Mandatory vaccines in india

Medical science is quite cautious about the world of diseases which can be easily spread among adults as well as kids. Indian government has made some vaccination compulsory.

According to the plan of Indian government, Polio being one of the harmful diseases must be eradicated from root. Thus, every year children below 5 years of age is asked to come with their parents and get polio drop.

By doing this every year, almost more than half the population is free from the risk of polio. Thus, certain medication has become compulsory today which is going to protect from very dangerous as well as deadly diseases. Government of India has made the immunization for the following disease compulsory:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Measles
  • Pertussis
  • Tuberculosis
  • Tetanus
  • Polio
  • Diphtheria

Immunization schedule

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If you are asked by the doctor to give vaccination to your child, it will be important to follow the immunization schedule of that particular child so that right dosage is provided to child of right age.

You can easily get the immunization schedule with every pediatrician whom you show your baby. The main aim of the vaccination is to eradicate some of the disease completely throughout the country.

You may find many countries where medical science and government is successful in eradicating all these diseases completely. Yet, doctors suggest all newborn to have regular schedule of the disease.

You never know, children with less immunity can get the infectious disease spread in their body. Since no vaccine is cent percent effective in eradicating the root cause completely, it will be important for you to get a regular update of your disease.

Thus, regular vaccination will be really important if you want to stop the disease completely. In order to avoid epidemics, it is really important to carry on with the immunization and get effectiveness.

Other type of vaccination those are not compulsory

Apart from the vaccination that is made compulsory in the particular country, there are also other types of vaccination that can be provided to the infant or children if you want.

You can find the new vaccine in the market which has different and innovative formula than the previous chemists. You can now get an option between two vaccines for the same disease.

After viewing the composition and ingredient, you can decide about which vaccine is to be adopted. Whether the new vaccine that you are willing to adopt have any side effects or not should also be discussed with the doctor and then decide the same.

Some vaccines might be effective for a certain group of people whereas other variation of vaccination will be effective to other group of people. It becomes an excellent money spinners for the doctors. Thus, you need to go ahead with good research to find out which vaccination is perfect for you.

Other types of known vaccines

The committee made for immunization has provided classification for the optional vaccination available in the market. These vaccinations might not be compulsory but, if you can avail it, there will be an extra precaution. There will be no disadvantage or risk of getting the vaccination for your children and kids.

One of the optional categories of vaccination is known as Hib vaccine. This is not a mandatory vaccination but is a wonderful remedy against Haemophilus influenzae.

Since this disease is not very common, it is not mandatory for you to get this vaccination. British have made the vaccine for smallpox compulsory few years ago. Due to the regular intake of smallpox vaccine, today smallpox has been totally eradicated from the country.

The category of vaccination can be further divided into two parts. One is the vaccine recommended for all and other is the vaccine recommended for certain special circumstances.

If you have a risk of chronic influenza, it will be better to take the vaccination that is effective in this category. There is also vaccination for bronchopulmonary disease as well as chronic cardiac disorder.

You can also find the vaccination for the yellow fever. Compulsion as well as optional category of vaccination differs from one country to another with the climatic variation.