyes.
  • Sometimes babies cry to be cuddled. They want to be held, hear voices and feel their heartbeats.
  • Babies often cry with stomach troubles due to gas and colic’s. Abdominal pain can also be caused by stomach flu, milk allergy, constipation, and intestinal blockage.
  • When the baby cries after feeding it may be just a burp that is required. Normally babies swallow air when they are breastfed or drinking milk from the bottle, which cause some discomfort.
  • A baby may cry when it feels chill while changing nappies or changing clothes… Babies like to be kept warm but not too warm.
  • Babies are sensitive to small things like a knot in the hair, tight clothes or something hurting from the mother’s fingers or clothes.
  • Teething can sometimes cause severe pain to the baby as the new tooth pushes through the tender young gums.
  • Sometimes babies do not like excess lights, noise or being passed from hand to hand. Most babies like being swaddled but sometimes it does not like it and wants to lie down comfortably.
  • Sometimes the baby may have a desire to go out and eager to see the world. The child settles down with a walk outside or a long drive.
  • The child may also be crying if it is uncomfortable due to any oncomingillness.

Ways to soothe a crying baby

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There are times when baby cry for no reason.  There are many ways to soothe the baby. It has to be understood by the parents that there is no one strategy that will work for every child and that the same strategy will work all the time.

  • Firstly if the reason is known it is easy to soothe the baby. Lifting the baby close reduces any type of crying for at least a moment.
  • Wrap the baby in a blanket and hold it in a nursing position to give a feeling of satisfaction.
  • An infant can be calmed down by recreating a womb with the hands or swaddling him closely in a blanket.
  • The baby at times feels comfortable if held on the stomach instead of the back.
  • Some shushing sounds with the toy or furniture or even with the mouth can distract the baby.
  • Caressing the baby’s cheek, hands, back, stomach, legs or face with the hand can pacify the baby.
  • Mother’s voice is one of the most effective soother for the baby as it recognises the voice… Hence keep on talking to the baby.
  • Singing calm, slow songs like lullabies is found to be calming the baby in no time.
  • Driving combines steady motion and noise which also soothed the baby. If driving is not possible rocking or bouncing with a soft noise is also soothing.
  • Getting wet with the baby works wonders as the baby likes the sound of the running water.
  • Distract the baby with new toy or standing before the mirror.
  • The basic way to soothe the baby is to keep your mood calm and cool.  The frustration and anxiety of the mother will react on the child and aggravate his crying.
  • Try doing all methods and observe what worksto soothe the baby.

How to soothe crying babies?

Coziness within lap

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Babies often get nightmare but cannot express their feeling. Since they stay fearful, they always require the arms of their parents around. The coziness within their lap is something babies always demand. Babies also require cuddling and would always like to see their mom’s face. They recognize their parents with their voice and body smell.

A good sleep

Babies also cry when they feel sleepy. Normally a new born baby gets a lot of attention from their family members and people who are associated with their family. They all would like to touch the baby, play with him and even take him in laps. But the baby won’t feel comfortable all the time. After playing for a long time he would life to sleep.  Baby can cry when he is feeling sleepy but you are not allowing him to sleep.

Play music

Most of the babies are really fond of music. They would rather stay totally quiet after hearing music. Try to play same type of music or song in front of your baby so that he can hear it everyday and familiar to the same. This will easily divert the mind of your baby and help him stay quiet. These days many mothers like to hear music during her pregnancy period. Along with the mother, baby inside the mother’s womb also listen to this song. Now if you can play the same song once he is on earth, he will feel happy and stop crying.