Home remedy for indigestion with dhania juice- video

Dhania is the Indian name for coriander which is used as one of the spices. This is mostly used in North India and also Bengali in Bengal. The taste brought out after using this spice in curries will be wonderful.

These days people are too much dependent on the fast food available outside home. This is creating issues with indigestion. Even the cholesterol level and fatty layer is increasing. But even then people won’t stop having it just because it is tasty.

Also the pollution in the environment creates boost in situation of indigestion and stomach upset. Let us find the natural way of getting digestion with dhania powder.

How to get rid of indigestion using coriander

Indigestion is also known as dyspepsia. The digestive system slows or failed to digest the food taken. This could be happen when the lot of food is taken at a time, cannot eat the food properly, foods are hard to digestive system and somebody conditions.

The indigestion leads to the bloating, burping and nausea. Indigestion upsets the stomach and makes you discomfort. The common symptoms for the indigestion are nausea, vomiting, sour taste in mouth, abdominal pain, growling stomach.


Take the parsley juice 2 tbsp in glass of water add the one pinch of black salt to it. This can heal the indigestion.

Dhaniya for removing indigestion

Coriander with buttermilk

Adding coriander with butter milk will give you a strong immune system as a result of which the problem of indigestion is totally eradicated. But there is a procedure of making the remedy.

You need to take two spoons of coriander powder and add it in buttermilk. Mix it well, pour in a glass and drink it. You will get the removal of indigestion issue after 2 hours.

Simply coriander

Coriander seeds are easily available in the market. You need to take 2 spoons of such seeds and make powder of it in a grinder. Now take a glass of water add the coriander powder so formed, a pinch of salt and a pinch of black pepper powder.

Mix them well till all the ingredients gets mixed up appropriately. Then you can easily drink it and stay away from indigestion.

Coriander with honey

Honey also have some antibacterial effect that will remove microorganisms from your stomach when you suffer from the indigestion or discomfort feeling. You need to Take 2 spoons of coriander seeds, few coriander leaves and a spoon of honey.

Add a little water and grind it in a grinder. Blend them and get a paste. Now transfer entire paste in a glass and add water of around 3/4th of the paste. Add a pinch of salt and mix it with spoon. Once it is ready drink it and stay away from issue of stomach upset.