Why you should use postnatal Pregnancy Belt? – Best postnatal Pregnancy Belts

Women have been known to bind their abdomen post delivery for centuries. It is a natural process of recovery and the tradition is followed generation after generation. It is known to improve physical and mental health for all the mothers who newly delivered.

The traditional practice of wrapping abdomen is a key secret to restore your self confidence, which lessens when you see your enlarged belly.

It is also important as it exerts pressure on your abdominal area and reduces the size of swollen uterus. It redefines your waist line and tucks your tummy, thus, you look back into shape in no time! They are further known to aid your bag and legs.

Why should postnatal pregnancy belts be mandatory?

Most women would agree that wrapping up their belly after delivery is a part of postnatal recovery. Here are some reason why these belts should be a necessity and not an option:

  • Reduces swelling
  • Helps to decrease bloating which is caused by water retention
  • Lessen discomfort
  • Improves healing process
  • Minimizes stretch marks
  • Repositions uterus
  • Abdominal support
  • Heals Diastasis Recti

Why are the belts more important after C section?

A lot of women remove their abdominal belt after cesarean delivery, because of the discomfort and chances of increase in blood pressure. Well, in reality, postnatal pregnancy belts are very important to get you back in shape after C section.

It also supports the ailing body while making you firmly lose your tummy. Post pregnancy, women still look fat and this is the correct time to rely on abdominal belts for getting back your old look.

Women who have C section should wear postnatal belts all the more. Normal delivery is painful during the process, but the mother takes a jiffy’s time to recover, after which she can hop, skip and jump.

On the contrary, this isn’t same for the women who have C section. They need more time to recover from the stitches and are added on with other sorts of discomfort. These belts are immensely useful for accelerating the recovery process.

They help you have better mobility, increased blood circulation near the surgical zone and also support the abdominal tissues and heal them. Exerting pressure on belly is known to reduce and relieve from uncomfortable sensations.

Why you should use postnatal pregnancy belt?

  1. Supports the Back: while pregnancy your baby bumps keep growing and puts additional weight and pressure on the back. This results in weakening of back muscles. Most women have an ache by the beginning of the last trimester and it continues to remain post delivery. If you wear a postnatal belt, it gives adequate support to your back muscles while they gain back their prior strength.
  2. Tummy Tuck: imagine that situation where your abdomen is swollen due to the full capacity of your baby, and all of a sudden it is cut open for delivery. You do not get rid of the baby fat immediately. Many a time, you continue looking pregnant post delivery. Women who have normal delivery tuck in their tummies without external help. But women who have C section delivery need to take care of their abdomen with these postnatal belts.
  3. Slimmer Look: the best part about wearing these belts is that you look slimmer instantly. These belts are commonly used to push your tummy in and give you a better shape than flaunting the mandatory bulges in your body.
  4. Heals Incision: these abdominal belts are very helpful to heal the incision wound, firmly and quickly. Your stomach would flap around if you don’t wear these belts and it gets more painful and difficult for the stitches to heal.

Best postnatal pregnancy belts

The belly belts of postnatal pregnancy belts are easily adjustable as they are very light to weigh. You can breathe through the belt which is why they are quite relaxing for you.

There are three sizes to these maternity belts and they are in large, extra large and medium in size. Thus, you can purchase the size which suits best for you, along with a choice from anyone of the belts below:

Gabrialla breathable elastic binder

Gabrialla breathable elastic binder

The Gabrialla postnatal belt makes sure that you get back your tummy into the desired shape. This is best known for the support it gives your stomach right after childbirth and is surely wonders for women who go through C section.

After helping you tuck your tummy, it also aids your waist and lumbo-sacral areas.  These can be comfortably carried under your regular clothes and the best part is that people can’t make out that you’re wearing a postnatal belt!

This belt has a breathable belly band which is recommended for all those women who suffer from abdominal hernia.

The belt is around 9 inches wide and they come with Velcro hooks for proper grip. You are blessed with a proper shape along with aids to weight loss.

This belt comes in five shapes and not just three. You’d get small, medium, large, XL and double XL sizes. Thus, you have a lot of varieties to trail and buy the one which suits you.

Belly bandit tummy wrap

Belly bandit tummy wrap

Belly bandit postnatal belt is primarily worn for abdominal compression wrap. It has been designed in a way that it makes you look like you’re back to shape, just post delivery.

This band also helps you to lessen swelling and discomforts which might occur post pregnancy. More common for the C sectioned women.

These are available in the sizes of large and XL.

Mistakes to avoid while choosing and wearing postnatal belt

  1. Wearing incorrectly: postnatal belly wraps are supposed make you feel snug and supportive. They should be comfortable and should let your breathe. Your blood can circulate only when the belt fits you correctly, tight belts are a complete NO! The wrap should be placed right above your pubic while extending to your lower rib.
  2. Not wearing for long: you must remember that the post pregnancy period is crucial and important to transform you into a confident mother. These belts are known to worn for several months traditionally. You are advised to keep these belts on your body for 4-6 weeks post delivery. Take them out only when you need to bathe.
  3. Choosing a wrong wrap: there are numerous assortments of postnatal belts, some come with girdles, some as wraps, etc. Elasticized compression in postnatal belly wraps has been newly designed to be worn immediately after baby’s birth. These are quite comfortable and reduce the discomfort on initial months post pregnancy.
  4. Wrong size: The changes of physique post pregnancy can differ from one woman to another. How your body would undergo changes during this transition period would affect your post pregnancy look. You must also make sure that the postnatal wrap you opt for is correct for you.

Taking care of the mother after pregnancy is an important part of the pregnancy process. With the happiness and concerns surrounding the infant, people often overlook the mother’s health.

These lead to conditions like back ache, low self-confidence, depression, low body image, etc. Now that you know all the benefits and comforts of wearing a postnatal belt, you must opt for the best and wear it for at least 6 months after your deliver.

Nsstar Breathable Elastic Postpartum Postnatal Recoery Support Girdle Belt

Nsstar Breathable Elastic Postpartum Postnatal Recoery Support Girdle Belt

This product is breathable and has a lightweight. You can stretch it for having it fit naturally. The best part about the merchandise is that it is comfortable for all skin.

Help your body follow the perfect posture and make yourself have a thinner appearance. This product is exclusively sold on Amazon and should be verified for authenticity.

Breathable Elastic Maternity Support Belt Postpartum Wrapper Abdomen Slimming Belt

Breathable Elastic Maternity Support Belt Postpartum Wrapper Abdomen Slimming Belt

This is another easy to wear belt with Velcro closure. These are very adjustable and best for exercising. If you want to get back to your old figure post pregnancy, you can wear this and start your regime.

This too is breathable and has a lightweight. The product adds comfort to the body and gets accustomed to your curves. This is also known to improve the flattening process.

Funny Postpartum Support – Recover Belly/Waist/Pelvis Belt Sharper – 3 In 1

Funny Postpartum Support - Recover Belly/Waist/Pelvis Belt Sharper - 3 In 1

Unlike the other products, this one is made of cotton. Cotton is easier to carry and breathe through. The size has been mentioned and you need to buy according to it. Unlike the other material, this won’t expand and adjust to the body, but has to be bought of the apt size instead.

Peanut shell flats with panel

Peanut shell flats with panel

This is the apt choice if you want a post pregnancy girdle to tighten the belly and get you back to shape as soon as possible. This is made of fabric technology which ensures you on having a smooth and compressed belly.

If you think you can withstand strong compression, opt for this maternity belt. These are also known to compress the muscles and bring them back to shape. Use them regularly and get back to your old physique.