How to use the green tea for hair care, skin care, body care?

You must have heard about health conscious people to drink green tea early in the morning. Since they are aware about its benefits with regards to body care, hair care and skin towards people around the nation, they are quite serious to consume it on a regular basis. Research has also proved green tea to be healthier substitutes as compared to other beverages available in the market. Green tea has low caffeine content and is also a very strong source of antioxidants. The natural form of antioxidants present in it is known as polyphenols. It is not only effective in body care, hair care and skin care but also have a strong ability to block the cancer cell growth.

Green tea has variety of health benefits. Doctors suggest individuals to drink green tea on a regular basis in order to stay healthy.  The particular variation of tea is also beneficial for your skin, hair and physical health. The deadly disease cancer is also said to have a cure with the help of green tea. Pregnant women complain invariably about their excessive hair loss. Changes in lifestyle can be another reason behind the diseases, hair fall and skin problems. Green tea is an ultimate remedy to cure all these.

Using green tea for weight loss

Benefits of tea tree oil for skin and hair care

Green tea can be consumed early in the morning everyday in order to achieve weight loss in each individual. According to the scientists, green tea contains six different variations of polyphenols, popularly termed as natural antioxidants. If you can consume green tea on a regular basis, it will definitely increase your body metabolism. This is an effective mechanism of turning food into energy and discharging excess fats.

Get healthy hair

Hair is an essential part of every individual. Green tea can be used in developing healthy hair. Consumption of green tea also grows hinder hair and gets control in hair fall. The ingredients present in green tea reacts well with the testosterone in human body and balances it in an appropriate way. Green tea also marks its reaction with 5 alpha reductive and gets it converted to DTH. If you have common hair problems such as dandruff, hair fall etc, green tea has a wonderful mechanism to reduce the same.

Utility in cholesterol reduction

Today, cholesterol has become a major problem for people with all age groups. A wonderful ingredient named as tannins is present in green tea that helps in lowering cholesterol naturally from individual’s body. Many people might not know that LDL is known as bad cholesterol. These are responsible for the plaques that build up in arteries of individual which gives rose to massive heart blockage. But, the regular consumption of green tea will eradicate cholesterol problems.

Skin cancer prevention

Top health benefits of drinking green tea

Today, you can easily hear about many people suffering from cancer. This is a dangerous life taking disease that should not be overlooked. An individual consuming green tea on a regular basis can eradicate this problem. Green tea will treat cancer from its root as the pre cancerous scaly will be healed effectively with the consumption of this natural tea. An unnecessary exposure of skin can also cause skin cancer. Natural extract in the form of green tea is very effective in blocking the skin from causing cancerous tissues.

Green tea is also very beneficial in reducing arthritis in human body. If your parents or elderly person in your family is suffering from this problem, you can ask them to consume green tea and get rid of such problem.

Uses of green tea for skin, hair and body issues

Green tea for skin

You must have observed people especially ladies have wrinkles over their skin. This is very well visible just after they cross 35 years of age. The wrinkles can be reduced if you can drink green tea on a regular basis. Make a habit of drinking green tea without sugar and see how well your skin looks. You can also make this habit for your entire family members.

Boost growth in hair

Ladies complains about poor growth of hair. Even if they wish to grow their hair long and attractive, the scope is really less. But if you drink green tea on a regular basis, vitamin B content in the particular tea controls various issues such as split ends and hair falls. Rather it provides an intrinsic strength to the hair follicles.  You can also apply the green tea in lukewarm variation over your hair to reduce such issues.

Green tea for body care

The oxidants produced inside our body create several types of problems. But the green tea is known as the power house of antioxidants that drives away excess oxidants from your body. It will also fight glycation and will help you to stay away from variety of diseases. Green tea contains EGCG which works in a wonderful way to get a protection against the free radicals.  The negative effect of free radicals on your body can be removed with daily intake of green tea. The green tea also causes damage cells and help you proceed in healthy way.