How to get pregnancy fast and ease? Are you’re trying to conceive

The most beautiful as well the tough process is to get pregnant. You need to plan according to your periodic cycle. You should ensure first before giving efforts that you are really wishing to get pregnant before going through intercourse.

The fertility rate in men and women is decreasing the reason is the improper lifestyle. There are almost 30% couple are suffering from the problem of infertility issue. The chances get less to get pregnant due to a reduction in sperm count. Those people facing this problem need to consult with their doctor. The medical science has discovered various techniques to fight off infertility.

Guidelines to get pregnant

How to avoid stress during pregnancy

  • Women should notice their periodic cycle time.
  • Men should avoid hot bath, tight underwear as well excessive exercises.
  • Relaxation tends one to get pregnant, the couple should stay away from stress for the ease fertility.

Natural ways to get pregnant

The people who are disappointed and fail to get pregnant even after having the drug for a long time, they look for artificial fertility. But before choosing artificial fertility there are some natural remedies given below that can be proven too effective.

  • Getting pregnant, it is necessary that sperm should travel properly to the egg, for the proper entrance of sperm to the egg a woman should lay for 10 to 15 minute after intercourse. For increasing the chances of conception different position should be preferred while sex.
  • The monthly cycle should have proper monitoring, that helps in determining ovulation which is proven a good time for a woman to get pregnant.
  • Lifestyle plays a vital role in fertility so it should be proper enough. Both man and woman need to avoid alcohol and drugs. Both should prefer the healthy diet.

The easiest way to get pregnant

  • Different position adoption, while sex is the best strategy as well having sex usually help sperm to enter smoothly into the egg that causes pregnancy.
  • Having sex in the more fertilized period which is 11th to 21st during the menstrual cycle of 28 days promote pregnancy.
  • The couple needs to keep patience while caring their bodies and not worry to get pregnant.


Overweight can be a big obstacle for getting pregnant, as with overweight the fat layer underlies in the body that becomes a hurdle. Therefore it is necessary for both man and woman to be fit and healthy which shows that couple is really willing to have a child and they are ready to conceive. A woman should do exercises regularly 3 – 4 month before they conceive a child.

Avoid the chemicals

There are many women who work in industries and laboratories and affected with the chemical or may be connected while being in those surroundings. The agriculture pesticide industries as well printing industry promote more to develop infertility. You should stay away from the chemicals when you decide to be pregnant so that your fertility and your child should have no impact on it.

Ignoring stress

How to lose weight after pregnancy

Stress is one of the reasons that is decreasing fertility rate. These days most of the people are getting stressed, there can be many reasons to be stressful such as working under pressure and carrying stress throughout the day.

Stress effects are associated with mental level as well hormonal imbalance. Therefore you should ignore the stress as well the reasons that give stress, and try to be happy before getting pregnant.

Having often sex

There are many couples who are busy in their work and other related factors, due to this they avoid having sexual practices, but if you are willing to have a child then it becomes compulsory to go through often intercourse by keeping in mind about the fertilizing days’ factor that keeps importance to develop fertility. There are 28 – 30 days of the menstrual cycle and 14th is the most fertile day to have sex to get pregnant.

Proper diet

Proper diet is an essential part which must be focused when you are planning to conceive. You must prefer proper diet which contains a good amount of nutrients, minerals, and protein that provides the good strength of conceiving in a woman. Conceiving takes place with no complications if nutritious food is preferred always.

Avoid intoxication

There are most of the ladies who prefer intoxication these days. Even many have turned to addicted. If you are willing to give birth and bring your child into this world, you need to change your lifestyle.

Monitor your ovulation

The best time for every woman to get pregnant is ovulation. You ovulate once every menstrual cycle, and the possibility of conceiving is there only for few days. You and your partner can have baby-making sex.