How to get rid of thyroid problems – Top iodine rich food for thyroid problems

Iodine is one type of salt which is really important for our body. Lack of iodine in your body can give rise to severe disease like goiter which is normally seen among people who does not consume iodized food.

Generally the salt that we add in our cooked food contains iodine. It is very essential to choose the salt that is rich in iodine. You will also get salts in the market that does not contain iodine at all. Those might be quite harmful for individuals who have deficiency of iodine in diet.

Other than salt, there are many iodine rich foods which can easily help an individual to get iodized within. Seafoods are one among that variety which is quite rich in iodine.

So, if you can consume sea fish on a regular basis, it will be quite easy for an individual to stay healthy with iodine in his/her body.


Iodine is often a mineral necessary for healthy functioning of the human body. Lack of iodine is the reason for developing hypothyroidism, which is a body condition caused by less production of thyroid hormones.

One of the many symptoms of  iodine deficiency can be enlarged thyroid gland, termed as a goiter.

The problem of iodine deficiency in America has been greatly reduced through the use of iodized salt; however, certain various other foods are full of iodine that gives the system what it requires for normal growth along with good functioning.

  • Seafood: Exceedingly rich in iodine, fish certainly are a primary source of iodine. Most fish have the ability to extract and absorb iodine from seawater. Two sea creatures rich in iodine are cod and shrimp. Other fish full of iodine are tuna, haddock, white deep-water seafood and all different types of shellfish.
  • Iodized Sodium: The main source of iodine these days are iodized salt. It involves regular kitchen table salt joined with minuscule numbers of iodine-salts. Iodized salt has set a standard of its own in different parts of the world and is found in almost most packaged foods that have been pre-salted.
    Iodized Sodium
  • Kelp: Brown seaweed kelp along with other forms of seaweed for instance wakame and nori are full of iodine.  Add kelp while seasoning or use it as a supplement in pill form, in either ways it’s quite helpful in providing the required amount of iodine to the body.
  • Vegetables: A number of vegetables like spinach, soybeans, turnip green veggies, Swiss chard, summertime squash, lima espresso beans and garlic are high in iodine along with being a good source of diet. They in addition  also provide essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Strawberries: Several fruits consist of iodine, but strawberries are classified as the exception. Although they may be not a major player, they carry a small amounts of iodine and provide other nutritional requirements which are a fantastic addition to your meals. Lacking in calories and high in flavor, add strawberries in desert or drink a strawberry proteins shake and get that extra amount of iodine they provide.
  • Milk, Yogurt and Cheese: Yogurt and other dairy products are rich in iodine.
    Dairy products
  • Dried seaweeds: If you are having deficiency of iodine, dried seaweed will be a wonderful idea to bang upon. This food has all types of essential minerals along with iodine which is really essential for your body. As per the report of dieticians, a quarter ounce of dried seaweed will contain 4,500 micrograms of iodine. It is important to consume similar portion of iodine in diet so that you can easily avail the health benefits.
    Dried seaweeds
  • Baked potatoes: No one can say that potato is rarely available vegetable as it is the most common and easily available vegetable in the market which has variety of benefits.  As compared to cooked potatoes in form of vegetable curries along with spices it’s better to consume baked potatoes.  You can either get the potato baked in micro oven or in your cooking oven with manual roast to get perfect amount of all nutrients. The baked potato has iodine and along with it, you can also get fibers, potassium, vitamins, etc.
    Baked potatoes
  • Sea cod: You can also get the meat from sea cod fish in the market. These are really very delicious in taste along with good amount of iodine content. Since these are very low in fat, you won’t have any problem in having weight gain. Since these sea colds are mild, delicious as well as moist, people with all age would really enjoy having it in their meals. Cod also contains good amount of healthy protein, magnesium, Vitamin E, calcium, potassium etc.
    Sea cod
  • Shrimp: Since there are various types of fishes and organisms in sea, shrimp is also one among the same that is very good for all those people who have deficiency of iodine. Even if you do not suffer from iodine deficiency, consumption of shrimps after certain interval will be good for your health.  The measurement of 35 micrograms of iodine will be contained in three ounce serving of shrimp.  Apart from iodine, you can also get other essential minerals through shrimps.
  • Turkey breast in baked form: Have you ever tried turkey meat in your meals? People who have already consumed it will easily know its taste but if you have not tried it yet, try out the baked turkey breast today. You can get the turkey meat from the renowned super malls and markets near your locality. Since you also require good amount of iodine in your body, the turkey breast in the roast form will be ideal.  You can get slices of such meat in the market which can be easily grilled in your micro oven or that of baking container. Good amount of iodine will be included in this dish with adequate amount of phosphorous, vitamin B as well as potassium.
    Turkey breast in baked form
  • Navy bean: You must realize that the beans are one among the healthiest food among the vegetable group. Only the half cup serving of navy bean in your lunch or breakfast will be really healthy. With the good amount of iodine in your diet, you will be really happy to get it iodized adequately. Along with the iodine amount that you require for preventing thyroid, you also get other nutrients such as folate, copper, calcium, protein as well as potassium. You just need to take care of the serving size.
    Navy bean