Ways to boost testosterone naturally

Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced in men’s testicles and has a presence in the female ovaries also in lesser quantities.

Testosterone level maximizes during adolescent period in young boys, helping them in whole body & mind growth and muscle building. Check here the ways to boost testosterone naturally.

Ways to increase testosterone levels naturally

Workouts including weights

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Body exercising routine is very relevant to many lifestyle-intensifying disorders. Workouts, not only make your body tougher but resistant to several health issues. Its benefit is undeniable in boosting the testosterone level in the body.

The studies done on several people including seniors also testify the importance of resistance exercising. It was observed that people get higher level of testosterone. This shows in their different vigorous activities, fitness, and response time.

In the case of obese people, their workouts are more benefitting than their weight loss regime, as their increased testosterone level enhances their energy levels more.

Diet plan and supplements

The supplements containing caffeine and Creatine Monohydrate complement the workouts and are necessary elements that help in enhancing testosterone naturally.

When on regular workouts, include fat, protein, and healthy carbs to increase testosterone and other hormones in the body.

  • One of the biggest reasons for weaker testosterone is overeating and regular mindless dieting. The experts suggest, maintain stipulated protein in your diet, or face the issues of weaker testosterone.
  • Do not ignore carbs from your diet plan, as lack of healthy carbs means you are denying stimulation of testosterone.
  • Now, one thing you most dislike in your diet plan is the fat content. Although, fat content in food is a must for the body’s upkeep and maintaining higher testosterone levels.

In short, the key for your body’s health is maintaining a balance of all the nutrients to optimize the hormone levels in the body.

Stress control

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Stress of body & mind is the root cause of maximum health disorders. Increase in the long term stress level gives rise to a hormone cortisol.

When cortisol level rises abnormally in the body, testosterone level decreases and your body becomes a slave to the stress. Both act on flexible manner, if one goes up the other goes down, and vice versa.

Higher Cortisol causes issues like more food intake, weight gain, and accumulation of unwanted and unhealthy fat around the body parts.

All these factors disturb the testosterone levels in the body, thus causing innumerable health issues. One must try to find ways to manage stress in any given circumstances, as it is harmful to the overall functioning of the body.

Sun exposure and vitamin D supplement

Vitamin D is magical in boosting testosterone in the body and providing good health. World over, it is now getting more acceptance than other vitamins.

Sun is its natural resource and one must at least stay under the sun every day for 40 minutes to gain its maximum benefit.

Thanks to the sedentary lifestyle of most people, vitamin-D deficiency is becoming prominent, causing the testosterone level to fall and invite more health issues.

Studies report on some testosterone facts:

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  • Supplementing with 3,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day increases testosterone levels by 25%.
  • Vitamin D and calcium optimizes testosterone levels in senior people, reducing their chances of a fall.
  • Boost testosterone naturally through vitamin D gained from sunlight, if that is not possible, take 3,000 IU of vitamin D3 supplements every day.

Get support of minerals and vitamins

There are certain vitamins and minerals that help in boosting testosterone level.

  • The studies concluded that minerals like zinc along with Vitamin B in supplement form increases the quality of sperm by as much as 74%.  Athletes enjoy greater benefits of this supplement by optimizing testosterone level, especially when the zinc content is less in their body.
  • Experts also believe after studies that vitamins A, C and E can play a vital role in increasing your sex hormones and testosterone levels. This is still a matter of in-depth study.
  • The adults need to maintain their health and testosterone levels. For that purpose, vitamin D and zinc supplements are the best sources. This supplement they should continue having through their old age. As their good healthy body requires fighting diseases, normal functioning of all the body parts including sexual functions, and overall upkeep of whole body.
  • Enhancing testosterone levels will give you enough gains on muscle mass and vitality, al that just in few weeks.
  • Females can enjoy good health and sexual life with increased testosterone level in their body.

Sleep well and enjoy good health

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Sleep is one of the most important factors, besides diet and workouts. There are no contradictions in different studies done on this matter. A good night’s sleep is the key to your good health and maintaining testosterone level in the body.

Ideally, 7 to 10-hours quality sleep is considered good for a person’s health. However, everyone has different sleep cycles.

The studies done on those who sleep for 5-hours conclude that they face a 15% decrease in their testosterone levels. Whereas, there is a 15% increase in testosterone for those who sleep an hour extra.

Natural testosterone boosters

Ayurveda herbal and other holistic treatment methods have solutions for boosting testosterone level, although very few of them are supported by modern scientific studies. However, these are being used in South-east Asia from time immemorial.

  • The herb ashwagandha is considered a natural testosterone booster. A study done on a man with infertility disorder concluded that after its use the man had 17% increase in testosterone levels and amazing 167% increase in sperm count. Ashwagandha increases 15% of testosterone level and decreases 25% of cortisol hormone in a normal person.
  • Ginger extract has been found to increase fertility in infertile men by 17%. It also increases testosterone and other important sexual hormone levels.
  • Herbs that are supported by some studies to increase testosterone levels are shilajit, Mucuna pruriens, horny goat weed, and tongkat ali.

These supplements will help maintain the health of the people and their testosterone levels.