Understanding food cravings

Different people have cravings for variety of food products. Some wish to have food rich in extra calorie whereas other has craving for salt. A high calorie diet buster will be devoid of nutrients.

You many not only come across the dieters with craving for food, rather the individuals who precede with off diets gets the possibility of craving more. When they are in the beginning of their diet procedure, the diet seems to be strongest.

Research was conducted to find out the percentage of people with food craving.

According to the research, 97 percent of the women have the problem of craving and 68 percent of men also face the same situation. Also the research found out the fact that, older people carve more than people with young age.

Some people have a strong desire to consume some specific category of food. For example many teen age girls have craving for chocolates, whereas boys have craving for chicken.

Similarly there are elderly people who suffers from many negative health conditions but have strong craving for food that are harmful for them.

Even there is lot of restrictions, craving for food will never come to an end. Some group of individual have a drive to consume food that is rich in animal nutrients whereas another category has a strong want for sweets. Understanding the nature of food craving is important too.

Food craving – time of the day

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People with craving are also dictated by specific time of the day. For example, early in the morning people might have food craving as they slept for around 8 – 9 hours and their stomach is empty for that period of time.

Thus, they would always wish to get breakfast immediately. Again in late afternoon or evening is the time when the craving becomes more.

Hormonal changes

Sometimes due to hormonal changes craving is faced. For women, hormonal changes occur when they become pregnant for the first time in life. Again when they come across the age of menopause, hormonal changes takes place.

But, craving can vary from one person to another. Even during the menstrual cycle, craving can be faced by women.

No resistance for food

Whenever you don’t have a control of resisting eating your favorite food, it means you are tending toward craving. There is a difference between hunger and craving. Hunger has its root in biology but craving is based on emotion.

When hunger affects, your body would require food. Once you consume food and it becomes full stomach, your hunger will go away.

But, it will be very difficult to stop craving as it is not any of the biological problems. craving is a strong desire of a person to consume that particular food.

People becomes so strongly affected with craving that, if they cannot get the particular food item or ingredient, they can go to extreme and negative way to get it.

Some people crave for food items like potato chips, chicken leg pieces etc. These are fast food and tastes well.

Causes of food cravings

Addiction in brain

Some sweet food contains glucose. As soon as individuals intakes it, glucose gets inside the body and interacts with the opioid system.

The interaction of both the competent can make the brain get addicted. Thus, the brain instructs and the individual longs for that food repeatedly.

Carbohydrates craving

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Another category of craving is the desire of in taking many carbohydrates. One of the most common reasons for this is the wish of many people to consume rice.

Even it is not very healthy to have carbohydrates in larger quantity, they have desire to get more carbohydrates in their diet. This is very common when the energy is low.

How to control food craving?

If you want to stay healthy there are ways to stop craving. Let us find out some ways.

Wait till it stops

The food craving is just like the hunger. Whenever you are hungry you require food immediately.

But, it there is some delay in food supply, your hunger will diminish. Similarly when you have food craving, you should wait for some time and craving will go away. This is a wonderful way to control food craving.

Distract yourself

Distraction is another effective way to control your lust for food craving. You should plan and distract your mind in something which is much more important for you at that time.

If this is not possible by yourself, you can ask your friend to do the same. You can get a good result like this.