How to get instant energy – Ways to boost energy naturally

Human tasks include pick up the kids from school, cook dinner, spend time in the gym or other workouts, supervise children’s homework, take them for extra classes ,attend to aging parents, walk and feed the dog, catch up on bills, and attend social and official parties. There can be time in between these tasks when the body feels drained and one is left with no energy, but the day is not over.

Fruits are one of the ways of helping people bringing out instant energy. But, people think other way when they need to boost energy. Probably coffee or health drinks comes in mind when energy is needed instantly. They might create a feeling of boost temporarily but in the long run this might not be very beneficial. But, natural fruits do not contain any chemicals and helps boosting energy consistently within you.

This is the time when one needs an instant energy boost to be ready for another important assignment. Here are a few proven

List of fruits that brings instant quick energy


Amazing energy enhancing foods

A well known tropical fruit which contains added energy is none other than papaya. It includes vitamins which help you fight against cold. Along with boosting energy papaya also helps in protecting you from rheumatoid arthritis. You can also drive out negative effects of second hand smoke with papaya.


If you are suffering from fatigue, strawberries would be a wonderful way to drive it out. Since they are known to work as oranges with their vitamin C extract, it will make your stronger with regards to your immunity level and even develop wonderful eyesight.


Since pears are a great source of energy, normally mothers pack them in Tiffin for their kids. In order to get your energy boosted with healthy pears, you always need to get it fresh. You can also get it in the breakfast and pair it with cottage cheese. Once you have consumed that breakfast, you will be energetic throughout the day.


Banana is one of the healthy fruit that has good fat to bring your energy boosted instantly. If you have constipation, banana will even solve that problem in you. Since it is a wonderful source of potassium, your nerve as well as muscle health will be maintained with regular consumption. It is also very good source of iron and is best for pregnant ladies.


If you want to stay healthy, replace your morning cup of coffee with freshly squeezed orange juice. You can also consume raw orange with your healthy breakfast like oats or cornflakes. Since it has natural sugar people consuming orange can easily raise their energy level. There is a good chance that you will stay away from cold and flu during the season.


Pineapple is one of the tastiest fruits which our mother nature has gifted us. It is very juicy and helps you boost up energy with a bowl of vitamin. It includes vitamin such as vitamin B6, C, B1, manganese and copper and adequate source of fiber.

List of juices for quick energy instantly

Sugar solution

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If you are tired and have low energy, doctor suggests you to drink sugar solution. For this take a glass of water and put 2 teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt in it. This is converting into sugar energy and get into your blood stream to energize your body with an instant boost up.

Beetroot juice

Beetroot is a vegetable available in the market which is generally used to make salads and add color to curries. In order to make beetroot juice, you need the ingredients like 1 beet with green leaves, 3 carrots, 1 ginger root, 1 clove garlic, 1 organic lemon with skin. Put all these in a grinder and extract its juice. Consume the juice by adding 2 spoons of honey and get instant boost up energy.

Lemon and honey juice

If you are jogging or running and need extra energy, good combination of lemon and honey will be ideal for this purpose. For this you need to take a glass of water, add have slice of lemon, 1 spoon of honey and a pinch of salt. Mix them all well with a spoon and drink it to get instant energy.

Parsley juice

To make this juice, the ingredients that you would require are a hand full of parsley, 2 ribs celery with leaves, 3-4 carrots, 1 organic lemon. Now grate them and extract juice from it and drink a glass full to get instant energy. This juice is very good source of magnesium.

Carrot juice with coconut water

To make this juice, you need juice from 6 medium sized carrot, 1 piece tomato, a handful of cilantro, juice from 1 lemon and ½ cup of coconut water. Now mix them all well and get drink it to get extra energy boost instantly.

Fatigues fighting ways to get instant energy

Benefits of eating fruits

  • Eat an energy food like healthy snack containing proteins and complex carbohydrates. This can be a whole wheat sandwich or a whole grain cracker biscuit. The combination of proteins and complex carbohydrates increases the glucose in a sustained way
  • Get into the habit of eating a high-carb, high-fiber breakfast which gives short time and longtime energy boost. . The high-fiber, high-carb meal provides the highest level of alertness between breakfast and lunch.
  • Multi- tasking can be done easily while giving short breaks in between to overcome fatigue a short break of 5-10 minutes can boost energy instantly. Studies show that short frequent breaks are best to fight fatigue and improve quality of work.
  • Walking is a great energy provider. A short walk of 10 minutes helps in overcoming the feeling of fatigue.
  • Meditation in the form of calmness of the mind and body for a short while helps in creating energy. There is no need to sit cross legged with light candles and chanting mantras. A three minute mini meditation can replenish energy. Yoga experts suggest mini meditation by closing the eyes, taking deep breaths, relaxing the body, thinking of thoughts like clouds in the sky and visualizing a pleasant positive thing like a sea beach or a rising sun.
  • Energy can be boosted by surrounding oneself with people having positive thoughts. But people with negative thoughts cannot be totally avoided. Try and ditch these people or spent less time with them.

Some unusual and experienced tips to gain back lost energy


Laughing, chuckling or giggling releases the feel good chemicals that are endorphins in the brain. This helps one to cheer up feel refreshed. It boosts the immune system and reduces the risk of depression.


Any type of exercise helps to increase circulation, relieves tension of the muscles and releases the endorphins from the brain. One should try for 30 minutes of walk or workouts at least four days a week, but some quick movement pickups can boost energy instantly. These include March in place, jump a rope, and climb stairs, run around with kids. Perform a few squats or just dance around with baby in arms.


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Stimulates the nerve endings and increases the flow of blood. Try these simple pressures like rub the scalp or temples in a circular motion with the fingertips for two minutes. Another one is to rub the earlobe vigorously with the thumb and forefinger for a minute. Yet another effective way to boost energy is to press the forefingers behind the ears where the skull meets the neck. For a few seconds. Press release and repeat a few times to get instant energy.


It is noted that certain scents increase attention and help in focusing in work. Best is to inhale deeply while biting into a lemon, orange or grapefruit. Sipping peppermint tea also stimulates the senses.


Sometimes there is lack of energy due to dehydration. A glass of fresh water or fruit juice will immediately get back energy in the body.

Tai chi

It is an ancient art form to clear the mind, increase circulation and calm the spirit. It is a graceful form of exercise used to relieve stress. It is often referred as meditation in motion. It provides serenity to the mind and body by slow, gentle and flowing movements of the hands, arms, legs and feet. Performing the exercise for a few minutes will help to regain the lost energy.